Tuesday, 2018-09-18

dcalisteHello chriadam and jpetrell, how are you ?07:05
chriadamdcaliste: hi!  well thanks, how are you?07:05
dcalisteI'm fine, thank you.07:06
jpetrelldcaliste: hi. good thanks :)07:06
jpetrelldcaliste: I'll look at your pull requests today. I am a bit uneasy merging it due to signing only working one-way (you can sign, but not review signed documents). also there is the issue with old library version07:07
jpetrellbut also discussed in the office that maybe we could allow it integrated as experimental feature, there has been discussion of doing some UI where you could enable beta features07:08
dcalistejpetrell, I don't understand, what do you mean review signed document ?07:08
jpetrelle.g. if you have developer mode enabled07:08
jpetrelldcaliste: sorry I haven't checked your latest pull requests yet, but understood that you implement signing of emails. what if you receive signed email?07:09
dcalistejpetrell, normally, everything is working ;)07:10
dcalisteParticularly check signed email because it was done first.07:11
dcalisteIt was easier.07:11
jpetrelldcaliste: ah ok sorry I'll check, misunderstood07:11
chriadamdo you need to install the (public) key separately via gpg, or is discovery implemented also?07:12
dcalisteDiscovery is implemented.07:12
jpetrelldcaliste: I'll check the pull requests after this meeting. is it ready for merging in your opinion or is something missing?07:14
dcalisteSorry I was discussing with a colleague.07:18
dcalisteTo summarise what is done:07:25
dcaliste- in the email, there is a small icon (like attachment) when an email is signed (requires QMF plugin)07:25
dcaliste- in the email view, there is a header giving the signing status (requires QMF plugin), when the key is expired or missing, there is a download action to retrieve the public key (requires Secret plugin)07:26
dcaliste- in the email account setting, there is a combo that allow to set that outgoing email of this account should be signed (requires Secret plugin), if there is no private key associated to this email yet, there are two button, one to generate one key, and another to import an existing key from disk.07:28
dcaliste- in the email composer, there is a checkbox setting that the email should be signed (requires the QMF plugin and to have set a private key in settings).07:28
dcalisteThere are detections in all cases to check that Secret PGP plugin is present, otherwise placeholder mentioned a missing plugin.07:29
dcalistechriadam and jpetrell ^, sorry a colleague of mime came to discuss a meeting we had yesterday…07:30
chriadamwe should be able to merge those things as-is, right, and then just have (separately) some way to install secrets+crypto (plus the gpg plugin for secrets/crypto you wrote).07:31
chriadamor am I misunderstanding?07:31
dcalistechriadam, yes that's right.07:32
dcalisteThe current (minor) blocker is that the QMF patches are based on MER messagingframework, not upstream.07:32
dcalisteI need to rebase those patches.07:32
dcalisteI should be able to do it this week. I've started already.07:33
chriadamgreat!  note that pvuorela also has been doing some alignment between mer+upstream too so not sure what the state of that is, but soon if not already, mer should have pulled in a bunch of upstream stuff and upstreamed other stuff etc07:34
dcalisteAbout Secret and crypto, I think that it's already part of the distribution since 2.2.0, isn't it? Just the GPG plugin is not official.07:34
chriadamnote quite.  it's available in the repositories but is not part of the vanilla image, so for non-developer mode people there is no way to get it on device07:34
chriadam(and yes, I need to merge the gpg plugin and tag that also)07:35
dcalisteAbout upstreaming in messagingframework, yes, I've followed pvuorela's work. All required patches previous to signing ones have been already upstreamed.07:35
dcalisteThis includes some critical ones like the quint64 issue on status flag in storage.07:36
dcalistechriadam, yesterday, I stumble on a strange behaviour of the inputrequest:07:37
dcalistemaybe it is related to my nemo-qml-plugin-email being not at the right version (with patches for signature), but when composing an email (with signature enabled), the system window popuped up to ask for the private key, as expected,07:38
dcalistebut the "your application is not responding" system window was popinp up also during all the input request action.07:39
dcalisteI need to check if I can reproduce but it was not like that before!07:39
chriadamhrm, I have not seen that either... that usually happens if something is doing something blocking, and thus doesn't respond to wayland protocol "i'm alive" ping07:40
dcalisteYes, normally the inputrequest is done in a thread on the nemo-qml-plugin-email part. It's part of the patches I've added for the signature stuff.07:40
dcalisteThat's why I'm suprised.07:40
chriadamwell, doesn't need to be threaded, can just use the signals/slots to handle asynchronously.  but either way, very surprising07:41
dcalisteYes, as said, I need to check and reproduce before doing any serious search on the issue though.07:42
dcalisteI'll keep you in touch if it's indeed coming back.07:42
chriadamjpetrell: do you have enough information to check the PRs and progress this from here?  on my side I need to review/merge/tag the gpg plugin to secrets (will do that tomorrow)07:44
jpetrellchriadam, dcaliste: I probably can manage up to a point, but sure up-to-date instructions would be appreciated07:45
dcalisteI've pushed the various modifications in the same branches always, so the previous instructions should still be valable.07:46
dcalisteLet me check where I put them…07:46
chriadamIIRC dcaliste sent an email linking to a PR or issue which had the instructions, previously07:46
dcalistechriadam, that's right. I've found it. It was sent the August, 7th. A quick look at it and I think that instructions there are still valable.07:47
chriadamin regards to the calligra stuff, I don't think anyone had time to check that, last week07:50
chriadamIMO it would be good if some other community members could help to test that one, to help find issues etc.  should be quite simple since you have the OBS feature repo set up07:51
dcalisteMe neither ! I would like to debug the crash in presentation handling, but didn't find time.07:51
dcalisteThe most important stuff though would be to track the preformance regression which will be very tough I fear.07:52
jpetrelldcaliste: we got rid of split view UX pattern in Gallery. I have been experimenting on my free time doing the same for Documents app. Would be cool to get the calligra update in around the same time, heard you were working on that?07:56
dcalistejpetrell: on what Calligra update or get rid of split view? I've worked also on both ;)07:56
jpetrelldcaliste: oh you have? :) meant Calligra update07:57
jpetrellit brings some new lib dependencies?07:57
dcalisteIn sailfish-office, see https://github.com/dcaliste/sailfish-office/commits/title07:57
dcalisteIt was working up to some extent (issue when oving view in zoom conditions and arriving near the edge).07:58
dcalisteFor Calligra, see git.merproject.org/dcaliste/calligra-bundle07:58
dcalisteI've followed the August discussion and there is no external dependencies.07:58
dcalisteThus the bundle name ;)07:58
jpetrelldcaliste: any idea how big it is? file system space-wise07:59
dcalisteAll required KF5 stuff are packaged inside. I've tried to cut some ot needed dependencies by patching here and there, like removing the textwidget dependency.07:59
dcalisteYes, jpetrell, let me check…07:59
jpetrellcool :)07:59
dcalisteBy the way, you can install it from https://build.merproject.org/package/show/home:dcaliste/calligra-bundle08:00
dcaliste(looking for RPM command to get occupied disk space)08:01
jpetrelldcaliste: any changes to sailfish-office side? didn't see any related open pull requests on github08:01
jpetrelldcaliste: what of those are used by the office? e.g. stage-templates is 6.5MB08:02
dcalistejpetrell: actually no, external API was suprisingly (in the sense happily) stable. After compilation issues was fixed and the stuff installed in the right directories, it was showing a document in office out of the box. Nice!08:02
dcalisteTemplates are useless for us.08:03
jpetrelldcaliste: that is very promising :)08:03
jpetrelldcaliste: so what of those do I need to install?08:03
dcalisteAll except templates ;)08:03
jpetrellok so few megabytes, probably not a big increase from existing08:03
dcalisteI've tried to cut KF5 dependencies as much as leinir did some years ago.08:04
jpetrellsounds like kalligra developers care about API stability08:04
jpetrelldcaliste: any lgpl3 dependencies?08:04
leinir_jpetrell: we most certainly do, a lot :)08:04
jpetrellleinir_: :)08:05
dcalisteleinir: thanks a lot for that ;)08:05
leinir_dcaliste: You are most welcome, and thank you for all the hard work! :D08:05
leinir_dcaliste: incidentally, most of your patches are waiting to be merged, are you still waiting on that dev account?08:05
dcalisteHopefully after HEAD is used in Sailfish, I will try to make the selection and finder work. This will bring some modifications from the code though to move all widget related stuff out of the main library.08:06
dcalisteleinir_: no I've finally understood that I don't need a dev account and that patches are send via phabricator ;) Was not clear at the beginning for me…08:07
leinir_Not quite...08:07
leinir_You still need a dev account to actually merge them, the /reviewing/ is done on there, but pushing them requires a dev account08:07
leinir_...which is why they say "accepted" rather than "closed" :)08:08
jpetrelldcaliste: do you have access to silica? there is new pagestack.animatorpush API, used in sailfish-office master08:08
dcalisteleinir_: Ah… so yes I need the dev account to be accepted then. I was thinking that some dev will merge them themselves after review, like in salsa machine on Debian for instance.08:08
dcalistejpetrell: no usually I revert patches that make stuff not running before using latest version, which is suboptimal ;)08:09
leinir_dcaliste: No, we try to let devs merge their own patches as much as possible :)08:09
dcalistejpetrell: about licensing, the build requirements of 3.1.0 are the same than for older 2.9 Calligra. Mainly Boost and eigen3.08:10
jpetrelldcaliste: cool08:10
dcalisteBy the way, you need to upgrade libeigen  in Mer, see https://git.merproject.org/dcaliste/eigen2/tree/latest08:11
dcalistejpetrell: see also https://build.merproject.org/package/show/home:dcaliste/eigen08:12
dcalisteleinir_: about the dev account, I'll try to find who to ping, and will mention the waiting patches, it will look less abstract than the first demand where I ask for one without any actual contributions to show…08:13
pvuoreladcaliste: PR? :)08:13
leinir_dcaliste: Don't know who you listed as a support for it, but if you need one, just put me down :)08:14
dcalistepvuorela, sorry ? I was mentioning your work on upstreaming messagingframework, saying that I was happy with the process and that I need now to rebase my signing patches and propose them upstream also.08:14
jpetrelldcaliste: I guess regarding eigen08:15
pvuorelathat eigen08:15
dcalisteleinir: I didn't remember but I think I didn't mention any mentor, which may explain why it lags ;)08:15
dcalistepvuorela, sorry ok.08:15
dcalisteI didn't made PR because the upgrades will brake the old calligra…08:16
leinir_dcaliste: Ah... yes, when sysadmins say "this is required information" they really mean it ;)08:16
dcalisteSo, either we create a new package eigen3 or we wait for a transition to latest calligra at the same time.08:16
dcalisteleinir_: yes sorry… will try to see if I can modify the application, or redo the form.08:17
jpetrelldcaliste: installed the rpms, I don't see issues at least with PDF viewer :) looks smooth, though would need to profile to know if there are perf improvements08:17
leinir_dcaliste: i /think/ you should be able to at least comment on it... but yeah, that's why it's being "ignored" :)08:17
dcalistejpetrell: on the doc I tested, there were obvious lags, I rolled back to previous version to check and I'm sure it was lagging (JollaC here). But it may depends on document.08:19
jpetrelldcaliste: ok so it is slower, damn08:19
dcalisteleinir_: yeh, sorry for the mess, I didn't understand the requirement for mentor, was thinking that it was like just creating another account on a git hosting. Didn't catch that dev accounts have the right to write on the main repos.08:20
dcalistejpetrell: yes, I'm afraid it will require some painfull work to understand where the moving around lags come from.08:21
jpetrelldcaliste: I would just upgrade libeigen at the same time as calligre08:21
leinir_dcaliste: Yeah, only repos you won't have access to are the websites and other sort of... supercritical things with instant trouble-causing potential :)08:21
pvuoreladcaliste: yea, now looking more closer, the current repository and package is eigen2/libeigen2 so could make sense to have either plain eigen or then eigen3.08:21
jpetrellpvuorela: true08:22
dcalistepvuorela: I fully agree. But since newest calligra is not ready yet, I was not in a hurry to raise the matter though.08:22
pvuoreladcaliste: sure. though doesn't necessarily need to wait for calligra PR to have that newer version packaged. seems we know it's going to be needed anyway.08:24
dcalistepvuorela: ok, feel free to create a new eigen package, and base it on my "latest" branch in eigen2 if it's simple.08:25
dcalisteBy the way, I need to rename the submodule there that I named "eigen" for a reason I cannot remember instead of upstream as done elsewhere.08:26
pvuoreladcaliste: thanks. i'll not make it a priority now but could do at some point.08:26
dcalistepvuorella: sure, it's not in a hurry.08:27
dcalisteleinir_: ok, looking at my page I cannot change anything to the application, neither can remove it… Don't bother yourself with this, I'll try to contact KDE sysadmins to see if they can remove the application so I can apply again with proper filling of all the fields…08:31
leinir_dcaliste: Right, #kde-sysadmin is where to go, iirc :)08:32
dcalistejpetrell: when testing latest calligra, don't hesitate to report me any crash with documents. Curretly, I know that .ppt files make the stuff crash. I need to investigate why, it may come from too hasty commenting here and there in the code to cut down dependencies at compile time.08:33
dcalisteleinir_: thanks for the entry point.08:34
chriadamI have to head home - thanks for the productive meeting.  Hopefully we make progress on the merging in the next few days.08:45
chriadampoke me if there's anything i forget08:45
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dcalisteleinir_: just to mention that based on advices in #kde-sysadmin, I've mailed the kde sysadmins and CC you at the address you registered with your KDE account. Thank you for the guidance.10:05
leinir_dcaliste: *nods* Got it :) Good call, too, yeah, the sysadmins like their procedures, and having an email thread is handy for them :)10:06
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