Monday, 2018-09-03

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r0kk3rzyeah there you go10:03
Lectem_Hi guys, so I was trying to find why my phone is eating so much battery, and it turns out that even when you change to another app, android apps will not go to sleep11:04
Lectem_For example: I start firefox (android app), go to the terminal, start top, firefox is still eating a lot of CPU while it should be sleeping11:05
Lectem_I also saw that the App list (with the thumbnails), will always display in realtime all the android apps....11:05
Lectem_instead of putting them to sleep and then waking them up when you click them11:06
Lectem_(this can be seen easily if you play a video for example, the thumbnail will keep playing the video)11:06
r0kk3rzthats what full multitasking means11:07
Lectem_that sucks for the battery11:09
tadzikI just close my apps when I don't need them :)11:11
tadzikbut yeah, there's probably a useful middle ground when something is still ready to go but not milling the cpu11:11
r0kk3rzyeah android apps in particular are meant to be backgrounded11:14
r0kk3rzbut, sfos is proper multitasking, and im sure theres lots of people that like that their programs arent stopped when not in focus like on other systems11:14
leinirindeed, this sort of thing is what's generally called a "feature" ;)11:16
Lectem_for sfos apps perhaps11:16
Lectem_but for android apps ran in sf...11:16
Lectem_kind of seem like an antifeature in case of android apps11:19
leinirIt does seem like one of those things you might want to have an option for... i'd personally like to be able to keep the background run ability, but i can see why you might not want that11:21
tadzikmaybe they could have a cover button to pause/unpause them :)11:22
Lectem_android apps have services designed exactly for this kind of things11:22
Lectem_I mean, just think about the media apps11:22
Lectem_it works just fine but don't render for nothing11:22
tadzikehh, my experience with android apps is that they only seem to do that sometimes, though my last experience was about 5 years ago :)11:26
tadzikI remember google maps gave up trying to find a gps fix because disabling the screen obviously means that I don't care11:27
tadzikand it took a while to get a fix on that phone, that's why I figured I'd start the app earlier11:28
Lectem_those kind of issues have mostly been fixed, and new android versions do support multitasking, but I think the issue here has more to do with alien-dalvik than SFOS perhaps11:30
Lectem_it's kind of dumb to do the rendering of an app if it's not displayed, we're not even doing that on PCs...11:30
r0kk3rzit is displayed though, the cover is a wayland window11:31
Lectem_in the case when I use the terminal app ?11:40
Lectem_it shouldn't11:40
Lectem_perhaps for the thumbnails, but not when another app is in use11:40
Lectem_is there some autoclose app known to be working ?11:56
r0kk3rzauto close app?11:56
Lectem_yeah, something that closes apps if not used for X time or something12:03
Lectem_to at least mitigate my battery issues...12:04
akaWolfr0kk3rz: I read about major block of shared, which controls Rostelecom...12:19
ghosalmartinanyone had the small black bar at the top appear saying the wrong values have been inputed?12:28
bernteWhich SailfishOS app is good for car navigation? Are the integrated maps ok, or would somebody recommend an Android app?21:01
bernteIt looks like the answer at 'together' is a bit old.21:01
tadzikI go with Here Wego21:02
tadzikI tried the sailfish native ones, got routed through a city instead of highway, scored a ~120€ speeding ticket, wouldn't recommend :P21:03
tadzikI use whogo/puremaps for the on-foot stuff sometimes21:03
bernteIs Here Wego available outside of Google Play?21:03
tadzikit's even in Jolla Store21:04
berntetadzik, thanks for the info21:04
tadzikyou're welcome, drive safe :)21:05
bernteOne more: Anybody using "Duo Mobile" on Sailfish OS? That is used by work for 2FA ...21:11
tadziknever heard of it21:12
bernteNeither did I until a couple of months ago, when they moved away from RSA tokens.21:15
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