Wednesday, 2018-08-29

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nh1402[m]the build approach was changed after quicksilver, so getting that to work would require an almost complete re-write10:23
maszloMister_Magister: I have missed your reply about the nexus 7 having alien support the other day. I cannot tell what i am missing, but I cannot figure out how to enable it.  I am using the of your ports. I couldnt get a stand alone apk or a repo like fdroid to install.  Could you point me at where to look?12:47
Mister_Magistermaszlo: ya need to download alien rpm from internet (link on xda) and copy config from xda13:11
maszloMister_Magister: Thanks I will give that a shot.  I took your response in the FAQ of OP on xda as the end all be all. Didnt search through the whole thread.13:21
Mister_Magistermaszlo: and thats good as its not very official or legal13:22
Mister_Magisterbelieve me nobody reads that13:23
maszloMister_Magister: i dont know why i was so surprised this is a rpm. i have not seen a rpm or yum for years and years.  been all in debian world13:27
Mister_Magistermaszlo: cause sfos is rpm based os?13:28
maszlojust one of those learn something new things. is it centos based then?13:29
maszloi will just read up, no reason to clutter this channel. Thanks again!13:30
Mister_Magistermaszlo: naah its mer based :P13:41
Mister_Magisterand mer is based on … (it goes for long)13:41
r0kk3rzits not really based on anything14:11
r0kk3rzit just is14:11
abransonit's maemo all the way down14:35
jvd_cool. what are transaction costs?15:22
* tbr sends 0.001 maemo to jvd_ 15:24
jvd_how much is maemo today?15:32
jvd_no 77015:36

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