Saturday, 2018-09-15

entilany clues on the xa2 sale date?06:44
entilI think the sim modems on my fp2 snuffed themselves, and if I need to buy a new phone, I'm entertaining the notion of moving away from fairphone06:46
kimmoliif you broke it, you can keep all 6 parts06:57
entilkimmoli: what do you mean?06:58
entilkimmoli: I couldn't find spare parts for the sim modems on fairphone's store06:59
entilkimmoli: so does that mean that I'd buy a new phone and keep all the current parts for spares?07:00
kimmolidepends did you actually broke it? (it was just a saying, if one brokes something he can keep _both_ parts, in FP case it is 6 parts)...07:01
entilkimmoli: I dunno really, I'd like to know how to debug this other than 1) not being asked for a pin 2) not seeing any mobile connectivity 3) csd saying 0 modems07:02
entilbecause I wouldn't want to buy a new phone, but if I have to, I'd look into the xa2 or the gemini, or maybe another xperia x like I use for work07:03
kimmoli0 modems sounds bad. maybe dmesg?07:03
kimmoliand you did not make any update?07:04
entilkimmoli: there hasn't really been an update to try, but I did check that07:05
entiland detecting the modems in csd does not output anything to dmesg07:06
entilbtw what are the 6 parts? fairphone's store lists 5 parts: display, battery, bottom, camera and top07:08
entil[D] onValidChanged:77 - Modem count: 0  (expected: 2)07:12
kimmolidmesg right after booting07:15
entilI'll reboot, thanks07:15
entilI don't really know how to read that07:21
entilsmd_pkt_open: DATA5_CNTL open failed -19    <- does that mean it can't talk to the modem?07:24
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring07:33
entilI guess I'm just fscked07:36
kimmolientil: about update, there is available for fp2 (atleast there are such repos in testing, mal can confirm?)07:48
kimmolibut dont know does that help. nothinf obvious cause in dmesg, ril-daemon seems to be killed at least once07:48
entilkimmoli: I've been on the stable releases because I haven't really needed an update in a long time and enjoy the stability, but because this started with me disconnecting the charger, using the phone for a while, and then it rebooted and didn't find modems, I'm sort of suspecting it's not a software problem anyway07:50
entilkimmoli: what does rild do? it's running now07:51
kimmoli e.g07:51
entilok, it's about the radio, maybe it being killed is a clue07:52
entilaccount ring/tel/ril_0 has implausible manager/protocol: (nil)/(nil)07:53
entilmeh, I'll update to 18.04 and; it's not like I'd have much to lose08:08
malentil: have you done any updating or something like that recently?09:13
entilmal: no, there haven't been any updates, but I'm going to update to now and flash in 18.04's system.img09:13
entilmal: just in case, if this still could be a software failure somehow09:13
entilas always, these things happen at the most inconvenient times, I'm not sure if I can get this finished before we head out of home09:14
malentil: just to be sure, are you using devel or testing repos? check output of ssu lr09:14
malok, testing is fine09:17
entilmal: I just changed the release version now09:17
entilmal: I never felt the need to flash in FP2-gms59 for the modem, but would that serve as a test case for hardware failure? like would that fail if the modem is electronically broken?09:18
malthen what have you used as modem partition?09:21
entilmal: en ymmärrä kysymystä :D what does that mean? whatever was the default two years ago or whatever09:22
malentil: also for debugging modem issues output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat or that with -b radio09:22
malentil: ok, maybe that partition is old enough then, I would still suggest just following the instructions09:22
entilrunning the csd sim check with logcat -b radio produces no output09:23
malyou are now mixing things09:23
malthe modem already failed a long tima ago during boot09:23
entilthat's why I'm wondering why I should even look at logcat09:24
malcsd app is useless for debugging, it will only tell if it works, nothing more09:24
entilbecause I assumed those DATA5_CNTL errors mean the modem failed, just as csd also says09:24
entilso if the modem's dead to the os, it would be improbable to see anything about it in any log09:24
malit is difficult to say if this is a hardware or software issue09:25
malentil: what sailfish release were you using before this update you are doing now?09:26
entilall the more because the download's only at 33% or so and I'll be afk for hours and hours at some point09:27
malentil: also the sixth part of fp2 is the core module09:27
entil2.1.4.14 was the previous version09:27
entilyeah, they don't sell only the core module, so if this is quite broken, I'll have to consider switching vendors09:27
malentil: at least they used to sell it09:28
entilmuch love for the fp2 port and the phone, but I've bought two spare parts in two years so if this is broken now, I can't be very confident in the manufacturing quality09:28
malwhich parts have broken before?09:29
entilthe battery started to suck and the bottom mic died09:29
entilthe support was very slow and wanted me to test shit in android when I contacted them about the mic09:29
malI haven't had the need for buying anything, except now I should buy a new case for the device as it's starting to break from one place09:30
entilso I just bought a new mic09:30
entilbut now I have to be afk for a while, hopefully I can check in before leaving09:30
Leif_EriksonHello again. We have took the suggestion of the #nemomobile and #sailfishos chat09:38
Leif_EriksonTo recap: We try to build and deploy a lipstick implementation.09:39
Leif_EriksonThe documentation of the app sdk confirms, that the platform sdk is installed on the build engine vm.09:39
Leif_EriksonTherefore I assume, that the necessary repos are available to build the lipstick example project. If not, I don’t know which repos are missing.09:39
Leif_EriksonThe documentation suggests, that the spec file is automatically created by the app sdk.09:39
Leif_EriksonI neither could find a documentation how to write a spec file nor how to include this custom spec file in the build process.09:39
Leif_EriksonI found the documentation about spec files at, but I still don’t know how to solve the issue of a missing developer lipstick package.09:39
Leif_EriksonLast but not least, it is not clear, where and how to deploy a lipstick implementation. I assume it’s not as easy as for an Android launcher, that is deployed as a regular app.09:39
Leif_EriksonOne can install several launcher in parallel but not lipstick implementations, correct?09:39
Leif_EriksonHello again09:42
malfor me platform sdk worked fine for building that example09:46
Leif_Eri_mal: How do you avoid the error message: lipstick-qt5 development package not found ?09:48
elros1I just tried and I could build glacier rpm without any issues in platform sdk09:49
malby installing the development package, it should be available in the default repos, use (replace target name with correct one) sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install zypper in lipstick-qt5-devel09:49
malLeif_Eri_: are you building it with spec file or without?09:50
Leif_Eri_mal: Without, because of the issue, that i mentioned in my note above09:51
malso then you of course need to install dependencies manually, make doesn't know anything about how to install those09:54
malou really have fought with that issue for day? it's really not that difficult09:55
Leif_Eri_mal: More than one day. We try to find a freelancer, who can set up the build and deployment process for us.09:56
Leif_Eri_We need to know, how to manage the dependencies at least for one time.09:57
malif you build things manually without spec file then you need to install dependencies manually which is obvious and you use a command like the one I gave to install those, if you use spec dependencies should be installed automatically10:00
malI did give you the command already many days ago10:01
malwhy didn't ask back then if you didn't understand10:01
Leif_Eri_mal: If the sb2 command is the solution, if would be convenient. How can I find teh correct target name. The sdk works with the simulator and our development devices. To we need an installation for each virtual and physikal device, which are defined in the so called "kit" of the sdk?10:02
malthe target name is the one you used when you setup the target, you can see targets with sdk-assistant list10:03
malLeif_Eri_: you are really always asking the wrong questions or just in a bad way, because if I had known you we still not able to install the damn dependency I could have given you that command days ago10:04
Leif_Eri_mal: Ah, I see. It is the target of the platform sdk. I think, there are two or three of them by fedault.10:06
entilsucks, didn't get to see this through now, gotta go out with the family, laters! ->10:06
King_DuckZhi, what's the tracker-store process? it's taking up all my cpu since I updated yesterday10:25
r0kk3rzbecause its reindexing10:34
malit's indexing the images and other files10:34
r0kk3rzwhich always happens after update10:34
King_DuckZoh ok10:35
malnot sure how long it usually takes10:36
Leif_EriksonThanks for the help. Now I can build the project after installing the lipstick-qt5-devel package for both targets on the build engine.15:26
Leif_EriksonThe next step is now the deployment of the project. The sdk throws the following error for the deployment: Fatal: No spec file found in '/home/mersdk/share//SailfishOS/projects/LipstickExample/rpm/' and couldn't make one from a yaml #115:27
Leif_EriksonI expected, that the sdk creates a spec file automatically like for the other projects for apps, I have created with the app sdk.15:28
r0kk3rzit doesnt15:44
malLeif_Erikson: how exactly did you create the project for the example?15:50
Leif_Eriksonmal: I have clicked on the green arrow in the IDE.15:56
Leif_EriksonI found a chapter about spec and yaml files here
Leif_EriksonThe documentation suggests to create a yaml file.15:57
Leif_EriksonThe documentation says: "An initial .yaml file is generated when you first create a project using the Qt Creator Sailfish OS Qt Quick application template. You can see from the figure in the Installation Package Creation Overview section that the .pro file works as a source of data for the .yaml file. For this reason, the parts of the .yaml file are regenerated every time the Qt project file changed. "15:58
Leif_Eriksonit seems, that the .pro file is not processed.15:58
Leif_EriksonAs I understands, the yaml file is derived from the pro file and the spec file is derived from the yaml file.15:59
Leif_EriksonThe process seems to be broken in the pipleline16:01
malno, you misunderstood how it work, you need both pro and spec files16:02
malmaybe yaml is also useful in some cases16:04
malthat has a good example of how the pro, yaml and spec files should look16:04
kimmolia note; if you intend to use .spec, remove .yaml from rpm/ folder, otherwise the sdk build process will overwrite your .spec16:08
r0kk3rzimo the yaml is an overcomplication and spectacle isnt really maintained anymore16:08
malyes, pro and spec are enough usually16:09
Leif_EriksonThe documentation says: "To create an RPM package, you need a .spec file that provides information about the software being packaged. For Sailfish OS projects, you don’t usually create or modify the .spec file directly. Instead, a more human-readable intermediate metadata file, a .yaml file, is used. The .spec file itself is generated automatically during the build process from the .yaml file." (
Leif_EriksonWhere do I have to place the spec file? Unfortunately Jolla's documentation just explains the syntax and content of the yaml file.16:25
Leif_EriksonI assume, there is some hidden configuration of the project, that is not located in the project folder itself.16:26
kimmoliyaml and spec lives in the rpm directory16:27
kimmoliif you have only yaml, spec will be created on first build16:28
kimmoliwhen you create a new project with new project wizard, you get only yaml.16:31
kimmoliwhen you hit build -> build all, a spec is created16:31
kimmolimaybe we just confuse you....16:36
Leif_Eriksonkimmoli: Thanks. Because the project is a clone of a Github project, I guess, I have to create the yaml on my own.16:37
kimmoliwhat project it was?16:37
Leif_EriksonSo I have to create a subdirectory rpm and create a yaml file there. Is this sufficient?16:37
malmaybe I should have given you a spec file for that days ago (takes like 5 minutes to make even manually) but I assumed it so simple that you can do it16:42
r0kk3rzyeah but then he wont learn anything16:48
entilmal: updated the os and underlying android system partition, no bonus; and to make matters worse, the baby woke up so lol ->16:51
Leif_EriksonThe best way is to learn with examples. I need to put the puzzle together. The quoted documentation describes a yaml file quite well, but not the required project structure and the spec file. I'm missing something like project settings, that I know from Xcode16:54
malentil: get output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat when you have time16:54
malLeif_Erikson: the glacier-home is a quite good example for checking how the spec and pro files are used since it's doing pretty much the same thing as the example project16:55
malnot sure why the example doesn't have spec file16:56
Leif_EriksonFrom other projects, I can infer, that the project has an rpm directory with a yaml, spec and two other files with and
malyou can ignore changes file, that is not always used16:56
Leif_EriksonBut where is defined, that the project build and deployment is using that yaml and spec file?16:56
entilmal: does logcat do things in UTC? either way, it's completely flooded by 09-15 16:50:45.434  8897 11192 E qdhwcomposer: isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL16:56
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: just add the files16:59
malentil: use logcat | grep -v hwcomposer to ignore the flooding messages17:00
entilmal: I'm flashing the modem partition now, but then, sure17:01
malentil: that error is normal, nobody has bothed to fix it17:01
entilboots damned slow :/17:04
entilunless it died on me17:04
kimmolidunno what makes the initial spec from yaml, but sdk compile output says "Warning NEW spec file created: test.spec, maybe customized spec content is needed!"17:08
entilmal: dmesg && logcat
entildebian choked on the size of the log17:11
malentil: does logcat -b radio give anything?17:12
entilmal: strange enough, it does!
malentil: that says sim count 117:15
entilmal: I have two sims in there, no pin was asked for17:15
entilmal: so something is still quite severely messed up17:15
entillemme run csd17:16
malentil: go to sim card settings and disable and reenable both slots17:16
entilmal: I can't, there is nothing there except "Use SIM card" which is grayed out, and csd didn't find anything17:17
malit seems might failing in a loop17:18
entilI tried getting another logcat but it's 149 lines again, so it's not flooding anything new in there17:20
malentil: maybe also flash the some of the other partition from 18.04.1 as told in wiki "Also the other partitions (except modem and boot partitions) can be flashed (rpm, sbl1, tz, splash and aboot) can be flashed "17:20
kimmoliwhat does ofono say?17:20
kimmolidbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.ofono / org.ofono.Manager.GetModems17:20
entilmethod return time=1537032063.858713 sender=:1.6 -> destination=:1.88 serial=105 reply_serial=217:21
entilarray []17:21
entilmal: when the documentation says "can be flashed" it's not clear to me which I should or what these partitions do17:21
kimmolithat was short...17:22
malentil: check file17:22
malit should list the fastboot commands17:22
entilmal: sure, it flashes pretty much everything but userdata, judging by what I saw in /dev/.../by-name/, but I don't know what tz is except timezone or rpm except redhat package manager ;)17:23
entilmal: I'll go ahead and flash everything but userdata, modem and system; this'll take a while, but I'll report back then17:25
malentil: also do not flash boot :)17:27
entilI did rpm, sbl1, tz, splash and aboot now17:28
entilI did not do modem from 18.04.1 btw, I did it from
entilmeniks oikein or should I use the 18.04.1 one for modem?17:30
malmodem should be from 1.5.1 like you did17:31
entilvielki pävi17:31
maldid the issues start suddenly?17:33
entilnew dmesg
entilnew radio logcat
entilmal: I disconnected the charger, procrastinated in the browser for a while and the phone booted - so I naturally assumed an OOM kill - and when it came back up, no sign of mobile connectivity, sim cards, no asking for a pin code, nothing17:35
malok, very odd17:36
entilif it had died immediately on disconnecting the charger, an electrical/electronical failure would make a bit more sense to me, it's a new charger the missus just bought (at teknikmagasinet, not some shady chinese ebay front), but the phone was fine for a while17:37
entilbut without a clear indication of software failure or any signs except "no modems, sux 2 b u", I dunno what else to suspect but a hardware failure17:38
malentil: maybe try to see if modem works in android if it's not too much work, you basically just need to flash boot partition from 18.0417:40
entilmal: so I download the sfos from devaamo so I can restore the boot partition to its former glory after that android experiment?17:41
entilok, I'll get back to you soon17:41
entiljust in case this works, I can recalibrate the proximity sensor while in android17:42
malbut for prox calibration you need to flash 18.04 modem partition also17:42
entilI never booted the base on this; I remember booting into the google android and getting scared about the spyware aspect and immediately installing sailfish :D17:42
entilpalataan siihen, afk while downloading the devaamo pkg &17:42
malhopefully there are no stuff from old android in data partition and cache17:43
malnot sure if the old android you booted was android 5 or 617:43
malif there are issues booting to android clear cache partition and certain things from data partition (everything except .stowaways/sailfishos folder and it's content)17:47
entilI wish the boot splash was dmesg like a linux, so slow to boot, but it looks like android starting up so far17:52
entilbut I'm trying to conduct the first experiment now, which is booting 18.04 with the 1.5.1 modem, and now it's "upgrading" and "optimizing app ... of 101"17:53
entilsim card is locked - no service - no service - ntt docomo17:54
malso does it see the sims or not17:55
entilit does! :O17:56
entilI was able to call my work phone17:56
malok, soe modem is not broken, but why did it fail in sailfish17:57
entilbut it's "broken", as in the screen went black, and when I denied the call it still went to the answering service and hitting the power button causes a vibration17:57
entilI think this means I'll detour into flashing the modem partition and taking care of the proximity sensor17:58
entilsiis ruutu meni mustaks siitä puhelusta, ja kaiarista kuului että jätä viesti, ja nyt se vaan vibraa enkä saa kuvaa takas17:59
entildespite me rejecting the call on my work phone, which is a big wtf17:59
entilplaying with the power button, "jätä viesti painamalla nolla"18:00
malhmm, odd, anyway calibrate the prox sensor, it might explain the black screen18:00
entilthis is too spooky for me, I'll de-batterize the phone18:00
entilah, now I got the screen back all of a sudden, and an sms that there's a message in my answering service18:00
entildefinitely prox sensor18:00
malbut at least the modem is not completely broken18:01
entilI just hope my sd card remains intact through this, as the android setup told me it doesn't support it18:01
entil"i'm a n'android, i'll fix this for you without asking, mkfs <3"18:01
entilrecalibrated, rebooting now, zomg18:04
entilspooky spyware shit, I got a notification from drivenow that today's ride has been completed18:05
entilno idea how that's possible because I don't have google anywhere on this, and I couldn't get anbox (or whatever it was called) to work18:06
entilok, prox sensor works \:D/18:06
entilmal: hybris-boot.img right?18:08
malto boot partition18:10
entilgotta slap the spydäri in the oven before unlocking sfos18:10
entilyeah, still doesn't work18:13
malhmm, very odd18:14
entilmal: btw, tried calling my work phone despite not having been asked for a pin or anything, but it said "Emergency calls only" - I assume this is a default fallback and not a sign of functionality?18:15
malyes, that is what happens if sim is not properly in use18:15
entilthe missus went out on a gig and I've forgotten to eat, the spydäri should be done in less than 15 minutes, and I don't know what I can do after eating, or how soon after18:15
r0kk3rzkimmoli: kimmobot is coming together nicely i see18:15
kimmolir0kk3rz: thats a year old pic...18:16
r0kk3rzkimmoli: still looks cool18:17
malentil: how much personal data do you have in sailfish, meaning if we should consider reinstalling it18:17
entil dmesg and logcat18:18
entilmal: I should be able to fit ~nemo onto the sdcard, but I'd hate to go through the hassle of restoring everything and finding I forgot something18:18
entilmal: I assume the backup tool doesn't take backups of dotfiles and such18:19
malok, let's keep that as last resort18:19
malno idea how it's possible that modem works fine in android and not in sailfish18:19
entiland that it went tits up all of a sudden like it did18:20
malentil: so you have now sailfish installed?18:20
entilto the best of my knowledge, but I can ensure the upgrade soon, as I just rebooted the phone for fun and it's really slow to boot18:21
malhow slow?18:21
entilthe ssh connection got disconnected while it was doing its thing, but when I retried, it claimed to be up to date18:21
entilslow as balls18:21
entila minute or two18:21
entilmaybe it's just me being stressed out that makes it feel slower than it is18:21
entilto be fair, booting android wasn't exactly fast either18:22
malentil: my fp2 boots in 30 seconds18:23
entildafuq 30s18:23
entilbut version --dup said NO UPDATES FOUND18:23
entilso it should be an intact
mal"ssu re" says what?18:24
entilthat it's
malrun zypper ref -f and then zypper dup18:24
entil"Nothing to do."18:25
entilI think it's safe to say it's up to date despite that ssh disconnect18:25
malhopefully yes18:26
malbut that was after the issues started18:26
entilsplash visible at 8s, been going for 30s now18:26
entilI'm timing the boot18:26
entilok, 38s, it actually isn't as bad as my stressed-out brain tells me18:27
malso quite similar, my test was a reboot18:28
entilanyway, spydäri done, I should eat :/18:28
entilwtf! now it asked for the pin!18:29
entilthe only real difference is that I went to the kitchen for some spydäri love, instead of immediately unlocking18:30
entilI'll dump the dmesg and logcat outputs but then I really have to eat18:30
malnext week I will probably release for fp218:31
malI'm already using that myself and so far everything is working as before18:32
r0kk3rzyeah seems fine here18:32
entil dmesg and logcat18:33
entilmal: will it require an android update?18:33
entilmal: also, if you see some sort of "shit entil unlocks fast, I'd better cause a race condition" bug in there, that'd be great18:33
entilmal: but thank you, as always, for all the help! unless something breaks, I'll keep my eyes peeled for to hit testing and update :)18:35
malentil: no need for android update for next release because there hasn't been any android releases after last sailfish release18:35
entiland I called my fp2 from the xperia x and it worked as well! and having the prox sensor calibrated feels höpö too18:36
malentil: for me the pin query happens directly, I don't have lock code on my device18:36
entilcan't remember what happened with it, I think it worked better and somehow deteriorated and then I never cared, but only hit the power button to wake up the screen18:36
malentil: you really used it this long without calibrating the prox sensor?18:36
entilmal: I'm sure it didn't always suck...18:36
malI only had random issues before calibrating it18:37
Blizzzis there an event i can  react on, when a page was navigated back to?18:37
entilanyway, food calls, thanks for the help and I'll nag you if something breaks again and otherwise looking forward to the update :)18:37
malentil: hmm, dmesg has EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p20): recovery complete18:40
malnot sure if that is normal18:40
malah, seems to be normal18:41
malgood to know that it seems to work now, but still it would be better if I knew why it works now but I couldn't see anything in logs, hopefully it keeps on working18:42
x2sUhm, it is only possible to backup to onedrive or dropbox? Why no webdav?20:19
malx2s: not sure if there has been enough requests for that feature20:29
x2sweird. Nextcloud would be my first choise for a cloud backup...20:36
malx2s: there is a filemanager which support webdav but no support in the backup system20:46

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