Tuesday, 2018-09-04

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dcalisteHello chriadam_ and jpetrell, how are you ?07:08
chriadam_dcaliste: hi!07:08
chriadam_I'm well thanks, and you?07:09
dcalisteFine, thank you.07:09
dcalisteI've finally implemented the UI suggestions of jpetrell for the account settings.07:09
dcalisteI've added two buttons one to generate a new key pair and one to import from a file.07:10
dcalisteIn case there is no GPG key already available for a given email account.07:10
dcalisteI've seen with rainemak though that currently generation is broken since gnupg-2.0.4-1 is shipped with 2.2.1 while there is a required patch in 2.0.4-4.07:12
dcalisterainemak has tagged gnupg again and 2.0.4-5 should be with next version.07:12
chriadam_dcaliste: sorry for being distracted, am talking to a colleague about something, can you give me 5 min to finish this discussion07:13
dcalistechriadam_: sure ping where your back, no problem.07:14
dcalisteand s/your/you're/07:14
chriadam_dcaliste: sorry about that08:16
chriadam_I'm in Finland at the moment, so lots of discussion and plannings08:16
dcalisteNo problem, of course.08:16
chriadam_I will hopefully get a chance to look at your changes to the email PR soon.  I also need to merge and tag the sailfish-components-accounts change you made, I believe08:16
chriadam_I saw your email regarding the caldav sync issue - and I think your analysis is correct.  if the server provides the uri + etag as part of its report, we should update it if we can.08:17
chriadam_thanks for looking into that one08:17
dcalisteThat's right for sailfish-components-accounts, maybe you've seen https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-secrets/pull/141 also.08:17
chriadam_let me check that one08:17
dcalisteAbout CalDAV, thinking a bit more this morning, I think that we should deal with this as a modified on both side case since the user may have modified it server-side also without anyway to know since the etag was not registered.08:18
dcalisteIf you prefer, I can propose a PR for this kind of resolution.08:19
chriadam_if you could, that would be greatly appreciated.  currently I am unable to spend time on caldav due to internal priorities :-(08:21
dcalisteSure, I guess so, thus my proposition.08:22
chriadam_thank you08:22
chriadam_jpetrell: what is our plan regarding the email signing PRs?08:23
chriadam_are we planning to get those integrated after the next point release branches off?08:23
chriadam_or do we still need to do some work to test at runtime whether the required components are installed, and expose or hide the behaviour depending on that?08:24
dcalistegood point, I can add a plugin info request on the OpenPGP plugin in the account setting page, displaying the combo only if plugin is present.08:25
dcalisteThen, in the composer, it's all relying on settings being present or not.08:26
chriadam_that sounds like a good plan08:26
dcalisteFor the status when reading an email is already transparent if function is not there.08:26
dcalisteOk, I'll see to that.08:26
chriadam_thank you.  I guess jpetrell got pulled into another meeting08:26
chriadam_I will follow up with him on this topic08:27
dcalisteOk, fine.08:27
chriadam_are there any other action points for me?08:27
dcalisteNo I think it's all like that. Beside, I've just finished to package calligra 3.1.0 as a bundle with required KF5 (ping lbt, pvuorela, jpetrell), see https://git.merproject.org/dcaliste/calligra-bundle08:28
dcalisteI'm testing it currently. There is still crash here and there and strange popup windows, but overall it's displaying documents.08:29
chriadam_ah, great work, thanks for that.  I guess we will discuss this topic (packaging of kf5 things etc) much more this week in Tampere..08:29
dcalisteI've also upstream changes as much as possible thanks to the reviews of leinir.08:30
chriadam_nice one08:30
dcalisteSo just left some arbitrary cutting in the code to avoid dependencies to KF5 things like KAuth or TextWidgets.08:31
chriadam_hopefully that's not too tricky08:31
chriadam_oh, were there also some qmf patches that you were looking at upstreaming?  I can help there on Qt side also08:32
dcalisteWhen qt5.9 will land, I'll try to remove kf5kdelibs4support dependencies from sheets also.08:34
dcalisteNot done yet for the QMF patches…08:34
chriadam_cool :-)  not sure what the eta on qt 5.9 is at this stage, but it's progressing quite nicely08:35
dcalisteYes, I need to give a look to the QMF patches, I forgot about that.08:36
dcalisteTo go back to calligra, I still need to compare perf with previous version and correct crashes, though.08:36
chriadam_jpetrell: is that something we can have resources (e.g. testers) to help with, to support our customer cases?08:39
chriadam_well, I will ask him about that also08:41
chriadam_dcaliste: I have to have a quick lunch now, we have meetings for the next 3 hours after that ;-)08:42
chriadam_thanks again for your hard work08:42
chriadam_it is much appreciated08:42
chriadam_I will get back to you regarding the eta for merging those patches etc08:43
dcalisteOk, cool. I need to test if it's compiling on OBS also from my git repo, because always compiling locally in SDK at the moment.08:43
* chriadam_ -> lunch08:43
dcalisteGood, enjoy your meal.08:43
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SnorasIs it worth buying an XperiaX now? or will there be any new devices in a year or so?12:20
Snorasfor SailfishX, that is12:20
leszekSnoras: Gemini PDA will get SailfishX. The Xperia XA2 aswell12:21
leszekIt is still worth getting the Xperia X now from my perspective12:21
Snorasleszek: the Sony H4213?12:27
leszekSnoras: nope. That is not the Xperia XA2 but Xperia XA2 Ultra12:29
Snorasah ok, so the h3113?12:30
malh4113, and probably h3113 also at some point, only difference between those is dual-sim vs single-sim12:31
Leif_EriksonHello I have installed the app sdk on a linux vm. If I start the emulator vm, the screen of this vm shows the error systemd[1]: Failt to mount FFS mount.15:40
Leif_EriksonIs this a known issue? I don't have this error for the sdk installation on macOS.15:40
r0kk3rzyou're running a vm in a vm?15:41
Leif_EriksonYes, I try to do, because I can't install the platform sdk on macOS.15:49
r0kk3rzthats crazy15:49
Leif_EriksonThe build engine vm is working15:49
r0kk3rzwhy on earth would you do such a thing?15:49
r0kk3rzthe whole point of these things being in a vm, is so you dont have to run the sdk in a vm15:50
Leif_EriksonI need to build my project with the platform sdk, that I can't install on macOS. The project is a lipstick implementation example.15:51
Leif_EriksonI want to edit the project with the Qt Creator of the app sdk.15:51
r0kk3rzthen you dont need the platform sdk15:52
Leif_EriksonThe alternative would be to share storage between my host and the linux vm.15:52
r0kk3rzbecause thats what the build vm is15:52
r0kk3rzthe platform sdk IN A VM15:52
Leif_EriksonI discussed this in the nemo mobile channel. The colleagues told me, that I only can build the project with the platform sdk, because I get the following compilation error:  lipstick-qt5 development package not found15:54
r0kk3rzthats not strictly true, you just need to add the repos and deps to the build vm target15:56
r0kk3rzif you really really want to use the platform sdk, then install it along side the build vm and emulator vm15:59
r0kk3rznot in some crazy vm in a vm scenario15:59
Leif_EriksonThat sounds good, because this would be very convenient. How can I add the repos? I already checked our the lipstick project on the build vm and triggered a build with the mb2 command. I'M also not sure, what oyu mean by debs.16:01
Leif_EriksonUnfortunately I can't install the platform sdk on macOS, because the scripts require readlink and macOS only knows greadlink.16:02
r0kk3rzyou'd need to create a vm in virtualbox running some flavour of linux16:03
r0kk3rzwhich presumably is what you've done16:04
kimmolii just cloned lipstick, and triggered build from Qtcreator (or deploy by building an RPM package) and seems to is doing something now for a few minutes. dependency missing should stop it right away16:04
kimmoliand i did NOT install manually anything.16:05
kimmoliwhen configuring project, it did throw bunch of complains about testlib16:06
Leif_EriksonI try to build the example https://github.com/nemomobile-graveyard/lipstick-example-home16:07
r0kk3rzi did say you'd be better off creating a spec file for that16:08
Leif_Eriksonkimmoli: I can conform. My first approach was to build the lipstick package and link it in the project.16:08
Leif_Eriksonkimmoli: Which "playground" would you suggest?16:11
r0kk3rzit might still work, who knows16:12
r0kk3rzas you can see, its just a qml app16:12
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: Indeed, it reminds me to the Android launcher approach. I just try to find a way to build ajd deploy the stuff. With the help of the community I've already updated the outdated code elements in the project.16:15
Leif_EriksonAnd the simple project is a good starting point to learn.16:15
Leif_EriksonUnfortunately the task to setup the development environment is to small for Gulp. If someone knows a freelancer, who has time for a one or two-day payed training. Let me  know.16:18
r0kk3rzits not that hard :P you're just not listening16:18
r0kk3rzfor your example lipstick project, make a spec file16:19
r0kk3rzthe normal sdk install is fine, thats all the environment set up you need16:21
r0kk3rzyou're just not working with it16:21
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: With a spec file, I would use the build engine vm? I will search for how-to's of spec files.16:21
Leif_Eriksonr0kk3rz: I would love to work with it. Developing apps is very straight forward. But I'M struggling with this lipstick stuff.16:22
r0kk3rzwith a spec file you can do as kimmoli said, set the QT Creator to 'deploy as rpm packag' and watch the magic happen16:22
r0kk3rzto make an app, you also need a spec file16:22
r0kk3rzeverything gets packaged into rpm packages, to do that you need a spec16:23
Leif_EriksonThe spec file is automatically created for an app.16:23
Leif_EriksonI will search how to create a spec file manually.16:23
r0kk3rzits included in the template, sure16:23
r0kk3rzbut we're off the templated road here, so you need to roll your own16:24
r0kk3rzif you'd made a real app, and not just built the example app, you would've had to modify the spec in the template :P16:26
piggzlbt: ping18:31
Mister_MagisterIs lipstick2vnc what i think it is?19:04
malMister_Magister: https://github.com/mer-qa/lipstick2vnc19:10
Mister_Magistermal: so it is what i think it is19:10
Mister_Magisterwell 2.2.1 is EA waiting for release :P19:11
Mister_Magisterwhy is ea update downloading for hours lol20:47
malMister_Magister: maybe busy servers21:44

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