Saturday, 2018-10-20

r0kk3rzdepscribe: webapp framework? not really08:08
r0kk3rzdepscribe: just make a qml app, its easy08:08
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : is enabling core dumps in sfossdk as simple as ulimit -c unlimited ?10:01
r0kk3rzno idea, ive never needed to do that10:02
tortoisedocping mal ^10:06
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring10:19
tortoisedocokay, im becoming an expert10:19
tortoisedoculimit -c unlimited in the sb2 and in the host *as well*10:20
malno idea what ulimit does :)10:23
tortoisedocmal :D10:38
tortoisedoc-> man ulimit ;)10:58
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*** feodoran_ is now known as feodoran23:16

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