Monday, 2018-10-08

Tekk_So I was able to get fastboot mode to work.04:05
Tekk_Reflashing totally did nothing to help with the camera. just stuck hoping 3.0 fixes it, I suppose04:05
Tekk_Less I wanna buy a heat gun and take it to the phone to see if it's hardware...04:06
coderuselros1: great!06:49
dragonchasergood morning07:01
dragonchaserI am trying to get osmand (android app) running on sailfish x, but I can not get a gps fix. question is: does gps not work at all in android apps or do I need to enable some flag?07:02
Mister_Magisterdragonchaser: offtopic question why do you need that app07:21
dragonchaserMister_Magister: #1 I've been using that app for ages, I like it, especially for openrailmap there is no app on sailfish as far as I can see, #2 I have looked through the other navigation apps in storman/jolla shop none of them are nearly as good as osm07:46
Mister_Magisterdragonchaser:  not even puremaps that is using osm?07:49
dragonchaserMister_Magister: I have not found an option to have openrailmaps as overlay07:50
r0kk3rzdragonchaser: talk to rinigus about it07:51
dragonchaserMister_Magister: sure? sure as in sure it is there, or as in sure I understand?07:54
dragonchaserr0kk3rz: thx07:54
Mister_Magisterdragonchaser: second one. and also contact that guy adding another osm map shouldnt be too hard07:55
dragonchaseric will do that later07:57
dragonchaserafk meeting07:57
elros1is it forbidden to create more then one desktop file in /usr/share/applications/? I am trying understand why webcat use so many dirty hacks for handling mime08:17
Mister_Magisterelros1: you can create as many as you like i think08:31
elros1hmm, then why this
Mister_Magisterask leszek when he will come to irc again08:35
elros1leszek: I think I break webcat in mimer pr :P08:37
leszekelros1: yeah saw the comment. I did not take a look at the PR yet. But I put it on the todo list. Have some other PRs I have to take care of aswell like I promised to look at them aswell. (for webcat not mimer though)08:41
elros1leszek: Solution for would be to to rename open-url-webcat.desktop  to harbour-webcat-openurl.desktop simillar to jolla's apps and use "x-scheme-handler" instead "x-maemo-urischeme"08:42
elros1also I think desktop files should be copied to correct locations in first webcat start not in mimer08:43
Mister_Magisterim wondering if its possible to make desktop file to just handle specific url like youtube url08:44
elros1that would be great, I would also like to handle some http*.mp4 in my player but so far I only saw text/html x-scheme-handler/http mime types08:46
Mister_Magisterif i could handle http and then check if its yt and if not to push it to the next ap that would be great but i dont think thats possible08:48
leszekAt least I never saw something like this with xdg-mime yet09:10
leszekelros1: yeah thats a good idea. I will keep that in mind when testing your changes and see if I can make webcat work with it :)09:11
dragonchasercan anyone tell me why whisperfish is not in openrepos/jolla store?09:43
Coolgeekask the dev ?09:44
leszekdragonchaser: last time I heard it is still alpha quality or so. He did not want to put it there yet10:10
r0kk3rzif you want it, build it10:10
dragonchaserleszek: ic makes sense to me now :D10:11
leszekr0kk3rz: there are also binaries on github :)10:11
r0kk3rzor that10:11
leszekfor the record. I am using this "alpha" software since at least a year and it is working fine for me10:11
r0kk3rzmy matrix app is similarly 'alpha' but also mostly works10:12
leszekof course it does not provide all the features like calling or sending gifs. But I am conservative and only send texts and maybe 1-2 emojis10:12
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: oh my morsender is prepreprepreprepreprepreprealpha10:19
Mister_Magisteri mean you can send messages most of the time…10:19
r0kk3rzall the mostly broken apps!10:20
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring10:32
rinigusdragonchaser: please open an issue regarding railway maps at pure maps github repo. I will need to know whether the tiles are available online (running from some server) and the server url. for offline, we'll have to look into maps import pipeline and styling (more difficult to do)10:51
Mister_Magisterelros1: hmm?13:29
elros1you were wondering about url "if its yt and if not to push it to the next ap"13:31
Mister_Magisterbut that pushes http request to completely other protocol13:31
elros1no it search for default application with "x-scheme-handler/rtsp" mime, it's only sane mime type in jolla-galery13:33
Mister_Magisterye but what if you would handle http mimetype and search for anothet http mimetype13:33
Mister_Magisterit would find your app again13:33
elros1I have no idea what you are talking about, http mimetype is for browsers. Solution work good for my player and jolla-gallery13:36
leszekI think android also has a special handler or link or url checker api that apps can register to via a regex and then it starts the application that regex refers to. At least on android phones I sometimes see the browser opening up the reddit site for example and then a few seconds later the reddit app kicks in13:37
Mister_Magisterelros1: ech…13:37
Mister_Magisterleszek: thats what i wanted to achieve13:37
Mister_Magisterwhen you open youtube and have youtube app it opens yt app13:38
leszekMister_Magister: yeah so you need to create a handler that overwrites open-url.desktop by default so it handles all urls and has a db with regex and references to apps that handle that regex url13:38
leszekmaybe something like this exists somewhere already. I am not sure13:39
Mister_Magisterim not sure either13:40
Mister_Magisterthat looks like a project for another ap13:40
r0kk3rzit might be easier to replace xdg-open13:41
leszekso there is only one alternative mimeo apparently that supports all what is necessary13:46
leszekor crazy idea just do a huge PR to xdg-mime to add support for regex13:46
vesimelros1: what is sailhistory?13:46
elros1sailfish-browser history viewer13:47
leszekinteresting. elros1 have you tried accessing the bookmarks for the default browser maybe and expose it somehow for other applications?13:48
leszekI am thinking about an API exposer or so so different browsers could share their bookmarks13:48
Mister_Magisterelros1: did you think about making that as pr to sfos browser?13:48
elros1not at the moment, it will probably require to rewrite it completely13:51
elros1looks like bookmarks are in json format in .local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/bookmarks.json13:58
leszekoh interesting I thought this was just a cache file for the actual db file using sqlite for saving the bookmarks14:10
Mister_Magister its pretty funny that nobody puts app settings in settings app17:22
DylanVanAsscheMister_Magister: Indeed, it would love to add my settings there :)17:22
tadzikyeah, it'd be sick to be able to use unique os features in the apps for that OS, wouldn't it :P17:37
tadzikiirc harbour doesn't allow that though, does it?17:38
DylanVanAsscheNo, they won't release it since the Settings app runs as root. The Settings of your app could execute then a command with all privileges17:39
Mister_Magistertadzik: then explain how ofono logger get there17:58
Mister_Magistertadzik: ofono logger is both in jolla store and has settings in settings app17:59
r0kk3rzand also written by monich a jolla employee18:03
Mister_Magisterye xd18:03
r0kk3rzimo 'settings app runs as root' is a poor excuse, the settings pages should be simple enough to qa18:04
monichit's run as nemo:privileged not root, but even that is considered too much for 3-rd party apps18:04
monichsome of my apps have openrepos flavor - those have settings in settings -> apps18:06
monichbut jolla store versions don't18:06
Mister_Magistermonich: i c18:08
Tekk_Yeah, there's definitely openrepos apps which keep it in settings, which is nice :)18:25
tadzikMister_Magister: yeah, that'd be the explanation P:18:25
tadzikthough to be fair, I didn't know ofono logger is in jolla store18:26
Mister_Magisterwhat is wrong with you jolla18:30
Tekk_Mister_Magister: money, I'm sure. Buy another licence :)19:11

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