Tuesday, 2018-10-09

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dcalistejpetrell: hello. I guess you're very busy. As commented in github PR (https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-secrets/pull/70#issuecomment-426952533), I've found why the GnuPG plugin was not working when the daemon is started automatically by systemd, while it was working via command line by simple invocation.07:04
dcalisteThis should solve one of your issue when testing the various MRs.07:05
dcalisteBesides, mvogt has reviewed the main MR in upstream QMF. It's not done yet, and he proposed various minor modifications. I guess that within some days, the MR should be good enough to go in.07:06
jpetrelldcaliste: cool. yeah sorry no time today07:15
dcalistejpetrell: no problem. Do not hesitate to ping me if you need.07:16
leszekelros1: merged your mimer pr and pushed out a new version on openrepos. Thx for your work :)09:57
elros1leszek: great! I think you should remove suggestion to use "Open with Webcat entry" from openrepos and change NotShowIn to NoDisplay=true in mime handler.10:01
elros1Selecting webcat in mimer should auto switch to harbour-webcat-open-url.desktop10:02
leszekHmm... I am not sure. In my tests it did not work10:03
leszekelros1: could it be because harbour-webcat-open-url.desktop is copied to the local users applications folder instead of the global one? (so ~/.local/share/applications instead of /usr/share/applications)10:04
elros1no, try lca-tool --actionsformime x-scheme-handler/https10:06
elros1it should print open-url and harbour-webcat-open-url. If not then devel-su desktop-file-install --rebuild-mime-info-cache harbour-webcat-open-url.deskt10:07
leszekit only lists open-url10:07
leszekok. Let me try it10:07
leszekok now it lists both10:08
leszeklet me try again setting webcat only as default browser10:09
leszekwow it works :)10:09
leszekelros1: the question is now. Does the rpm spec file need to run the desktop-file-install with the rebuild mime cache aswell or how can I ship that?10:10
elros1I am not sure. I made local changes only. rpm use desktop-file-install so it should't be needed I think10:11
elros1here https://github.com/llelectronics/webcat/blob/master/rpm/harbour-webcat.spec#L6010:12
leszekelros1: yeah but it does not cover the open-url desktop file as it isn't there during installation10:13
leszekit gets copied to the ~/.local/share/applications/ on first start of webcat10:13
elros1ah right10:13
leszekIt isn't allowed to ship 2 desktop files afaik. Otherwise I would ship it directly10:14
leszekand on webcat start I don't have root rights to globally change the mime cache10:15
elros1yes that is a problem10:16
King_DuckZhi, I'm checking out the community ports of sfos and I'm thinking to get a xiaomi redmi 5 plus16:41
King_DuckZsimply because it's got a recent release date, a high kernel version number and all green in the libhybris adaptations wiki page16:42
King_DuckZI don't know much about phones tho, so is that a good choice? is it likely to keep receiving updates from the community?16:42
King_DuckZI'm looking here btw https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris16:43
King_DuckZis the ZUK Z1  better choice maybe? I see it's only got kernel 3.416:44
King_DuckZr0kk3rz: vince16:44
r0kk3rzah, thats BirdZhangs port16:44
r0kk3rzbefore committing i would double check you can find an 2.2.1 image16:45
King_DuckZcan I download the one from the wiki page?16:46
King_DuckZmaybe I should ask: which one is the cheapest phone with the best community support?16:48
King_DuckZwith good community support16:49
r0kk3rzno idea16:49
leszekmoto x2 works quite good. Though it isn't a very recent device16:59
leszekfor the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus be aware that this is called Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 I think in the rest of the world. Or something like this (see wikipedia on the details)16:59
King_DuckZI need to run some google app, that's the entire reason I'm buying one, but when I'm done I'm going to replace the OS17:01
King_DuckZthat's to say I need some reasonably recent android at the beginning17:01
King_DuckZbut then I'm getting the next officially supported sony anyways, so I don't want to spend too much on this17:02
leszekmoto x2 has an older version then. So don't grab that then17:02
taixzoIs there a way I can use a QML RowLayout without it spamming log messages every frame?17:29
Tekk_King_DuckZ: If you want the official support for the android stuff, you may want to look into the progress of sfdroid.17:56
Tekk_From an android compatibility standpoint, my old nexus 5 was actually miles above the official android support :)17:56
Tekk_the official android support I get now*17:56
Tekk_Ah nvm, seems there's been no work on sfdroid in 2 years, so I assume it never made it off the Nexus 517:57
r0kk3rzfocus switched to anbox18:04
r0kk3rzbut tbh sfdroid worked better18:04
King_DuckZI tried running anbox but it didn't start :(18:18
r0kk3rzyeah, needs kernel patches on the device18:38
r0kk3rzand otherwise mostly crashes18:38
Tekk_So worse than both at the moment :)18:59
Tekk_I'll say that the official android support could be worse, theoretically, but the fact that it's using a 5 year old version of android is...less than ideal.19:00
Tekk_And the store is sketchy to put it mildly :)19:01
King_DuckZI'll have to get this app running one way or the other, maybe I'll just buy any android device and then re-sell it19:05
King_DuckZg2g now, see you later19:05
r0kk3rzyeah these days if you need android you're better off with actual android19:08
taixzoI mainly need android support for google voice, because qgvdial seems to be dead19:09
Tekk_I find it kinda bizarre that you can actually upload to the android store without verifying that the app works actually19:10
Tekk_And that there's no like, really basic verification that can be put in place.19:11
r0kk3rzyou mean aptoid?19:11
Tekk_It's a specific aptoide substore though, isn't it?19:11
r0kk3rzi have no idea19:11
Tekk_Presumably with jolla theoretically running it19:11
Tekk_Because you can install aptoide *in* the android store and get a larger selection not from the sailfish repository19:12

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