Tuesday, 2018-09-25

rainemakdcaliste, unfortunately cannot participate today's meeting06:56
rainemakdcaliste, but drop questions if you have them in mind06:56
dcalisterainemak: no problem, I guess you are very busy at the moment.06:56
rainemakdcaliste, yes06:56
dcalisteI have one for Chris but he's not here at the moment neither.06:57
dcalisteI would like to discuss with pvuorela also about the PR in messagingframework, I'll ask him.06:57
dcalistepvuorela: do you have a moment to discuss the signature PR in messaging framework ?07:07
jpetrelldcaliste: just checked the pull requests. I'll try to find time at some point to properly test the signature use cases (I don't want to approve just reading the code), but I don't think the pull requests are far from mergeable condition. email settings section should be put behind a loader07:09
dcalistejpetrell: I'm sorry you lost your time last week on version issues in the various pieces to have signature handling. As you've seen, I've moved the QMF PR upstream so it is based on HEAD.07:09
dcalistejpetrell: ok for the loader, I'll do it later today or tomorrow.07:10
jpetrelldcaliste: awesome! no worries, not your fault :)07:10
jpetrelllike discussed the email signing could be initially be installable package in OS. once we get secrets in core releases and signature more testing we can enable it for all07:11
dcalistejpetrell: yes sure need to be tested on device before accepting anything ! I agree with the installation plan also.07:11
dcalistejpetrell: just one question,07:11
jpetrellsure, shoot07:11
dcalistethe various PR in settings and email are using import Sailfish.Secrets, so I must put the Requires: xxx in the spec file.07:12
dcalisteThis Requires is on Secret itself, not the GPG plugin for it.07:12
dcalisteIs it an issue ? Because it will pull Secret for everyone.07:12
pvuoreladcaliste: pong, have some time but i've only superficially checked the pr so far.07:17
dcalistepvuorela: ok, yeh, I guess you are busy also ;) It is mostly a rebase of the PR from mer-core.07:18
pvuoreladcaliste: yea, had quite much changes there :)07:19
dcalistepvuorela: in case you didn't follow the history of it, it mostly add a new attribute for a mailPart : the undecodedData stuff. This is the content of a part (header and body) as received from the server, before any parsing.07:21
dcalisteThis is required, because we cannot reconstruct the pristine data from the parsed and stored ones.07:21
dcalisteOf course pristine data are required to check signature.07:21
dcalisteThen, there is additional code in storage to actually save and restore to disk the undecoded data.07:22
dcalisteIt is stored in a abc-parts/x-raw file where x stands for the part number.07:22
dcalisteThe most additional code is in IMAP handling to be able to ask precisely this undecoded data when required.07:24
dcalisteThen, I've added tests to check that this undecoded data can be read from a received stream, or save and restore from disk.07:24
dcalisteFinally, I've added a plugin interface to handle cryptographic data in email, and implemented it for OpenGPG and S/MIME protocols.07:25
dcalisteThis interface is responsible to find a signed part in QMailMessage, it also provides a verify() and a sign() methods.07:26
dcalistepvuorela: if you have any additional question, please don't hesitate.07:27
dcalistejpetrell: one additional reminder, when compiling Secrets, don't forget to add https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-secrets/pull/143 otherwise the UI will complain that you don't have the required plugin for signature.07:28
dcalisteI've asked chriadam_ about inclusion plan, but he seems to be off at the moment.07:29
pvuoreladcaliste: sure. maybe someone else should look into that too, but i'll see what i can do. haven't digged into signing details that much yet.07:31
dcalistepvuorela: mvoggt looked at it when initially submitted into mer-core, see https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/messagingframework/merge_requests/607:33
dcalistepvuorela: but I agree that several people should look at the current one upstream, indeed.07:33
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teachmetype_Is it a multi-lingual space or is it better if I keep using DeepL?20:28
teachmetype_I'm Italian.20:28
teachmetype_Well, in the meantime, I'm starting to ask my question since no one answers:20:33
teachmetype_I've never planned, apart from a light smattering on Python about ten years ago (of which I don't remember anything).20:33
teachmetype_I'm still a computer enthusiast, and I'd like to start my own study and succeed in... development.20:34
teachmetype_Who like me starts from scratch and is interested in a system like Sailfish, where to start? What language?20:34
teachmetype_I'm reading the page you quoted.20:38
teachmetype_Thanks anyway.20:38
r0kk3rzteachmetype_: you can do apps in python if you have some familiarity with it20:40
r0kk3rzpython is probably easier than learning c++ from the start20:40
MarzannaDoes anyone experience sudden crash of all apps on SailfishX?20:40
teachmetype__I talked about Python just to say something I did, but I don't know anything about it at the moment20:43
teachmetype__If you can start me off anyway, and help me out later... then okay: Python.20:43
teachmetype__*If that20:44
teachmetype__..or this? xD20:44
teachmetype__I don't remember your nick, but thanks.20:44
r0kk3rzas a first programming language, python is quite ok20:45
teachmetype__Okay, so I'm gonna start reading up on it.20:46
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