Monday, 2018-11-05

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Ljochtmal: I still have "Error: Installation aborted by user" and after this no UPDATES FOUND. Try again later, if I use pkcon update I have fatal error "Aborted by user"06:53
dragonchaserthis update was really.. painless07:41
FlyingAnteroHi! Can anyone guide me to install nbench to my Nexus 5 running Sailfish
r0kk3rz2.0.1, wow so old09:28
FlyingAnteroWell, sfdroid is working good on that build09:29
FlyingAnteroBut when I try to install nbench i get "no such file or directory" after "./configure" command09:30
FlyingAnteroAny ideas?09:33
malFlyingAntero: does that even have configure? it seems to only have Makefile09:36
FlyingAnteroMaybe not because of that error. How I can install that then?09:38
malrun make?09:39
maljust check the sources09:39
FlyingAnteroIf I run make I get "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lc"09:40
FlyingAnterocollect2: error: ld return value was 109:42
malso you are missing some build dependencies, install what you need09:43
FlyingAnteroI have installed gcc, make and glibc packages. What else do I need?09:44
FlyingAnteroI got it now working. I had to install glibc-static also. I am currently running nbench.09:53
FlyingAnteroThank you for the help :).09:53
LjochtHmm... I find logs of version --dup . But I don't know how to resend to my computer.11:06
Ljochtwell, this logs not what i think.11:37
LjochtAny suggestions? Even insane12:30
LjochtNow I downgrade version by ssu, reboot, and try update - nothing12:37
pandarkHello :)19:36
pandarki have install Sailfish OS on Fairphone 2 beautiful interface and very intuitive i like a lot !19:37
pandarkbut i cant install any application19:38
pandarkit's a bug or ?19:38
pandarkits because my device is not totally supported ?19:38
malwhat apps do you mean?19:42
maldid you add jolla account?19:42
pandarkonly one apps i can installe "Sailfish Utilities"19:45
malwhat does store app say when you try to install something?19:45
r0kk3rzpketo: ^^19:46
pandarkall other app on shop cant install  "la boutique pose problème"19:47
pandarksorry  i'm french19:47
pandarkthe shop a have a issue19:47
pandarkapps canot be installed19:48
r0kk3rzi think the store is having issues, its not working for my jolla c either19:50
Tegujolla store works fine on jolla 119:54
malpandark: installing apps fails also on my fp2 so seems like there is some temporary issue19:56
pandarkok thank you19:57
pandarkyou know when ? a long time ?19:57
malpandark: I'm the maintainer of the fairphone 2 port and this is the first time I have had issues, pretty sure it will be fixed tomorrow at the latest19:58
pandarkok :)19:58
pketostore should work now again20:54
malworks now, thanks21:07
malpandark: ^21:07
muzilezhi there, i have got a problem after updating sfos 3 - cant update jolla store apps21:29
muzilezcan i do it via cli so i could provide logsß21:29
muzilezi also tried to install alsa-utils "armv7hl" for but it failed with following error :"Fatal error: nothing provides /usr/bin/bash needed by alsa-utils-1.1.7-2.fc30.armv7hl21:31
muzilez" any ideas? thanks in advance21:31
malwhich device? there was some issue with store just a while ago, it was just fixed, not relevant for that other issue you said21:32
muzilezxperia X21:33
muzilezupdates are necessary my mail app diddnt work anymore :/21:34
malso which apps fail?21:36
muzilezall of them , i try to update so the app said it would but then a couple of minutes later i could start the update again21:37
muzilezi actually missed the notification which tells me that the update progress failed21:38
muzilezi dont know the logfiles or paths for the jolla store. and if i google for "sailfish os Store jolla" i am lost.. :D21:38
muzilezokay, now the message was is is already on the newest version. but it dont work and it is in the list of the apps to update. :/21:39
malwhich app?21:40
muzilezMail in this case21:40
malmaybe reboot the device and try again21:42
muzilezi already did that several times :/21:42
malat which time?21:42
muzilez? i dont know i tried that yester day with immidiate reboots and direct try to update after reboot21:43
muzilezis there a log file for the jolla store? or alternative install mechanism21:45
maltry now, also if that doesn't help try "pkcon refresh" and then "pkcon update" using devel-su21:45
maljournalctl command probably could tell something about the error21:45
muzilezi ran pkcon refresh and pkcon update yesterday too. ok i will reboot now, pkcon refresh and update than journalctl --follow21:47
malhow exactly does the email app fail?21:47
muzilezif i try to open the "launcher" try to open in the multitask area  there appear a little window, this dissapears after seconds21:49
muzilezif i try to open Mail, the "launcher" ...21:49
muzilezsorry for my bad english :D21:50
muzilezok thats the output of journalctl if i try to start mail21:52
malmore important is the output when the update fails21:54
muzilez < here is where i start the jolla store and try to update and after a couple of minutes it failed21:57
pandark[22:07:34] <mal> works now, thanks21:58
pandark[22:07:38] <mal> pandark: ^  >> yes ^^21:58
muzilez" displayNotification:341 - Warning: Notification has both preview summary and preview body but no actions. Remove the preview body or add an action: Store Problem mit Store Mail ist bereits auf dem neuesten Stand22:01
malit claims it's already the latest version22:02
muzilezyea i see, or is there a way to reinstall ?22:03
maltry pkcon install --allow-reinstall jolla-email22:05
muzilez"pkcon install --allow-reinstall jolla-email"22:06
muzilez[root@Sailfish nemo]# pkcon install --allow-reinstall jolla-email22:06
muzilezResolving                                                                                                                          [                                                                 ] (0%)  Package not found: jolla-email22:06
muzilezCommand failed: This tool could not find any available package: No packages were found22:06
muzilez:( unfortunately i have to leave for today, thanks anyway =) good night22:07
pketosorry, there might have been couple more glitches during past half an hour22:09
pketothough, probably not the cause for that jolla-email update thing, not sure what is wrong there22:13

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