Monday, 2018-10-15

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kimmoliIngvix: rubberduck debugging works...04:52
dcalistechriadam: hello. I've seen your points in secrets and QMF about licensing.06:53
chriadamdcaliste: hi06:53
chriadamI'm probably being overly cautious06:54
dcalisteI'll change the license of the pinentry for BSD to simplify things. For the QMF patch, thanks for pointing it out. I cannot remember why I didn't copy the headers from other source files.06:54
chriadamthank you very much, greatly appreciated06:54
dcalisteI'm going to amend the patch to use the exact header text as in other source files.06:54
chriadamthanks!  just discussed internally, and branching for the next version will happen sometime this week, so next week we can (hopefully) merge all your things06:55
chriadamwas originally going to happen before this branching, but that needed to be delayed for stability reasons - it's going to be a big release06:56
dcalisteI can imagine. Well, about signature checking, it's already quite better, pieces are getting in progressively : gpgme is in, the right version of gnupg is in since 2.2.2.x, I just need to installed QMF, nemo-qml-plugin-email and ui-jolla-email to get something working.06:58
dcalisteAh, and secret plug-in, but secret daemon is in with almost all patches.06:58
chriadamyep :-)06:58
dcalistechriadam: Ok, I've just updated the QMF patch. It's in codereview.07:04
dcalisteOk, done also for GnuPG secret plugin.07:11
chriadamthanks.  I am not sure if I'll be in the office tomorrow (have physio etc for my back, so depending on how much agony I'm in I might skip work) - but will definitely be here for the meeting next Tuesday and will hopefully have good update = merging all the things07:12
Ingvixhow bypass the patchmanager daemon and reach the original file and not the patched file?07:19
Ingvixto read07:19
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rs33hello.  I haven't been able to find which bluetooth audio codec sailfish OS support.  Anyone know?13:49
rs33i have a 2012 motorola.  would this support aptX?13:50
dragonchaserisn't aptx a commercial codec the vendor has to pay for?13:52
rs33i don't know.  i see articles about it back to 2014 at least13:53
r0kk3rzcodecs would be whatever gstreamer handles13:54
dragonchaserthere is no entry on aptx on the gstreamer website13:55
dragonchaserso i would assume it is not supported13:55
rs33not a big deal to me but i'm curious if anyone has used sailfish to play quality audio/hi-fi13:55
rs33over bluetooth13:55
tbraptX is a bluetooth thing, so rather bluez and such13:55
leszekrs33: forget sailfishos when it comes to hi quality audio. It can playback hires flac files but the quality is limited by the hardware it is run on.13:58
rs33leszek: if you can stream flac to an external amplifier or DAC with bluetooth aptX, you can get better than mp3 quality14:01
x2sI'm curious. Is it possible to attach it to a high quality external usb soundcard and use it?14:01
leszekrs33: attaching a usb dac might be the better solution than. BT is kind of wanky14:01
leszekx2s: yeah I think this might be the better solution. Though it needs to be a piece of hardware the kernel knows and I am not sure pulseaudio will autoroute anything to that soundcard automatically14:02
rs33hmm zypper errors repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium14:04
rs33"problem with store // critical probelm with apps registry" popup appears when i run zypper info14:06
rs33not seen this before14:06
x2sleszek: well, most cards, even the good ones, are generic audio devices, so they should work ootb. But controlling pulseaudio on sfx? How?14:07
leszekpactl or pacmd I guess14:08
rs33i'll rpm --rebuilddb14:08
rs33File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''14:16
rs33maybe my user credentials got lost?14:16
malthat url is wrong14:18
rs33well i got bluez 4.101+git74-1.32.114:18
rs33i typed it by hand from screen mal - possible typos14:19
malrs33: pastebin output of ssu lr14:19
malrs33: no, that is completely wrong14:19
malrs33: what exactly are you trying to do? update the sailfish version or what?14:20
rs33i did zypper info bluez and got the warning + popup14:22
malTheKit: are you still maintaining motorola maserati?14:22
rs33now that seems to have been disabled by the update14:22
malyes, it disabled broken repos automatically14:22
rs33i'll just stream to my stereo with wifi14:23
rs33use a rpi + dac to feed the amplifier14:23
rs33then i can feed it with flacs all day14:23
rs33and i don't need to faff with bluez14:24
rs33mal do i need to add a replacement for ?14:25
TheKitmal, honestly it got a bit dusty, but latest image was which should have proper repos for OBS update14:26
rs33ah i still have
malit might be possible to fix the repos manually and update14:26
rs33thanks TheKit - it works great for me14:27
rs33do you get problems when zooming in to pictures in the camera gallery TheKit ?14:27
rs33i would much prefer to upgrade without reinstalling the OS14:28
kimmoliwhat kind of problems when zooming?14:28
rs33the picture disappears - only see black14:29
rs33sometimes camera app refuses to even start14:29
rs33can't figure out what causes it14:29
TheKitfor pictures I suppose it's due to old PVR driver limitations for NPOT textures14:30
rs33could that explain the black display for some emulators too?14:30
rs33do you get the same behavior when zooming pictures TheKit ?14:31
kimmolisounds that isn't multitouch related then14:32
rs33it would be nice if we could narrow it down to the pvr driver14:34
rs33maybe by comparing with other phones with that graphics chip14:34
malrs33: this should work: copy to /usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-community.ini and to /usr/share/ssu/features.d/adaptation-community-common.ini and then run ssu ur and check ssu lr that the 2 new adaptation repos are enabled (maybe pastebin the output just in case), if those look ok then run ssu re and zypper clean -a and zypper ref -f14:35
mal and finally version --dup14:35
malif you have some important information on the device I suggest backing up those first14:35
rs33ty will backup14:36
rs33need to figure out backup error 'there is no memory card or cloud storage account'14:42
malthose are the current options for backup, of the ugly way of manually copying /home/nemo from the device14:43
rs33i got my contacts off with scp -r /home/nemo/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/ ....14:44
rs33then i'll tar up /home/nemo14:45
rs33is there a cache of installed rpm packages or does that get cleared to save space?14:46
malmaybe somewhere under /var/14:47
rs33nope. well no prob14:50
malat least you should be able to get a list of installed apps using zypper14:52
malif you want to have more possibility for debugging after updating you can remove /init_disable_telnet after running version --dup, that way you have telnet available on the device14:54
rs33i see  - adaptation-community        ...
rs33 - adaptation-community-common ...
malrs33: you need to disable adaptation0 using ssu dr adaptation014:55
malor ssu rr adaptation014:55
malnow run ssu re
rs33ok  ssu re and zypper clean -a and zypper ref -f14:55
rs33device now in release mode!14:56
rs33Building repositories14:57
rs33now version --dup15:00
rs33is updating kernel a seperate step?15:00
maldepends on whether your device supports flashing kernel from normal OS15:01
rs33Error: Not enough space for download. Need 249.76 MiB, have 112.52 MiB15:01
rs33this partition is only like 2GB15:01
rs33i have maybe 30MB user data i can delete15:02
malTheKit: does maserati automatically flash kernel on OTA update?15:02
malassuming it even needs to update kernel in this case15:03
TheKit - it should15:03
rs33ah there's some junk in caches15:03
rs33133M .cache  39M .mozilla15:05
rs33i'll delete apps with big files15:20
rs3343MB free15:28
rs33132M free15:29
rs33a 3GB partition would be so much better TheKit15:30
Ingvixthat's why I increased the system partition to 4 gb15:30
rs33can i migrate an existing install to a larger partition?15:31
Ingvixthere's a tutorial in tjc if you want to do it15:31
rs33i didn't document the changes i did to this one well enough :(15:32
rs33Need 229.11 MiB, have 206.45 MiB.15:39
rs33can i temporarily disable tracker and move the ~/.cache/tracker to sd?15:40
rs33same with store-client15:40
Ingvixsure, why not15:40
rs33not finding how to disable tracker15:41
rs33i figure store-client can be temp. moved15:41
rs33found it15:43
rs33tracker -r15:44
rs33tracker reset -r15:44
rs33something just chewed up another 100MB15:48
rs33ah dalvik-cache can be moved15:52
rs33i hope reboot from cmdline was ok16:19
rs33i got red led16:19
rs33ah there we go16:19
rs33i suppose next boot might take a while eh16:23
malshouldn't take much longer than usual16:24
rs33ah i have a screen with a clock, date, and i can pull down to 'take a selfie'16:24
rs33time to break out the usb cable i think16:25
malso you can't get past the lock screen?16:26
rs33i can ssh in16:26
malis touchscreen working at all?16:26
rs33loking in /var/log16:29
maljournalctl is a good command to use to get logs (as root)16:29
rs33last boot from journalctl
rs33ofonod[677]: [grilio] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: Connection refused16:34
rs33maybe bad16:34
malyes, that is a problem16:34
malunless it's only once16:34
rs33only once afaict16:35
malthat is there many times16:35
rs33Linux Sailfish 3.0.8-g2a348af #19 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 26 15:59:40 MSK 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux16:36
rs33is running16:36
maldoes reboot help?16:36
rs33TheKit: is that updated?16:36
rs33i can try16:36
malcheck also output of /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat and same with parameters -b radio16:37
rs33much in the merproject logs to learn.. ty16:46
rs33rild is running16:47
malrs33: do you still have the errors in journalctl?16:48
rs33journalctl says No journal files were found16:49
malrs33: as root just like I said before16:49
rs3310 instances of RILD: Connection refused16:51
malso something if wrong with ril, did logcat -b radio I mentioned before give any information16:51
tortoisedocare signal 7 something usual on obs?16:52
rs33logcat command not found16:52
malrs33: I gave the full path just a few messages ago16:53
rs33oh right16:53
rs33lots of stuff16:55
rs33  output of logcat -b radio16:57
rs33is the being stuck in lock screen due to the radio?17:00
rs33it auto connects to wlan just fine17:00
malyes, if ofono fails to start properly then it's stuck in that state17:00
rs33zypper tells me ofono is Version: 1.19+git34.1-1.56.117:02
rs33the update seems to have freed 120MB from root as well17:02
malTheKit: do you have had such issues?17:05
rs33maybe my version --dup was incomplete17:06
malin theory but in that case there usually are more issues17:06
malcheck ssu lr now?17:07
TheKitrs33, do you use GSM or CDMA?17:08
TheKiterrors seem to come from CDMA modem for some reason17:08
malTheKit: based on logcat -b radio, CDMA17:08
rs33i think CDMA17:08
rs33  ssu lr17:09
TheKitdid SIM work before update? I could never test CDMA due to not having such networks in my country17:09
rs33sim worked before update17:09
rs33i reboot without sim then17:10
rs33just to see if i get normal screen?17:10
malit's interesting to know if that would help17:10
rs33i think i can still do gsm fallback17:13
rs33if the ofono config can be forced to do that17:13
malbut which one does your device actually use, or your provider17:16
rs33i was getting 3g17:17
rs33never used internet for data with sailfish though17:17
rs33i mean cell radio17:17
rs33without sim card i still only get lockscreen17:17
malrs33: could you show your /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf from the device17:51
rs33from a boot without sim?17:52
rs33@ mal17:52
maldoesn't matter, that's just a configuration file17:53
rs33oh yah17:53
malhmm, that's different from the one in repo17:55
malrs33: what does zypper if droid-config-maserati say?17:56
malthe version of the package17:56
rs33getting huge lags on ssh to phone17:56
maltry zypper in -f droid-config-maserati17:56
maland check the line technologies= in that file again17:57
rs33yay it says technologies=umts17:58
malyes, good, now reboot, you can put sim card back17:58
rs33i am ssh'd in to the booting fon18:01
rs33tail -f /var/log/systemboot.log gives a lot of18:01
rs3320181015_195633 Shutdown: SW shutdown request18:01
rs3320181015_195759 Startup:  Reason Unknown18:01
rs3320181015_195800 Received: dsme internal state USER18:01
rs33still in lock screen18:02
rs33journalctl still shows a lot of Oct 15 19:58:03 Sailfish ofonod[603]: [grilio] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: Connection refused18:03
rs33maybe i try technologies=gsm ?18:04
rs33hey TheKit wanna live in germany? :)18:05
rs33interestingly now i don't always see the clock, but a purple background18:06
malrs33: does logcat -b radio look different now?18:06
rs33i'll diff them18:07
rs33  diff --unchanged-line-format="" --old-line-format="" --new-line-format=":%dn: %L" logcat1.txt logcat2b.txt  > oldnew.txt18:12
rs33second file is newer one18:12
rs33rebooting with technologies=gsm18:15
rs33i should probably install TheKit's newest image to a spare phone18:16
malyou have a spare phone?18:16
rs33so i can see if this problem is related to the upgrade, or to the image itself18:16
malok, I would suggest that to be sure if it was the update that broke it18:17
TheKityou can also use another SafeStrap slot18:17
rs33TheKit: do you get the black picture-on-zoom problem with your updated OS?18:34
rs33i mean black-picture on-zoom18:34
rs33ok ty18:34
rs33this might be related indeed to pvr and scaling of surfaces18:57
rs33i can't see a time window to explore it18:58
lp35_r0kk3rz, I tried mpris proxy22:20
lp35_r0kk3rz, works like a charm. how can I put this at startup?22:20
coderuslp35_: you really think someone (just?) forgot to put it to startup? :D22:44
munchausenHello... just got an x compact that im thinking of putting an official x image on to (using the image patcher)22:56
munchausenI wanted to check if whatsapp and skype work ok in alien dalvik? It seems hard to find up to date information on forums...22:57
munchausenI also read that using bluetooth for a2dp is unreliable, is that true?22:59
munchausenFinally I was wondering how well the autofocus works on the X after the most recent updates? Particularly indoors22:59
chem|stmunchausen: no idea bout the camera but BT as far as playback goes works, whatsapp and skype is an issue of stores, you need to have the current version - besides that, contacts are kind of messy sometimes but it should work\23:22
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munchausenchem|st thanks a lot23:28
munchausenthose were my main concerns. fingers crossed the nativepebble app works reasonably well too23:29
chem|stmunchausen: that is one of the things that do not owrk with android.... non-native BT apps for $devices23:35
chem|stmunchausen: SFOS is basically the same on all devices apart from HW adaptation23:36

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