Thursday, 2018-08-30

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bonfusHi, anyone knows where iptables rules are saved in SFOS? With the last update after using sshuttle the rules got compromised and remained stored even after rebooting09:00
Mister_Magisterdoes sfos even have iptables managment tools?09:00
Mister_Magisterdidnt know lol09:00
bonfusiptables is there and iodine+sshuttle worked seamlessly until the last update.09:02
Mister_Magisteri wish lipstick was opensource. how can i add notch support if it isnt opensource lol09:11
leszekMister_Magister: btw. you saw the librem5 post. They are developing a libpurple based chat app. With SMS support and OMEMO xmpp09:27
bonfusfound: /var/lib/connman/iptables/09:27
Mister_Magisterleszek: nah i didnt but i dont care lol09:28
leszekmaybe something you can learn from their code I mean09:29
leszekalso I think they took parts of morsender stuff09:29
Mister_Magisterwhat lol09:30
Mister_Magisterlink or didnt happen09:30
Mister_Magisterleszek: ctrl+f morsender not found09:31
Mister_Magisterleszek: also "Currently, Chatty’s basic functionality is going to be expanded by writing functions for linking GTK+ objects  with libpurple" Qt != GTK+09:33
leszektrue they also didn't release the sources apparently09:35
Mister_Magisterlibpurple is shit lol change my mind09:35
Mister_Magisterleszek: btw phone on the left got lineage09:36
leszekwow 5000 mAh battery and SD636. That should be a beast.09:38
leszekalso in terms of size and weight09:38
Mister_Magisterbut watch this!09:39
Mister_Magisterleszek: im wondering what to do with notch09:40
leszekyeah that might be interesting. As pulley menus are not designed to work with notches09:41
Mister_Magisterleszek: silica would have to be adjusted but that won't happen. i wonder if i can set some padding so notch area would not be used at all09:42
leszekthat should be possible. Page.qml can be edited09:42
Mister_Magisterbut is it opensource or patching09:43
Mister_Magisteri was thinking of putting indicator icons in notch area and applying margin so every app would be drawn below notch and not using notch area (you would always see indicator icons)09:44
Mister_Magisterbut >closedsource09:44
leszekits a qml file so it is opensource09:46
leszekSo Page.qml what apps use. The part about indicator icons and such. I am not sure09:47
Mister_Magisterleszek: or make Page.qml patch that adds padding to all apps and component to use for placing stuff in notch area09:57
bonfusBye bye09:58
Mister_Magisterleszek: good idea?09:58
leszekhave to see it and test it09:59
leszekpadding sounds about right. Easy to patch also09:59
Mister_Magisteronly 100€ to go :309:59
Mister_Magister4.9 kernel :310:00
leszekyep very "new" kernel for an ARM device10:03
Mister_Magisterim still on 3.10 :P10:03
Mister_Magisterthere is one guy working on omni for 5z and he is busy so things are going slow. but they are going!10:04
Mister_Magisterso if it will work sfos will be even more possible10:04
Mister_Magisterleszek: also i dont think page.qml will be enough. what about apps that dont use silica qml10:05
leszekyeah the terminal app for example. And some games. They usually don't use pulley menus then10:06
Mister_Magisterbut would u like to have some cut in game screen?10:07
leszekthe Page.qml hacks for the orientation lock for the Gemini PDA work fine though. So I guess it'll be enough for most people10:07
leszekMister_Magister: thats what I fear. Though if its only the top and only a part the question is if it is important for the game10:08
r0kk3rzthe whole notch thing is such a terrible idea10:08
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: captain obvious arrives :P10:08
leszekexactly. Only took off because Apple did it10:08
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: thats admiral obvious to you :P10:09
r0kk3rzi got promoted10:09
Mister_Magisterkay :P10:09
Mister_MagisterGeneral obvious10:09
Mister_Magisteryou are obvious one10:09
leinirheh... the notch is what happened when the engineers went "...are you stupid, no you /cannot/ just magically put a camera and a speaker behind some nontranslucent glass touch screen and expect it to work!"10:09
leinirand Ives was all, like "noo but design" and they were all like "nooo but reality!"10:10
leszekGeneral Grievous ... oh no that was someone else10:10
Mister_Magisterleszek: nooo general kenobi! you broke quote10:11
Mister_Magisteri mean hello there10:11
Mister_Magisterto add padding to all windows we need to modify lipstick10:12
Mister_Magisterand thats iirc closed source10:12
nh1402[m]wouldn't that mean running another phone with Whatsapp though?10:46
nh1402[m]although that was basically what I was saying before, have another phone run Whatsapp and use Whatsapp Web on the Sailfish phone to use Whatsapp 'natively'10:49
r0kk3rzit does10:50
r0kk3rzand yes, thats why i highlighted you10:50
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MuzilezSuche noch vergebens die bb10 like keyboard, wo kann ich ne rpm downloaden?  im patchmanager find ichs nicht16:50
piggzlbt: ping17:32

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