Thursday, 2018-09-27

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Bollickybill_Does anyone know about lredictive text on the sailfish port for fairphone. Is it only available on the official release or can it be activated through terminal with a ap12:52
Bollickybill_a package download?12:53
Bollickybill_*predictive text12:53
r0kk3rzinstall presage from openrepos12:53
Bollickybill_r0kk3rz: Thanks. U r a fountain of wisdom!13:53
malI probably should add some useful hints of things to add on device to fairphone forums14:17
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olI have a question to Jolla guys. Where does store-client store information about which applications were installed through Jolla Store? How does it know wheter some package is installed through Jolla Store or some other repo?18:03
obiwlanit looks like the package manager keeps track of it using different repositories.18:06
obiwlanol: i' you can list the repositories with the command '18:07
obiwlanpkcon repo-list18:07
olOr "ssu lr"18:07
obiwlanok... so if you know that, what are you asking?18:09
olI'm pretty sure that it gets information from somewhere else than repos. I'm still recovering from botched system upgrade on my Jolla-1 phone, and I have a weird problem with store-client. When I select My applications from pull-down menu, it shows empty list. But when I select an application from the list of all available applications, it shows that it's already installed.18:10
olAnd when I selected File Browser, it indicated that update is available on the app's page. After I setected to update this app, it started showing in My applications as a single element.18:11
obiwlani see. no idea though. maybe you could find something using lsof18:12
olAnd, what is also weird, I was unable list upgraded of my applications from Jolla Store by using "pkcon refresh force; pkcon get-updates", and if I do "zypper ref; zypper up", it shows that there are no upgrades.18:13
olI was doing that before upgrading File Browser, so update to at least this package was available, but I was unable to find out about this update using command-line tools.18:14
olOK, I'm amending my question. How does zypper know what packages are installed from a specific repo?18:18
olI've listed packages from store repo, and I've found this:18:18
olS | Repository | Name                 | Version | Arch<br />18:19
oli | store      | harbour-file-browser | 1.7.3-0 | armv7hl18:19
olA single package is listed. The one that I've updated from store-client.18:19
Clownfishjust wanted to ask where would i download or buy sailfish os?23:16
Clownfishi cant for the life of me find a page for it23:16
Clownfishalso are there any precautions i should take for what device to install it on?23:16
malcurrently you can buy the official sailfish for sony xperia x later this year it will be also available for xperia xa223:20
Clownfishis it currently only available for those devices atm?23:21
malthere are of course plenty of unofficial community ports for various devices23:21
malmany of which are in very good shape, main difference is that community ports are missing some feature like android app support, exchange support and text prediction, not sure if there was some other differences23:22
malthis page has most of the community ports
malso it really depends on what you require from the device23:24
Clownfishi was planning on using my moto g3 2015 so i guess i got pretty lucky there23:25
Clownfishactually, what about the black links?23:25
malit seems the porter has forgotten to add a link to the device23:28
malClownfish: is that the correct device, i.e. codename osprey23:31
Clownfishyeah thats the one23:52
Clownfishthanks for all the help!23:52

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