Wednesday, 2018-09-05

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muzilezhi i just updated my xperia x with but now my keyboard is absolutely missing... i dont know how to fix. first have you an idea ? second i just tried to downgrade to but without success , with following commands : ssu re && version --dup . the error is ! error : File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium '' can you please help me? thanks04:56
muzilezit is some kind of urgent, so please let me know if you have an idea :/ i cant do anything without keyboard :( thanks in advance05:33
muzilezin journalctl  i got this message :  Sep 05 07:35:36 Sailfish mce[632]: modules/display.c: mdy_display_state_leave(): current display state = POWER_DOWN Sep 05 07:35:36 Sailfish statefs[666]: Display: "off" Sep 05 07:35:36 Sailfish lipstick[1240]: [D] unknown:0 - sleepDisplay Sep 05 07:35:36 Sailfish kernel: clearpad clearpad: (clearpad_set_irq:969) irq was disabled Sep 05 07:35:36 Sailfish kernel: mdss_dsi_panel_off: ctrl=ffffff05:36
muzilezthis was the wrong  - i am sorry05:37
muzilez"Sep 05 07:34:57 Sailfish kernel: clearpad clearpad: (clearpad_process_irq:4152) no work, interrupt=[0x00]"05:37
r0kk3rzid put the release version back and do version --dup again06:11
r0kk3rzdowngrading isnt usually a great idea06:11
muzilezdup again?06:12
muzilezi tried several times everytime the same error06:12
muzilezor what do you mean06:12
muzilezi started now also a thread
r0kk3rzthat 'error' probably has nothing to do with your problem06:13
muzilezyea it prevent to downgrade isnt it ?06:13
muzilezhow can i update again ? --dup again ?06:14
muzilezssu re ?06:14
muzilezi will try again thx06:28
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dr_gogeta86hi Mister_Magister08:44
ZAJDAN_pchi....before I will buy Sailfish X I would like to ask if there exist something like TotalComander to connect network folders(FTP,SFTP,SAMBA)13:16
r0kk3rzthere might be an app for such things but you dont strictly need one13:19
Mister_Magisterother than terminal tools?13:19
leszekZAJDAN_pc: there is FishNetMount a graphical mounting tool for mounting SMB/CIFS, NFS, SFTP/SSSHFS, NFSv413:20
leszekyou can then use whatever filemanager you like. There is a two column one with cargo dock or a classical ones aswell13:20
ZAJDAN_pcto leszek: SUPER!13:20
leszekI'll use that all the time to mount and share files from my phone to tablet and vice versa. It saves the "remote shares" and you can easily click on them to mount or unmount them13:21
ZAJDAN_pcSMB/SFTP/NFS implemented is some GUI are most important for me on the phone and will be prefect if there the filemanager has two panels...same like the TotalComander (but I am sure two panels are in each such app)13:24
ZAJDAN_pchow it is about Skype? and LINE?13:25
r0kk3rzyou'll need to use android apps for those13:30
r0kk3rzbut otherwise they should work13:30
ZAJDAN_pcdo you mean some androidApp emulator?13:30
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: yeah if you buy sfosx you get aliendalvik which is android emulator13:32
r0kk3rzits not an emulator13:32
leszekbasically an android container13:33
r0kk3rzbut yes thats one of the major points in buying a licence, is you get that13:33
Mister_Magisteryeah but everybody says emulator so :P13:33
r0kk3rzwell then everyone is wrong :P13:33
Mister_Magisteryeah :P13:33
Coolgeeklike wine !13:33
Mister_Magisteri have seen systemd service more like android in chroot or smth13:33
ZAJDAN_pcI understand....13:34
leszekexactly what I say. Its like a parallel installed android running in a "container" like environment13:34
ZAJDAN_pcand WPA2 Enterprise (Radius)
Mister_Magistershould be13:34
Mister_Magisterit was added recently iirc13:34
leszekI think it was added. Though I never had a chance to test it13:35
Mister_Magisteri can login to my school wifi and thats sort of enterprise so13:35
ZAJDAN_pcif the WPA2 Enterprise works...super! seems to be all I will need wil work in Salifish X13:36
satmdwpa eap-tls?13:36
satmdthat may be "fiddly"13:37
ZAJDAN_pcmoment I will check my phone now what protocol it is13:37
Mister_Magisteri got lost in protocols but i can type login and password so that kind of protocol13:38
ZAJDAN_pc802.11x EAP (WPA2)13:39
Mister_Magisteryou type login and password into that?13:39
Mister_Magisterwell that should work13:40
leszekin theory :)13:40
Mister_Magisterim 70% sure13:40
Mister_Magisterworks for me if its same13:40
ZAJDAN_pccould anybody try it if possible? to be 100% sure :_)13:41
* Mister_Magister wifi in x force is terrible lol but its working13:41
ZAJDAN_pcwhat is 'x force' ?13:41
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: i said i dont know what protocol does my school use but i also have login and password and it 90% EAP and support for enterprise was added recently so13:41
Mister_Magistera phone13:41
Mister_Magisterlets round it to "it will work"13:42
ZAJDAN_pcI can be a viction for testing :_)13:43
leszekYou could take a look at if someone asked about the support and if he/she had success with it13:44
leszekalso asking in the telegram channel might help13:45
* Mister_Magister laughs internally at mentioning telegram channel13:45
Mister_Magisteryeap my uni wifi is EAP13:47
Mister_Magisterquote "The eduroam service uses IEEE 802.1X as the authentication method and a hierarchical system of RADIUS servers"13:47
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: is that what you want?13:47
ZAJDAN_pcnow I checked what protocol we use -> WPA2 Enterprise  (EAP method: PEAP)13:48
Mister_Magisteryeah same13:48
ZAJDAN_pcand it is actually 802.11x ...yes13:49
Mister_Magisterso yeah it will work13:49
ZAJDAN_pcsuper! thank guys13:49
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: where are you from13:49
ZAJDAN_pcCzech Republic (Moravia)13:50
Mister_Magisterduck i was close13:50
ZAJDAN_pcwhat did You tip? :_)13:50
Mister_MagisterPoland cause you look polish :P but czech isnt that far so :P13:51
ZAJDAN_pcpolish? hmmm probably, cause my bad english13:51
Mister_Magisternah nah cause of name and use of super13:52
ZAJDAN_pcaha :_) is nickname which I have got by my grandfather as young boy13:53
ZAJDAN_pc"aha" means: ah yes13:54
Mister_Magistersee thats why i thought you were polish13:54
Mister_Magisteraha/super meaning13:54
leszeklol we use that all the time in germany aswell :P13:56 can represent 'astonishment' and also 'agrement/understanding'13:56
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: you use super as in "great, awesome, yay" and in english its more used as addition to make something bigger "super cool"13:56
Mister_Magisternever seen english guy just using "super"13:56
Mister_Magisterleszek: german no slav13:57
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: is my slav friend now13:57
Mister_Magisteru no slav :P13:57
leinirIt depends, but i've had people use it with me before :) (living in England)13:57
satmdregarding wpa2 eap again, it does work - right. But does it work without asking for credentials every time? Last time I tried (I have the original jolla device), it was not possible to use eap-tls without jumping loops because of the "theoretical possibility" of needing to enter credentials.13:57
ZAJDAN_pcyes...the SUPER ...this is something what I can not change :_) super(great/perfect/amazing, wonderful)13:58
Mister_Magistersatmd: yep13:58
satmdyay \o/13:58
ZAJDAN_pcbut hope the native english ubderstand my meaning with the Super13:58
Mister_Magisteri once went for kebab and there was different uni nearbay and it connected automatically and i left my wifi in car and were like "wut i have wifi?"13:58
satmdThen... I want to express my love for this project now and here (even if that tablet thing did not work out)13:58
Mister_Magistersatmd: i want to express my hatered then13:59
Mister_Magisterbut nobody want to listen details probably so ill have to hate it alone14:00
Mister_Magisterin short: closed source14:00
ZAJDAN_pcin my case I have EAP with method PEAP...not TLS14:01
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: yeah yeah it will work14:01
Mister_Magistersatmd: its like infatuation and love wheny you go through infatuation you see its faults14:02
satmdhm true14:02
* Mister_Magister is waiting for his new phone14:03
Mister_Magisterleszek: did i thank you enough?14:03
ZAJDAN_pcleszek(germany)? Mister_Magister(from)?14:04
ZAJDAN_pcleszek...such name sounds polish14:05
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: oh you can guess my country already lol14:05
leszekMister_Magister: thanking me for?14:05
Mister_Magisterleszek: donation14:05
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: i was confused with leszek too14:05
leszekMister_Magister: ah yeah :)14:06
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: me polish (obviously at this point my slav friend) and leszek german (also obvious at this point lol)14:07
ZAJDAN_pcMister_Magister I gues USA14:07
Mister_MagisterZAJDAN_pc: then i wouldnt be slav14:07
ZAJDAN_pcnice :_)14:07
ZAJDAN_pcmaybe leszek has ancestors from poland14:08
Mister_Magistersome people there have polish roots14:09
ZAJDAN_pcbut more than Czech I am Moravian :_) is a part of czech republic14:09
Mister_Magisterthe only thing i know about czech is that they are stealing (slovakian guy told me no  offence)14:10
ZAJDAN_pcand between czechia and moravia is big rivalry14:10
Mister_Magisteronce they were trying to steal a tank14:10
ZAJDAN_pceverywhere are bad people14:11
ZAJDAN_pcsomebody told me that I will lost DRM in salifishOS....should I be afraid?14:15
leszekZAJDAN_pc: you will loose the DRM keys for the camera blobs from sony14:16
leszekthat can only be used with Android from Sony though14:16
leszekand they get removed if you unlock the device14:16
ZAJDAN_pcthe DRM is something important? ensures some especial functions?14:17
leszekyeah some algorithms sony uses to enhance camera quality14:18
ZAJDAN_pcwill be there big difference in quality between the photos from Android and SalifishOS ?14:19
ZAJDAN_pcdo you have experiences?14:20
tadzikI trashed android on my xperias before taking a single picture :) No idea14:21
leszekoh yeah. Pretty big hit14:21
leszekit is a noticable difference especially as the aosp drivers used by SailfishOS aren't the best and there are even some focussing issues. So its not optimal14:22
ZAJDAN_pcit is shame...because the Sony Xperia X makes realy excelent photos14:22
ZAJDAN_pcbut we can wait for new driver...not all must be perfect14:24
leszekI am not sure if we will get one for the old kernel and AOSP base SailfishOS uses for the Xperia X14:26
leszekIt is not clear if we will get an update to the new AOSP base and kernel 4.4 that is suppose to improve stuff with an updated camera driver14:26
ZAJDAN_pcyou personaly use Xperia X? or another phone14:28
leszekyeah the xperia x is my primary device14:29
leszekthat said I have a bb key2 as secondary one14:29
ZAJDAN_pcand SONY Xperia Z5..also works with SailifishOS ?14:31
ZAJDAN_pcanyway I am already convinced buy Salifish X14:34
olDoes Xperia XA2 have better/newer camera drivers than Xperia X?14:40
leszekZAJDAN_pc: no Z5 is not working with SailfishOS14:46
leszekol: in theory it should as it is using the same drivers the X uses on kernel 4.4. (Might be slightly different though the sensor seems to be same)14:46
xenuwell to be honest camera in xperia x under sailfish is *garbage*14:47
xenufortunately i don't need it14:47
xenubut it's really bad14:47
leszekI've seen worse. And it was a lot worse before especially with focussing. But as long as you don't zoom in and only take a look at them on your phone they should be fine. Also close ups work far better than anything else14:48
Mister_MagisterThats why i hate xperia14:54
Mister_MagisterUga buga motorola is better14:54
Mister_Magister(we will see how zenfone looks)14:54
ZAJDAN_pcwill be very good if somebody could make photo of some object with details from Android and then SailFishOS14:58
ZAJDAN_pcand place it on internet14:59
ZAJDAN_pcto we could see the difference14:59
ZAJDAN_pcbefore I will install SalisfishOS I will prepare some testing object and create a few photos from Android...then for same conditions I will do it from SailfishOS15:02
leszekZAJDAN_pc: been there have done it15:22
ZAJDAN_pcsuper! Thnk15:24
ZAJDAN_pcufffff the diference is realy big15:29
leszekZAJDAN_pc: some of the stuff in the video got fixed already though15:30
leszekso the button half press now focusses and AF is turned off for picture taking by default. So you need to half press or set the focus point somewhere to focus15:31
ZAJDAN_pcthankYOu for info15:34
leszekZAJDAN_pc: also 20Mpx is the new resolution for the main camera in 2.2.115:54
tadzikoh, I missed that in release notes16:00
rydareis it out for real?  or only EA?16:14
malstill EA16:14
rydarethanks mal16:15
rydareyou're so helpful in here16:15
rydaredo you work for jolla?16:15
rydarethey should hire you16:15
rydarebut then maybe you wouldn't be able to help people as much, so maybe it's best the way it is :)16:19
taixzoso the headphone jack on my sailfish X stopped working - it still seems to detect the cable being plugged/unplugged but no sound comes out of it anymore. How do I debug?16:43
maltaixzo: does the audio still come from speaker or no audio at all?16:49
taixzoyes, it comes from the speaker16:54
taixzo(when I unplug the aux cord)16:54
taixzoI tried rebooting, which didn't help, and verified it happens with both native apps and android apps16:55
maland you are sure the cable is of correct type?16:55
taixzoyes. It stopped working on a cable it was working with earlier. Also tried with a different cable, a pair of headphones, and my car's aux jack, all of which I've used it with in the past.16:57
kimmolidid you try to adjust volume when headphones plugged in? ...16:58
kimmolidid you try headphones with another source?16:59
kimmoliwell phone with different headphones kinda ruled that out propably16:59
maltaixzo: did that happen after updating to 2.2.1?17:01
taixzook, I just double-checked and indeed volume was all the way down. I thought I had checked that, but apparently I only checked the volume on my headphones themselves.17:06
maltaixzo: did that help?17:06
taixzoNo idea why the volume suddenly set itself to zero while the music was playing though.17:07
taixzoYes, it did.17:07
malok, good that there was no real bug17:07
kimmolilucky guess... user error is usually the obvious one, and reboot rarely solves anything.17:31
taixzokimmoli: I mean, it happened when listening to an Android app (spotify), and reboot usually solves aliendalvik problems17:44
kimmoliah yes, in android land, and in tech support17:45
piggzfrinring: ping18:43
frinringpiggz: pong18:43
piggzhows your time for testing sfos / kde app?18:44
frinringpiggz: still 0 sadly. trying to focus to get my todollist near sanity again18:45
piggzhave some weir issue with kdeconnect, and wonder if it happens on official device18:45
frinringperhaps there are some other (plasma) users here interested to help? /me looks around into faces18:48
piggzfrinring: if you find any, point them my way...also18:49
tadzikhmm, can I install some kdeconnect thing on my laptop without having the whole KDE?18:50
piggztadzik: <distro package management cm> install kdeconnect-kde18:50
tadzikI meant to do that anyway to play with the new nice apps18:50
piggzi think there is a gnome daemon these days?18:51
piggzbut, if y you install the kde version, it will only pull in whats neee18:51
piggzyou dont need to run plasma afaik18:51
tadzikwhich of the apps is yours?18:51
frinringIIRC it is designed to be usable across workspaces. the mian developer even uses the Gnome Shell18:51
piggzbtw, anyone know how to get a stacktrace on a sigsegv, at runtime, to a file ?18:52
frinringbut if pakagers screw up, of course it will pull too much18:52
piggzthis one
frinringtadzik: sadly could not find any proper docs quickly, but there was an AMA on reddit recently, which has some related comments (grep for GNOME if interested in that):
frinringso there is GSConnect for Gnome, which now seems to also have its own implementation of the daemon, not hust UI thingies18:58
piggzi would just use the kde version, notifications should integrate natively anyway19:02
piggzusing this, but not getting an actual BT
tadzikpiggz: ok, I think I managed to pair things19:04
piggztadzik: i expect it will loose connection ... what device do you use?19:05
tadzikbut I tried playing with remote input and now it's a "device disconnected"19:05
tadzikaha :)19:05
tadzikxperia x19:05
piggztadzik: are you on telegram? i can send you test versions19:06
piggz@tadzik ?19:06
tadzikI think so19:06
piggzok ... when I build another version I will let you know ...19:07
tadzikok :)19:07
piggzim gonna add a load of debug messages19:07
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