Saturday, 2018-09-22

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tabask0Evening all. I tried to modify headers which are sent from QML Webview by subclassing custom QNetworkAccessManager. How ever it seems that Webview is not using it even after I have registered it ( engine.setNetworkAccessManagerFactory(&customanager);). Other QML components seem to use it however, for example if I Image source is loaded from URL16:29
tabask0request headers I mean16:29
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tortoisedochowdihow !21:37
tortoisedochas there been plans to switch from eglibc to glibc?21:37
tortoisedocto support recent sw which require more modern versions of glibc?21:38
tortoisedoccause you know, this is just the right question for a sat eve :)21:39
tortoisedoci'd guess there's a chance to be able to update the mer toolchain to use more recent glibc's21:43
r0kk3rzif you needs it use opt-gcc21:50
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : is it available for mer sdk?21:51
tortoisedocor for sfos build engine only?21:51
r0kk3rzyeah, once you add in the repo21:51
tortoisedocah ok21:51
tortoisedoc@rokk3rz ^21:52
tortoisedocr0kk3rz also .P21:52
tortoisedocthere's gcc521:53
tortoisedocbut thats it21:53
tortoisedoc(on mer git i mean)21:53
tortoisedocaah ok found something on the obs21:53
r0kk3rzyeah that one21:53
r0kk3rzyou can use it like this -
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : is it backported to the eglibc or does it install the newer glibc?21:57
r0kk3rznewer i think21:58
r0kk3rzif not you can probably make it use newer21:59
r0kk3rzand remember to static link it21:59
r0kk3rzand it should be ok21:59
tortoisedochmm statically linking sounds like a non viable solution on the long term23:22
tortoisedoci guess there's contingency plans for that?23:22

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