Friday, 2018-10-19

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ekeimajahi, i am not sure if you remember me, i had problems with vibration after upgrading to SF 2.2 so that vibration did not work at all, and on testing there was not vibration06:37
ekeimajabut now if i shake the device during vibration test, then it vibrates, but also only sometimes06:38
ekeimajaand in normal use it still does not vibrate as it should06:39
chriadamekeimaja: Jolla 1 device?  potentially could be the eccentric rotating mass itself, bearing wear or something06:40
ekeimajayes it is jolla 106:42
ekeimajabtw, what kind of sound it should be when haptic sound is enabled and how can i test it?06:53
ekeimajahaptic sounds work normally06:59
chriadamjusa ^ would know, I do not know much about the topic unfortunately06:59
jusaekeimaja: tapping on virtual keyboard, pulley menus07:01
ekeimajayes, i found it already and works as it should :)07:02
jusagreat :)07:03
r0kk3rzthere was changes to vibra stuff around then08:04
ekeimajar0kk3rz: you mean between 2.0-2.2?08:09
Mister_Magisterchanging from droid-vibrator to native-vibrator08:10
ekeimajaok, need to check that08:13
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jusajolla1 and l500d use ffmemless for vibrator, so droid-vibrator/native-vibrator things don't affect that10:20
jusajolla1 and jollaC10:20
kimmoliffmemless <310:51
pketo_if it randomly works when you shake the device, I would say that clearly points towards hardware failure and not related to any software changes :)11:02
r0kk3rzmighe be an idea to port this once new qt is out -
r0kk3rzleszek: that said, how hard would it be to slam qtwebengine in something like webcat or webpirate12:37
leszekr0kk3rz: I guess it can be done but with almost all features turned off then as qtwebengine has a limited api. So basically I have to cut all features like search, reader mode, night mode, and and and to make it work12:39
leszekand I am not even sure what to do with accept dialogs, file dialogs to upload stuff and so on12:40
leszekI doubt there is an API that can be used for it12:40
r0kk3rzyeah, sounds like a heavy compomise to get a new engine12:40
leszekthough yeah the new engine is 1000 times better than qtwebkit when it comes to rendering modern webpages12:42
leszekI secretly hope that Jolla might work on a API combined with a webbrowser based on qtwebengine. But I might be overestimating their capabilities in doing so12:43
r0kk3rzit would make a lot of sense tbh12:44
r0kk3rzput whatever work they were doing with gecko, and work with qtwebengine and get it submitted upstream12:45
r0kk3rzsince moz doesnt seem that interested in an embedding api12:45
Tekk_"Doesn't seem that interested"12:55
Tekk_I'd say that's a bit of an understatement considering how they explicitly killed the embedding API, which is why sailfish has to use the gross hack it does :)12:55
r0kk3rzyeah, it would be much better to have an upstream that was interested in the embedding api so jolla doesnt have to continually rebase their changes13:03
r0kk3rzbut i imagine switching from embedlite to qtwebengine would be a massive undertaking13:03
Tekk_I mean, Browser is actually pretty barebones isn't it?13:06
Tekk_No extensions, no forward button :p13:06
r0kk3rzeither way i dont see any sign of that happening13:10
Tekk_Almost certainly not.13:11
Tekk_Is it available why Jolla went with all the work of embedding Gecko anyway?13:11
Tekk_I've wondered about that for a long time.13:11
r0kk3rzhysterical reasons mostly13:13
Tekk_Oh yeah, I guess they'd need the same hack for Meego wouldn't they? :)13:18
* Tekk_ went straight from Maemo to Sailfish, so he forgets that one exists sometimes.13:19
depscribeTekk : And only terrible search engines, without any capacity to add good ones.16:31
dragonchaserHey, is there nfc Support for sailfish X?17:00
maldragonchaser: currently no17:05
dragonchasermal: too bad, hope the device is disabled by default17:06
r0kk3rzish, there is some hybris suport for nfc17:08
r0kk3rzi did think you could compile qtnfc against it, but ive never tried17:13
dragonchaserHmm maybe next week if i find time in another meeting Marathon17:14
lolekhi guys, any news regarding sailfish 3 release dates?17:22
depscribeis there a current webapp framework for sfos 2.2.x? i'm hoping to cobble together something for protonmail (with actual working notifications).23:07
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