Saturday, 2018-10-06

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dragonchasershort question: I have bought two xperia x and installed sailfish x on them, unfortunately I can not activate the android support on the second one, can you give me a hint why this is not working?14:41
tadzikis it the same sailfish X license for both, dragonchaser?14:42
tadzikif you bought sailfish X and installed it on a device, that device becomes bound to your account, and another won't work14:43
tadzikI had a similar problem when my phone was stolen and I bought a new one, I had to ask jolla to unbind the old one so my license will work with the new one14:43
tadzikI think the idea is that you're to buy a separate license for each phone you want to use14:43
dragonchasertadzik: even if I log into the same account on the second device?14:44
tadzikdragonchaser: especially if you do, yes14:45
dragonchaserso when I buy a second license now, and the second phone is already showing up in the list of the first account, will that be a problem?14:45
tadzikI *think* if you sign up to a new, licensed account on a new phone it should be a-okay14:47
tadzikbut I'd ask jolla directly before buying anything new14:47
tadzikI'm not exactly sure how it works under the hood14:47
dragonchasertadzik: thx I wrote them an email14:51
depscribeI just flashed current Jolla SFOS on a brand new Xperia X and there a couple things I can't figure out:16:14
depscribeVolume on YouTube and other audio things in browser is very low -- how can I raise it?16:15
r0kk3rzvolume rocker?16:15
depscribeAnd the ProtonMail Android app seems not to throw either audio or text notifications, nor does it run at startup.16:15
depscribeAnybody know how I can fix these things? Thanks in advance.16:16
depscriber0kk3rz : um, duh. didn't think of that, because the volume of everything else is fine.16:16
r0kk3rzmaybe that was worth mentioning :P16:17
depscriber0kk3rz : thanks! (he says, with a very red face.)16:18
r0kk3rzive not heard of anyone with this issue on the xperia x tbh16:18
r0kk3rzsailfish does have two volumes, one for system things, and another for media16:19
r0kk3rzthere is also a setting under 'android support' for letting services run on start16:22
depscribeyup, i've turned that on, but it doesn't seem to deliver notifications. i'll fiddle with it some more. maybe it's a volume rocker thing!<g>17:48
r0kk3rzandroid notifications are bit hit n miss17:50
dragonchaserdepscribe: had the same issue minutes ago, go to settings ~ยป apps select android app, allow startup per app18:29
dragonchaserCurrently having issues with signal, all contacts are gone/not readable18:30
depscribedragonchaser : yup, i had that set, still no joy.19:33

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