Sunday, 2018-09-23

r0kk3rzwhy non viable?08:23
pseudodevThe Qt creator (SFOS IDE) seems buggy. The VM Seems to be in a continuous loop. It keeps on opening itself up after closing the VM. ALso, i cannot see the app icon on the emulator (Note: I did go through the "Know issues part" in this page:
tortoisedochello how18:23
tortoisedocwhats the plan for eglibc? backport forever?18:23
tortoisedocor at some point move MER sdk to glibc?18:23
maltortoisedoc: maybe add that as a topic to next mer-meeting?18:51
r0kk3rzim sure thats in the too hard basket like gcc18:53
tortoisedocif there's such a place like a "too hard" place, we are in a hard place (if you pass me the word play18:56
tortoisedocbackporting is of course an option, but tools like rust take a humongous amount of effort18:57
r0kk3rzglibc being gnu will be gplv3?19:10
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : see thats now a valid argument19:13
tortoisedocbut then eglibc having been glibc + embedded optimizations, it still would be gplv3?19:13
r0kk3rzlgpl by the looks of it19:14
r0kk3rzeh eglibc is dead19:15
tortoisedocunless jolla takes on it19:19
tortoisedocbut the gplv3 would take over eglibc then19:19
r0kk3rzits lgpl which should be fine19:21
tortoisedocyou mean glibc is lgpl?19:21
tortoisedocor glpv319:22
tortoisedocah ok glibc is lgpl19:32

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