Sunday, 2018-11-04

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hulkhoganall my bookmarks on the browser have dissappeared16:00
hulkhoganwhat can i do?16:00
hulkhoganplease help me?16:03
hulkhoganIs anyone there?16:10
hulkhoganplease how do i get my bookmarks back? please help?16:22
malwhich device and sailfish version?16:29
hulkhoganthank you mal!16:30
hulkhoganone plus x16:30
maldid you update it recently or something?16:31
hulkhogansorry mal did you say anything? i dc'd16:41
maldid you update it recently or something?16:42
hulkhoganno i didn't16:42
hulkhogani only opened 2 youtube video tabs at the same time16:43
hulkhoganthen the browser crashed16:43
hulkhoganthen all the bookmarks were gone16:43
hulkhogani also have 603 tabs but they weren't open16:43
hulkhoganwhat should i do?16:46
malbookmarks should be in /home/nemo/.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/bookmarks.json16:51
hulkhoganwow i opened it and it's16:54
malmaybe browser was just updating it when it crashed or something16:55
hulkhogandoes this mean i can't get the bookmarks back?16:56
malnot sure if there is any backup of that file16:57
hulkhogani do have an overall backup16:57
malthen it could be there16:57
maltry to see if the backup contains that file somewhere16:58
LjochtWell, I balanced btrfs "Done, had to relocate 22 out of 22 chunks"17:49
r0kk3rzsounds good17:51
Ljochtbut I still can't update.17:54
r0kk3rzno? hmm obviously it hates you17:58
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LjochtWell, I have cree[y messages like this "Fatal error: Installation aborted by user" and if start version --dup I have same error, wtf?19:28
Ljochthere new log:
VanGanzhello all. I just found out about SailfishOS recently while looking for an alternative to Android (Apple is out of the table)20:00
VanGanzI just starting using a Xperia Z5 compact, to find out the last SW update was back in Oct 2017. I will be stuck with Nougat. Also, installed Blakada, and I was shocked to find out that not only Android itself is always phoning home, the apps are also saddled with trackers20:05
VanGanzScrew that. I came by to ask how Sailfish OS fares with this.20:06
malonly thing sailfish communicates with jolla servers is checking for OS and app updates20:12
VanGanzhow about that apps? I will have to install damned whatsapp, because that is what all my conctacts use, but I would like to rely more in the native apps and maybe F-Droid20:15
VanGanzheard that there are not many apps, that's ok, I understand how difficult is to complete against Google and Apple, but I would like to hear an opinion20:16
VanGanz*compete, not complete20:16
malusing whatsapp works only on official devices currently because there is no native app for that and community devices don't have good enough android app support, yet20:18
LjochtHmm, I think about recovery my Jolla. Well, how I can backup my data?20:20
Ljochtnot some data, but app settings and e.t.c.20:21
VanGanzmal: I see, that is ok, I would buy the licence. for an example, for XA2 devices, and if I read well, the compatibility layer will be for Oreo, android 8, right?20:22
LjochtVanGanz, you can install Google services for some app, if you need it. But you can download it from PC with plugin for browser and copy to SFOS20:22
VanGanzLjocht: I would like to keep away from Google stuff as much as possible. I only really need whatsapp and my banking app. Think so20:25
malLjocht: there should be some way to update without recovery20:25
VanGanzLjocht: As I said, I am sick and tired of google and their creepy tracking20:26
LjochtBanking app sometimes doesn't works without gaps20:26
Ljochtmal, do you have any other suggestions on what to do? I try now update with pkcon and have error about user.20:28
VanGanzLjocht: this is this photo TAN stuff. If it does not work without google play services, then that is a shoddily programmed app20:28
LjochtThis is a simple device integrity check. Some bank offers do not work with unlocking root devices.20:30
VanGanzLjocht: I see20:31
malLjocht: well using zypper dup could be one option but you first would have to install zypper, probably good to get backup20:32
Ljochtmal: Well, I started backup with SFOS app.20:34
malso if you try with zypper you can try first ssu release and then zypper clean -a then zypper ref -f and then zypper dup20:38
Ljochtmal: Is there guide how to install zypper?20:47
malpkcon install zypper20:54
Ljochtwell, I think i need recovey. Fatal error: zypper-1.8.3-1.2.1.armv7hl requires, but this requirement cannot be provided20:57
malah, that version had problems with zypper21:05
maltry version --dup one more time, but still I think it should be able to be updated without recovery21:06

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