Sunday, 2018-09-16

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Male_54Hi folks13:30
Male_54Is people sleeping ?13:31
malif you have a question just ask13:39
Male_54Sure do. I have a few generell quiestion about SailFish, which i am very intrigued by..13:39
Male_54Android has this habit of tracking people, whatever they do or travel, so my quiestion is:13:41
Male_54Do SailFish do the same ?13:41
Male_54sure ?13:41
Male_54ok, good,13:42
tabask0Evening all. What would be easiest way to modify headers on SilicaWebView, like referer?13:43
Male_54I have just purchased a "Nexus 5" Cell phone with SailFish OS on, (havent received it yet) and was wondering if SailFish has been ported to more cell phone brands ??13:44
Male_54I know about Xperia X, but was thinking about others.13:44
malthis is a partial list (not all are properly maintained)
Male_54ok, thanks, will check it out.13:45
malmotorolas have been quite popular recently, same with xiaomis13:45
Male_54Ok, the list is just what i was looking for.. Where can thos ROM`s be downloaded from ?13:47
malit depends, some from and some from various forums13:48
r0kk3rzthere should be links for the maintained ones13:48
Male_54ok. Means who`s porting them ?13:48
Male_54Nice list btw.13:49
malnot all devices are there I think13:50
Male_54Sure not, but very helpfull anyway.13:50
malMale_54: #sailfishos-porters is the channel for community ports13:51
Male_54Another question: Do SailFish OS use less resources of the cell phone, IE compare to Stock Android ?13:51
malwell I have used sailfish on a device with 512 MB if RAM and a single core CPU and it's usable13:55
Male_54O I C, thats interesting.13:55
malbut of course it's not perfect in a device that old, the cpu causes some limitations to certain apps13:56
mallike web browser, many sites are not very well optimized nowadays13:57
Male_54I understand, like with Android.13:57
Male_54I have installed Slim-Rom on two of my Xperia Z3 Compact, and that works extremely well, battery life is 2-3 times as long, and the phone seem to be a lot faster. And i was wondering about if SailFish would give me som similar experience ?13:59
malprobably could be similar, it depends on how well the porting has been done14:02
Male_54I understand.14:03
r0kk3rzi run sailfish on my z3 tablet, works quite well14:03
Male_54Does it mean that SailFish OS is in generel a "lighter" OS than Android ?14:03
r0kk3rzi would say so14:04
Male_54Ok. Nice14:04
Male_54Another question:  The app called Telegram, does that exist for SailFish ??14:06
r0kk3rzthere are a few telegram apps14:16
r0kk3rzi dont use them though14:16
Male_54Anyone you recommend for private conversations ?14:24
Male_54Mean, really private, really secure ?14:25
r0kk3rznot really14:26
tango_hm update stuck on the jolla 116:02
tango_power+volup doesn't seem to do anything16:02
tango_whatever, force-reset worked 8-/16:04
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