Thursday, 2018-09-13

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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collab. at #mer-meeting in 7mins07:52
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ekeimajahi! does anyone know if the unlocking sound was removed on the latest update, because on my phone it does not play when I unlock08:41
leszekekeimaja: yeah. Its gone since 2.2.008:42
leszekyou get haptic feedback instead08:42
ekeimajaah ok, it was somtimes a bit annoying, but still i miss it :P08:42
ekeimajabut i have vibration enabled and it does not make it though...08:43
leszekmaybe a hardware issue. It works fine for my Xperia X08:46
leszekso it is a very slight one only08:46
ekeimajamaybe, or then cause I updated it the hard way yesterday08:46
leszektest if vibration motor is working at all08:46
ekeimajahow can i test it?08:47
leszekusing the csd app or in some applications using the pulley menu08:47
leszekit should vibrate on every menu entry08:47
ekeimajano it does not vibrate08:48
ekeimajashould i then return to 2.1.x?08:48
leszekhmm... then you have something broken. Returning. I am not sure if that is possible and would fix anything08:49
ekeimajai was not able to install Mouhijoki patch, and it always said could not install after loading, and i tried if resetting would help, but then it returned to 1.x.x.x version...08:50
ekeimajaand ssu re did not help, so i installed all updates then until it was the newest version08:51
leszekekeimaja: you know how to upgrade via terminal? devel-su ssu re && devel-su version --dup08:51
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ekeimajayes, i tried it, it said that downloading, but after reboot it was still that old08:51
leszekthat should upgrade everything cleanly08:51
ekeimajai tried it twice08:52
leszekekeimaja: after downloading it should install and then prompt you to restart08:52
ekeimajait just rebooted like normally, did not install anything08:52
ekeimajaor maybe i typoed the version number08:53
leszekcould be08:53
leszekcheck again08:53
ekeimajayes, but now i have that latest patch already08:54
ekeimajaso should i make reset to that old 1.x.x and then try to update via devel?08:54
ekeimajaor maybe i will wait to release of sf308:57
leszeknot sure what you mean. But if you have a broken install now it won't fix magically08:57
ekeimajaeverything works normally but vibration08:58
ekeimajaand btw, how I can add write access to SSD-card?09:02
leszekekeimaja: you mean sd card? It should be writeable by default. Which filesystem do you use?09:22
ekeimajayes sd, it has vfat09:30
leszekshould be mounted r/w by default09:31
leszekhave you checked the microsd card if the fs is not broken?09:31
ekeimajait was in use in my previous nokia phone09:31
pketoekeimaja: you should not upgrade directly from 1.x.x to the latest09:32
ekeimajai did not upgrade it directly09:32
ekeimajai installed manually all updates09:32
pketoso updating after factory reset worked ok, but the vibra is not working?09:34
pketothen it is most likely that the hardware has failed09:35
leszekwhich device is it ekeimaja ?09:35
sledgesekeimaja: test_vibrator from libhybris-tests package should be the ultimate try09:35
ekeimajait is normal Jolla, purchased in 2015 august09:36
ekeimajadriver version is
pketoin settings > about product, tap the version number 5 times and it will launch the csd tool09:36
pketoin individual tests you can find vibrator09:37
pketorun that and see if it vibrates09:37
ekeimajano it does not09:37
pketoso the motor is probably dead09:38
ekeimajayes it seems09:39
leszekah yeah Jolla 1. Those die09:39
leszekMine is barely working nowadays09:40
mpolmine died and came back to life multiple times on the J109:41
mpolmaybe you can drop it again :)09:41
ekeimajaand i think it is not worth to upgrade to xperia now09:43
ekeimajado you know is there coming support for new devices?09:48
leszekXperia XA209:49
leszekGemini PDA09:49
ekeimajai know those09:50
bernteHi - any ETA for SF3, beyond the Q3?19:31
malat least next release will be 2.2.2 based on the fact that they asked for translations for that version19:34
berntemal, thanks.19:38
bernteI have an application that wants SDK 21, and complains that current SF only has 19. I need that app, but I had been wondering if it makes sense to wait and see if it will run on SF3.19:39
bernteBut if it is too long until release, I might switch back to Android in the meantime.19:40
malthere is no older version of that app available which would support sdk 19?19:43

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