Wednesday, 2018-09-26

dcalistejpetrell: just a word to say that I've found the performance regression issue in Calligra. It was simple, just the cache that was not enabled in the default version.06:47
jpetrelldcaliste: \o/ yay06:48
dcalisteI've repackaged everything on OBS this night. I'm going to test it further in the coming days.06:48
Almindoris it possible to use contextmenu outside of a list? It always pops up the menu "inside" the item I specify in open() for me and never moves the components right07:51
kimmoliyou can use context menu everywhere, but if it doesnt move list items out of the way, you miss something.07:53
coderusAlmindor: you should use it inside SilicaFlickable then07:53
coderusAlmindor: btw, ContextMenu should NOT be used standalone. Use it with ComboBox08:08
Almindorcoderus: I just need a "press -> contextmenu" popup to work, it's in flickable alongside the main item08:09
AlmindorPage { SilicaFlickable { Column { BackgroundItem and the contextmenu is tied to the background item on long press08:09
Almindorbut I'm not listing anything there, there's no list, why would I need a combobox?08:10
coderusto handle click -> open popup behaviour08:11
coderuscontextmenu is just a dummy container08:11
Almindorthe docs claim that if it's used with an item inside flickable it should move things around, so I guess that's not true and you need a list08:11
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coderusAlmindor: you set BI contentHeight and height properly, right?08:12
Almindorcurrent code is this:
AlmindorAvatar is just an Image with some placeholder functionality using a font08:18
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coderusuh, oh... why...09:06
antismal, just upgraded the FP2 to -> All went super smooth! Thank for the continuous work! Somehow the compass sensor appears to not be working though. Is there anything I can do?13:16
malantis: sometimes you need to start the compass app again to get it working13:17
malantis: no idea why it doesn't start working on first compass app start after a reboot13:17
malbut after restarting the app it should work13:18
antismal: Ahh ok, compass app works fine. It is whogo maps where the compass does not seem to work. So not related here directly I think…13:21
malantis: ok, I can have a look at that app later today to see if there is some obvious error13:26
malantis: wondering if the app is only using the gps direction for rotating the map and not the compass13:27
antisBtw. the pulsing gps icon, does it mean anything? Because it is in this state urm like… always and i don't know if or when whogo/osm-scout gets the right position information. Most time it is just showing the last saved position as if it was the current and updating coordinates takes forever. Shouldn't gps position be available more quickly like in a few seconds maybe?13:32
taixzodepends on how much interference there is13:33
malif gps icon flashes it means it's trying get a lock but hasn't got any yet13:33
taixzoin particular, if you're near tall buildings it might take a long time to get a gps lock13:33
taixzobecause the signals reflect off vertical surfaces and interfere with themselves13:33
malusually gps lock takes a while, unless there is there is the cell tower based location enabled13:34
fledermausantis: sometimes the GPS system seems to fall over - turning location on and off can occasionally make it lock, rebooting also sometimes helps me get a lock much faster (10m w no lock, rebooted, instant lock)13:34
antishmm… ok, now it's a bit more clear -> city, lots of buildings13:34
fledermaustall buildings definitely don't help.13:35
fledermausthere's an app called gpsinfo which tells you exactly how many satellites the unit can see and what the quality of each is.13:35
antisahh ok, got a lock and for the first time i could see the icon stops flashing and stays on :)13:38
antisnow whogo maps still keeps a straight s/n direction on the compass. so mal, it doesn't look like it takes the position from gps…13:39
malantis: does gpsinfo show something for the movement direction?13:44
antisinstalling :)13:45
antisyes, showing both position grades and compass13:46
malbut I mean the movement direction13:47
malbelow speed13:47
antisno nothing13:47
BollickybillRunning sailfishos port on Fairphone2. Every so often the screen starts bouncing up and down. Anyone know what the situation is withh this. When I took a screensgot the s reen appeared fine.15:50
r0kk3rzmal: ^^15:50
r0kk3rzpossibly the screen connector?15:51
BollickybillDo u mean the module connection on the phone?15:56
BollickybillAlso, is that you Mal? The person who ported sailfish to the Fairphone2?15:57
rinigusantis and mal: whogo maps takes a derivative from gps provided location to get direction. compass is not used. from mapping apps, I think only modrana has compass support.16:00
r0kk3rzBollickybill: yeah mal is the person who ported sailfish on fp216:11
r0kk3rzBollickybill: reseating the screen is probably a good thing to do anyway16:12
Bollickybillr0kk3rz: Thanks. I'll try that.16:13
malrinigus: yes, thought so by looking at the sources of whogo/pure maps16:49
gobukigood evening18:00
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obiwlanis any here still using the original jolla phone? I'm having problems with a bluetooth 4.2 speaker and I wonder whether it should work.18:01
obiwlanThe datasheet says the phone supports bluetooth 4. The phone can find the speaker, pair and connect, but the music is still playing on the phone's speaker.18:04
obiwlana different bluetooth speaker works as expected18:04
fledermausI have one18:19
fledermausbut I rarely use bt for anything18:19
r0kk3rzobiwlan: disconnect and reconnect a few times, sometimes the audio rerouting is a bit lazy18:22
fledermausthat reminds me, did xperia xa2 support land? where should I be watching for news?18:24
r0kk3rznot officially18:25
r0kk3rzi expect it would be announced on the blog when they're offering sales18:26
obiwlanr0kk3rz: good idea. it seems it just doesn't work though.19:23
obiwlanmh.. is there a pulseaudio command to mess with routings?19:38
malpactl should be able to do all sorts of things19:41
obiwlanthanks. i managed to switch the sink port from output-speaker to output-a2dp manually, but that didn't help either.20:25
malobiwlan: wondering what the bluetooth device reports as capabilities, check in bluetooth settings, long press of device should show some more information or a menu, compare the working and non-working speaker20:47
obiwlanmal: I've got the working one at my work place, but it reports a2dp and one other profile, whereas the one that is not working reports a lot21:36
obiwlanSPP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, DID21:36
obiwlani set it to headphone, because i knew it worked with the other one21:37
obiwlanbut i also tried speaker21:37

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