Saturday, 2018-11-03

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kirvesAxeDoes anyone know if anyone has actually been successful in transferring contacts from older phone to sailfish using SyncML? (like described in section 5.2 in ) My tries have been unsuccessful so far :/07:23
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x2sOh great. First the contacts stopped syncing, then the calendar and now the emails. But why? :/12:26
max[m]kirvesAxe: syncml support over bluetooth was droped with sailfishos 2.1.4.
kirvesAxemax[m], oh :( too bad13:38
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r0d9dhi there, you guys know when sailfish 3 will be available for purchase?20:08
mpolthere is an event planned for november 8. There will be more news at that date20:09
DennisRoczekwhen it's done (tm)20:09
r0d9dcool deal!20:10
r0d9dthx guys20:10
tadzikhuh, there's a separate purchase for SF3 specifically20:20
tadzikI thought it's a free upgrade for existing users, and included in sailfish X20:21
maltadzik: I would assume the buying means XA220:22
tadzikfairy nuff20:22
LjochtHi, when I try update jolla 1 i have this error in log Nov 03 23:42:33 Sailfish mce[610]: modules/battery-statefs.c: tracker_open(): /r         un/state/namespaces/Battery/State: open: No such file or directory20:51
spiiroinLjocht: because statefs is not running20:52
spiiroin... just a warning. can be ignored unless statefs was supposed to be running20:52
spiiroinand iirc statefs is not running during update20:53
LjochtWell, but now i have some zombie. I don't have slide and up menues, and can't update by terminal. I have "Error: Installation aborted by user" this error20:53
malshow whole systemupdate.log20:56
malyour previous snippet from log did suggest running out of space but on which partition20:57
Ljochtyup,I dele some data, and now have 8 gb of empty space20:57
Ljocht here some log20:59
malcheck df -h on the device21:00
malmaybe sailfish root is almost full, not home folder21:01
malhmm, looks like there is some problem in the log, it just stops the update for some reason21:03
LjochtWell, UI said me that i need 9 mb of update21:04
spiiroinLjocht: jolla1. did you need to make room for the update? did you reboot after that? before updating?21:06
* spiiroin recalls something like btrfs not actually making space available despite bookkeeping indicating it until unmounting/rebooting or stte21:07
malbased on that df -h there should be enough space assuming btrfs is actually freeing it21:07
LjochtWell, after update sfos start procedure for optimization and after that Jolla reboot.21:09
LjochtAnd after that update I reboot Jolla21:11
LjochtCan I delete .pk-zypp-dist-upgrade-cache/ ? I clean all in nemo home21:33
malI usually try to commandline way of updating if I have issues, using version --dup21:35
LjochtIt's not work for me. I have "aborted by user" error, or nothing21:37
r0kk3rzso the optimisation process doesnt finish?21:38
r0kk3rzsounds like btrfs issues21:38
LjochtIt was finished21:38
Ljochtwell, i don't know what to do. Here new log
LjochtMaybe try to downgrade version with sse?22:05
malso doing as root "ssu release" and then "version --dup" fails also?22:23
r0kk3rzdo a btrfs balance just to double check22:25
Ljocht yup, it fails. Okey I try to do btfrs balance22:29
Ljochtwhich option for btfrs balance need?22:30
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