Sunday, 2018-10-14

xenurydare: i had problems with touchscreen and simple reboot resolved them01:05
rydareah xenu it's not going away after a reboot01:05
rydarei thought it was just sailfish but it happens in android too01:05
rydareit's intermittent though, comes and goes01:05
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Ingvixany idea why adding a new property to ConfigurationGroup does not take effect and is not shown with dconf command? I'm working directly with the system files while developing a patch.16:21
Ingvixlipstick restarted and all that16:21
Ingvixdoes patchmanager's new way of handling patches have something to do with it? I edited the files in /tmp/patchmanager/16:24
Ingvixwell, not that new anymore but haven't done any developing with it16:24
Ingvixbefore this16:24
Ingvixokay, just a fault in my code. It works now16:42

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