Friday, 2018-10-05

Tekk_hey, is it normal for the system to just randomly peg itself on CPU every few seconds?00:38
Tekk_Like every, I dunno, 15 seconds, lipstick suddenly jumps to 600% cpu usage, then drops down a couple seconds later.00:39
chriadamTekk_: the lipstick process?00:41
chriadamor a related process like lipstick-security-ui or the lipstick bluetooth agent?00:41
Tekk_Lipstick itself.00:41
chriadamunder what circumstance is this occurring?  during active use, or while idling at homescreen, or?00:42
Tekk_Sitting with the screen off next to me.00:42
chriadamscreen off?!00:43
Tekk_I'm actually trying to figure out why it's refusing to play along with rsync and sftp00:43
Tekk_so I grabbed htop.00:43
chriadamooi do you see the same behaviour when bluetooth is disabled?  and wlan?00:43
Tekk_Only thing I can think of is that whenever lipstick has to check for events, the phone's clocked so low that any usage at all hits all the processors at 600%00:43
Tekk_I can't test it without wlan. Bluetooth is off.00:43
chriadampotentially.  I wonder what the iphb timeout is..00:44
Tekk_I suggest this because hitting buttons in htop can also make htop hit 60000:44
chriadamTekk_: this is a bit out of my area of expertise.  maybe spiiroin can help more with this question ^ (will be 8 hours or so until he's in the office, though, I guess).00:46
Tekk_No worries, it's just a weird thing I noticed :)00:53
Tekk_Bit more concerned with not being able to scp/sftp/rsync though. It's a bit weird00:58
Tekk_I can ssh in, but if I try to do anything *but* normal ssh it freezes after debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 3276800:59
spiiroinTekk_ chriadam: first thing that comes to my mind: if the device suspends, bunch of short-lived timers can trigger at once when device resumes for any reason. and lipstick has bunch of timers.05:32
spiiroin... also some input devices might report "nothing-going" on after resume -> triggers input handlers too05:32
Tekk_Makes sense.05:37
Tekk_Plus like I saw earlier, I bet the 600 isn't actually much cpu usage if the cores are all clocked way down, considering how pressing down in htop while the phone was idled would cause a tiny spike like that :)05:38
spiiroinTekk_: rsync & sftp problems might be something generic with wlan, ssh case here:
Tekk_spiiroin: Yeah, it turns out my router was in death spasms.05:42
Tekk_It seems to have calmed down after I reflashed it.05:42
Tekk_Thing gets cranky sometimes. It's over 10 years old.05:43
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x2smonich: Hi. Do you know if the baseband modem of the Xperia X has a permanently flashed firmware or if the firmware is loaded at boot time by the kernel driver?10:00
monichx2s: honestly, I don't know10:02
monichor it could be stored in a special partition10:03
x2sthen I'll have to find the kernel driver and find out :)10:03
x2sand being loaded by the bootloader? Probably10:03
x2swho could I ask? Who knows such things?10:04
* monich shrugs10:04
r0kk3rziirc there is some modem firmware which needs flashing each time10:05
x2sflashing each time?10:07
x2sr0kk3rz: can you explain, what you mean?10:10
r0kk3rznot really10:16
r0kk3rzx2s: is there a problem you're trying to solve?10:29
x2sr0kk3rz: yes. Several users (there's a whole thread about this) have the problem that their Xperia X isn't able to reconnect to the network, after loosing it (e.g. in an elevator). It's necessary to restart ofono (I put it into flightmode and back)10:51
x2ssome say it is fixed after they flashed the latest android version on it and then went back to sfos10:52
x2shrm. Either desmo deleted the last comment or it got deleted. He/she claimed that reflashing with android doesn't help either10:55
r0kk3rzcould be superstition10:56
r0kk3rzalso flightmode != 'restart ofono'10:57
x2siirc then monich said something different10:59
x2shrm. The comment is listed here: but when I click on the link to it it's gone11:00
x2soh. You have to click on "show more"... this breaks anchors.11:01
x2sand then there's the comment from Direc, saying that this happens to their Xperia X with Android Oreo as well11:03
x2s.oO( now, where to get 10 Xperia X to test this? I have a very reliable way to trigger this... )11:04
r0kk3rzit does sound much lower than sfos11:10
r0kk3rzlike modem <--> RIL11:10
r0kk3rzflight mode may also restart rild11:11
x2s.oO( I've missed customer calls because of this... very annoying )11:14
x2sand my knowledge doesn't go far enough to analyze this myself. I'm willing to experiment and test11:15
x2sit's "deep enough", isn't it?11:15
Thaodanx2s: does the x has a modem partition?12:00
Thaodanthan yes12:00
Tekk_ x2s: You mean you can receive calls? ;)12:00
Tekk_(by the way, you don't have to put it into airplane mode, just turn off and on cellular data.)12:00
Tekk_Receiving a call triggers it about 75% of the time for me.12:01
x2sThaodan: that's the question. I have no idea.12:10
x2sTekk_: yeeesss? ;P I love my SfX phone, but this not reconnecting after network loss problem annoys me12:11
Tekk_Get called less :p12:12
Tekk_Works for me12:12
x2sThaodan: I never understood this smartphone stuff or Android things. I look at it from an embedded sw dev and longterm linux user and it's a big mess.12:12
Tekk_x2s: Oh, that's easy12:12
Tekk_It's all the price constraints of real embedded, but the users demand shiny features :)12:12
Tekk_And you can always fix your mistakes later on because there are OTA updates, so why bother with QC?12:13
x2soh yes, and lets do all in java, because it's great!12:15
Thaodanx2s: just do lsblk on the x12:33
x2sThaodan: that looks aweful...13:00
* Tekk_ thinks he may be smelling some alignment requirements somewhere13:00
x2sTekk_: yeah... sadly this isn't done automatically :/13:41
x2s(and is part of the Android leftovers)13:42
rydaredo i have to do all the updates to do Sailfish X21:23
rydareor just until 34.3.a or whatever for Linux compatibility21:23

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