Thursday, 2018-10-04

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Tekk_I need to get to sleep, but I do have a data point. I really do think my sailfish install is borked though.06:37
Tekk_The boot firmware isn't *totally* blind to the volume rocker. Holding power + vol down on boot causes it to just loop on the sony screen.06:38
Tekk_Until I let one of the two go, at which point it boots normally.06:38
Tekk_I also tried using adb from within sailfish to see if adb reboot bootloader and friends worked, but /opt/alien/system/bin/adb gives cannot link: cannot locate symbol BIO_f_base6406:40
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ThaodanCan I set the start value of timerpicker.time?19:42
kimmolithat speaks about hour and minute19:48
lolekr0kk3rz, hi, well maybe that's an option for them to get extra money? If users want something, they can pay for it to give it a higher prio19:55
lolekr0kk3rz for example there's a project called synergy, before they went fully paid software, it was almost free. well the source code was open, but for the compiled binaries you had to pay but it was, pay what you can. And here was the catch, every 10$ gave you one vote, which you could use for voting on a feature you'd like them to implement19:57
lolekI'll drop this idea onto the forum let's see what users will think about it19:58
r0kk3rzsearch first, this probably isnt a new idea19:58
r0kk3rzand imo OMP are keeping jolla plenty busy19:59
lolekr0kk3rz omp?20:04
r0kk3rzopen mobile platform, its the russian company doing sailfish stuff20:04
Thaodanr0kk3rz: need a *-DE version of that. Or even european for that matter21:28
ThaodanI mean of what they do and not the page21:29
r0kk3rzwe have a european version, they call themselves jolla i believe21:29
Thaodanr0kk3rz: I thought that was something supported by the russian goverment21:30
Thaodanand I think DE or EU should invest in Sailfish OS21:30
r0kk3rzyes they should21:33
r0kk3rzwhy the eu doesnt seem to support independent european mobile os efforts is a mystery21:35
Tekk_Okay, so I think the *real* reason why my phone won't go into fastboot mode is that its usb port is broken.21:37 much for that I suppose :)21:37
Tekk_I noticed while playing around that it never goes into MTP mode.21:37
Tekk_It's *always* charging only21:37
Tekk_Tried with 5 different cables and in every usb port my laptop has.21:37
Thaodanr0kk3rz: they already fuck up the software solution selection part of the IT (who gets to sell them their software) and require on Microsoft Products21:38
r0kk3rzmunich tried to go linux didnt they?21:39
r0kk3rzwhich is probably a bad idea21:40
Thaodanthey tried and it worked but the next time a CDU got to power he made a deal with MS21:40
Thaodankimmoli: the thing I want to use Timepicker.time to get the selected time but set a default value first21:46
malTekk_: do you see in logs anything about USB when you connect or disconnect the cable, for example dmesg or journalctl?21:50
Tekk_That's dmesg aronud a usb plug-in22:00
Tekk_Using a cable I know is okay (I use it to run USB serial on a microcontroller I have lying around)22:00
Tekk_Okay as in the data line isn't severed or anything :)22:00
Tekk_And a journalctl -xe from doing it again.22:02
Tekk_(There may be some noise in there from transferring backups I made, I dunno.)22:03
Tekk_Really I don't mind being unable to flash though (unless sf3 will need it.)22:07
Tekk_More concerned about the camera, although at this point I'm starting to wonder if that was just coincidental hardware failure.22:07
depsilly question: after flashing sfos on an xperia x, can/should one relock the boot loader?22:30
Tekk_dep: well the 5 seconds wasted gets pretty annoying22:37
depso how might one relock it?23:42
depnever mind -- found on the questions site that it can't be done unless i want to keep sfos from booting. fortunately, i only reboot once every month or two.23:47

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