Monday, 2018-09-17

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coderuswhen 2.2.1 sdk will be released?:)09:56
r0kk3rzcoderus: btw, can you update your docker hub image?09:59
coderusr0kk3rz: how? if sdk not released :D10:00
r0kk3rzplatform sdk is updated10:00
r0kk3rzi assumed thats how you made it10:00
coderusi dont see 2.2.1 here10:00
r0kk3rzah you can only update with zypper, yeah cool10:03
coderusteah i need new tarballs :)10:03
antishello, can anyone help with deploying and linking custom shared libs? i want them installed together with the app rather than /usr/lib/… which is no suitable location for custom libraries or is it?12:17
antisfledermaus, thanks. hmm… so rpath is used on sfos?12:20
r0kk3rzantis: check the harbour faq for guidelines about libs12:21
antisr0kk3rz, thanks! Yeah, I want to install shared libs to /usr/share/myapp/lib anyway. But the path seems not to be found… would you have another spec file for reference?12:31
r0kk3rzit seems to suggest that it should do it automagically12:34
r0kk3rzbut maybe its magic isnt that strong12:34
fledermausDT_RUNPATH/RPATH needs to be baked into the elf executable12:35
fledermausyou can use patchelf to alter the DT_RUNPATH of an already built binary.12:37
fledermausbut really you should be doing it at build time.12:37
r0kk3rzi tend to just static link stuff12:42
antisHmm… in rpm spec %{_libdir} points to /usr/lib. Ahh… I forgot to mention I'm doing stuff with cmake. Found "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH" which should do the trick.12:43
r0kk3rzoh ok, the magic probably works with qmake12:44
antisok got it with the above mentiont command in spec file "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH=%{_datadir}/%{name}/lib". When installing it says: -- Set runtime path of "/home/deploy/installroot/usr/bin/toxer" to "/usr/share/toxer/lib"12:54
r0kk3rzsounds right12:56
antisok, done. it works. need to copy the lib binaries manually, but hey… :)13:10
antisr0kk3rz, am totally with you for static linking. One step at a time…13:14
olantis: Installing shared libraries into "/usr/share" is a very bad idea: "/usr/share" is for platform-independent files (like QML). You must install all libraries into "/usr/lib".14:07
olAlso, it makes no sense to distribute shared libraries with your application if you don't want to share these libraries with other applications (this is what shared libraries are for). If you intend to make some code a part of your application, just link object files with your application. If you intend to make a shared library that will be useful to other applications, install it into "/usr/lib" (without a subdirectory), no need for RPATH. And make this library14:07
olto be in a separate (sub)package, so other packages will depend only on this library, not your application.14:07
Coolgeekisn't /usr/local/lib more appropriate ?14:10
taixzoI'm trying to add a podcast in gpodder and nothing happens. Just spins forever.14:10
olOnly if you don't package and install by hand. But packaging is highly recommended.14:11
olThe whole "/usr/local" hierarchy is for local changes that you install manually. This is outdated and historical way, an artefact of times when there was no proper package manager.14:12
antisol, this is the default path by mersdk14:12
olantis: The default path for libraries is "/usr/iib". This is a part of filesystem location standard.14:13
r0kk3rzthey are the harbour rules, which is why i tend to static link instead14:13
olAnd if you link statically, no need for a library at all.14:14
olJust use object files as part of your application.14:14
r0kk3rzobviously, its just one less thing to package14:14
olShared libraries are for sharing.14:15
r0kk3rzunless you want to package for harbour, and then they arent :P14:16
olAlso, optional loadable modules can be created as shared libraries. But again, they should be separate (sub)packages, because they are optional.14:17
r0kk3rzyou cant do package dependencies in harbour though :P14:17
olThen just link object files with an application, don't waste time creating a library.14:18
coderusthe rules are rules, you just follow it or gtfo =)14:22
antisjust pushed -> :P15:54
tango_is there a way to type something in a webpage without there being an explicit text box?20:51
fledermausif you have a broswer with a DOM inspector, yes. Otherwise not so much.20:58
Thaodantango_:  libsoup maybe.  but ha22:11
Thaodanjs is your enemy22:11
tango_I guess I'll have to renounce two of the achievements in swarmsim22:12
ThaodanWhen you want to parse a static website soup is fine.22:14
tango_I don't need to parse anything, I literally need to type something while a webpage is open22:30
tango_on the keyboard22:30
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