Wednesday, 2018-09-19

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Krikkeso when is Sailfish 3 released?06:49
Krikkejust got a notification on my android banking app that it will soon require Android 5.006:50
Krikkeso will I have to cave in and buy android or will Sailfish 3 support it?06:50
Mister_Magisterthis sfos3 thingy is pissing me off. Everybody asking me to port it while it doesnt even exist07:10
Krikkeport it?07:19
Krikketo what?07:19
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: heh07:49
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Almindorhey, does anyone know what can be used to profile apps in the emulator?09:36
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AlmindorI tried callgrind but it doesn't seem to "run" the app properly (no UI)10:56
taixzoIs the barometer on an Xperia X accessible to sfos?16:50
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antis@taixso, have you checked for an existing app or something to check it out with?21:59
antistaixzo, ^^^21:59
antis81almindor, you're the one working on jtoxright?23:27

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