Friday, 2018-08-24

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muzilezhi there! i'm pretty new in sailfish os and searching for some UI-Tweaks or just impressions / inspirations - with downloadlinks and if needed instructions to install. Thanks in advance. i'm thankful for each link! :)09:20
r0kk3rzcheck whats available on openrepos.net09:21
muzilezthanks i tried a few things from there, but the categories are only for apps no "visual improvement" what ever09:23
r0kk3rzthats not true09:23
r0kk3rztheres patch manager, with a whole bunch of patches for homescreen09:23
muzilezactualy i got problems with patchmanager, if i take a look in "webcatalog" there are just a few things and with incompatible, or how can i got more sources for that?09:24
muzilezi just try to update via pkcon  to patchmanager 3.0.51-1.118.1 but "Installing packages" is on 0% for a while09:25
muzilezthanks i will take a look, what i miss is "larger spacebar" for :/09:27
muzilez <09:27
r0kk3rzits up to developers to keep their patches up to date09:29
muzilezi know :/09:29
leszekthere is also a bb10 like virtual keyboard patch by me :P09:31
leszekthat also does tweak the spacebar amongst others and at least allows me to type much much better on the virtual keyboard09:32
leszekBlackBerry 1009:32
leszekalso if you are new to sailfishos. SailfishOS App Podcast on youtube by me :)09:32
muzilezoh where it is? but what i need is the word prediction - but the keyboard is a mess09:32
muzilezthanks i will take a look09:33
muzilezsend me link :)09:33
leszekword prediction is part of the official SailfishOS09:33
leszekso ported devices might not have it09:33
muzilezi know i have got sailfish x09:33
leszekyou can find the bb10 like keyboard patch in patchmanager09:33
muzilezwill the word prediction works?09:33
leszekthe same way as before09:34
muzileznice i will try!09:34
leszekas for the videos. Here is the playlist. Its pretty old as you can see from the first videos and date:  the more you scroll down the newer videos you'll see09:35
muzilezdeutsch is schon mal gut09:37
muzilezbin glaub schon mal auf dich gesto├čen09:37
muzilezi also tried the webbrowser but i prefer use a android browser09:38
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leszekmuzilez: not all videos are in german though as more and more people wanted something in english :)09:45
muzilezyea thats no problem for me =) which device do you prefer?09:48
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muzilezhm .. something is going wrong on my sfos.. cant install local rpm of patchmanager and cant do "pkcon update"10:04
muzilezany ideas?10:04
muzilezoh something what i recognized these days.. sometime one of my threads (seen in htop) is on 100% , the phone is really warm , and i also seen one time something like " cant enable CPU6" in dmesg , and are the following lines in dmesg normal? do you have these too?10:07
muzilez[  269.603344] Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)10:07
muzilez[  269.610805] as3668 6-0042: Suspending AS366810:07
muzilez[  269.630058] PM: suspend of devices complete after 24.844 msecs10:07
muzilez[  269.632034] PM: late suspend of devices complete after 1.962 msecs10:07
muzilez[  269.635829] PM: noirq suspend of devices complete after 3.782 msecs10:07
muzilezsorry for that.. lol10:07
coderusmuzilez: devel-su10:40
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