Saturday, 2018-08-18

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PasNoxHi, where can I have a look at community port of sailfish os to android devices (want to check support for huawaie p10 lite)08:33
kimmoli not complete list, some rogue ports exists08:36
PasNoxthanks you08:37
PasNoxok, looks like huawei devices are not popular for ports :(08:40
kimmolithey have some quirks that make it pita. i started with p8 lite, but ended up tearing it apart due heating/bootloop that was not possible to interrupt..08:58
kimmoliexcept by taking nonremovable battery out08:58
kimmolibut you can ask on #sailfishos-porters is someone on that device08:58
tbrespecially kirin based stuff is tricky due to special graphics shenanigans on top of maliā€¦ btdt09:03
PasNoxbah ok09:03
PasNoxwrong hardware at first :)09:04
maltbr: maybe surfaceflinger method could work better on those09:41
tbrmal: yeah, IIRC that's the only way anyone got something out of those09:59
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