Friday, 2018-09-14

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oozboozlooks like someone bought Nokia name and started selling Android phones under the trademark (at least in US)... it is only natural to couple this phones with Sailfish OS14:48
r0kk3rzthats been happening for ages now14:58
r0kk3rzHMD have a huge office right next to Nokia in finland14:58
fledermauswelp, XA2 arrived15:04
* fledermaus waits for beta to drop 15:05
r0kk3rzbuild it yourself?15:06
fledermausaren't there non-free bits to the OS I can't build?15:06
fledermausanyway, I got it because I cracked the screen of my J115:07
fledermausso I wanted a replacement in case it deteriorated beyond use.15:07
oozboozr0kk3rz, so are people trying to run SF on HMD's Nokia?15:10
r0kk3rzfledermaus: nope, adaptation is open15:10
r0kk3rzoozbooz: mostly you cant, bootloaders are locked on HMDs devices15:10
r0kk3rzso no ROMS, and no sfos15:11
oozboozI see... so much for Nokia legacy, who are HMD anyway?15:12
r0kk3rza company15:13
r0kk3rzthat makes nokia branded devices15:13
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