Monday, 2018-11-19

depscribemal : yup, i'm sure. got the newest version running after purging; didn't like it, so reverted to the previous version and after nine hours am where i was before the upgrade.00:27
Halftuxdoes somebody know if there exists the sources from the new top menu introduced in sfos 3 and where I could find them?11:58
r0kk3rzon the device11:59
Halftuxok so it is script language? do you have some keyword to find the right files on the device?12:03
r0kk3rzall the ui is in qml and typically in plain text on the device12:05
TeguHalftux: I think 'lipstick' is one keyword12:14
Tegufor example, /usr/share/lipstick-jola-home-qt5/topmenu  looks relevant12:14
Halftuxok thank you seems a good starting point I will have a look into it12:18
caitlinjust to follow up, bluetooth audio doesn't work in my vw polo12:42
_svencaitlin which device?12:45
_svencaitlin: does it pair yoz12:47
_svencaitlin: does it pair your device?12:48
caitlinpairs fine, does an o2db or whatever it is headset profil13:15
caitlinand then then plays music out of its tinny little xa2 speaker anyway13:16
caitlinso far the only thing it's connected to has been a chinese amplifier with built in blueteeth13:16
malcaitlin: can you check what pactl (maybe pactl list or somthing) shows as used output?13:17
caitlinwhen connected?13:28
malyes, to see what it lists and uses13:29
caitlinwill do, whe next in the car13:29
_svencaitlin show me the service key line from /var/lib/bluetooth/<device id>/info , pls. use a pastebin site because it's a long line13:34
tortoisedoclbt : pimng13:35
tortoisedocs/pimng/ping :P13:35
caitlin_sven, does that need to be do when connected? because there is no info file atm15:02
_svencaitlin: /var/lib/bluetooth/<your-BT-device-id>/<Car-BT-device-id>/info should exist15:56
MartiiniDo any developers sit in this #sailfishos chat?16:33
r0kk3rzthats what this channel is for16:35
MartiiniI think, on Sailfish, it's wrong, swiping top-down shows "themes"..  Home screen top drawer should be same as on Android - swiping top edge shows all important settings16:40
Martiini :) but then again, I'd change most things on Earth, if it was my decision16:45
Martiinibut maybe someone will port Android Nova launcher User Interface to Sailfish.16:49
r0kk3rzwat. yeah no17:03
r0kk3rzyou can remove the ambiences from sfos 3 if they bother you so much17:04
Martiiniremember, how Apple UI development is absolute science, it's not simply some decision made in a developer meeting17:06
DennisRoczek|afk{{citation needed}}17:11
DennisRoczek|afksome UI decisions are simply crap. Yeah, most seem useful and it's good to hide many options somewhere, but there are also enough decisions which are simply dump17:12
DennisRoczek|afk(speaking of apple)17:13
Martiinican I install repository packages, like in Debian or Arch17:13
DennisRoczek|afkjust one simply example: try to modify the standard printer setup to print always black/white and not colorful. you have to enable CUPS web interface and change the option there!17:13
*** frinring_ is now known as frinring17:16
depscribeMartini : I agreed with you re. themes/ambiences, and I removed them from the top menu. And then yesterday -- you can look at the logs of this chat for details --17:16
depscribeI ran afoul of the one situation where they would have saved me!17:17
MartiiniI'll see if it's newbie-hackable ..17:17
Martiini.. but right now I can't su in terminal17:17
Martiini... can't get root, cause I dont know password17:18
r0kk3rzMartiini: try devel-su17:18
r0kk3rzset password in debeloper options in settings17:18
Martiinihumanity is a weird thing - everything is made impossible17:18
depscribeMartini = Martiini17:19
DylanVanAsscheFor those who are hoping for NFC support: :)17:34
olWow, that's great news!17:38
DylanVanAsscheBut that's still no indication we can use NFC. However, it's a big step forward :)17:39
olBut what's the reason to start this project if there is no intention to have NFC support? I don't see any other explanation.17:40
DylanVanAsscheol: I mean on app level, the interfacing with the hardware is available using the NFC daemon from above.17:41
r0kk3rzinteresting, ill have to check it out17:43
olWithout app support, this project is meaningless. So, I presume, app support should follow, from Jolla or from independent developers.17:43
DylanVanAsscheol: That's what we can hope for... I hope 3rd party devs are allowed to use it when it's ready (not like the Account API or fingerprint daemon)17:46
Martiiniaha! it's SUSE - it has zypper18:01
r0kk3rzits not suse18:25
halftuxafter looking at the setting qml files I need now the source code from the import module com.jolla.settings.system, can't find any sources; is somewhere a good place to look at the sailfish source code not mer-core? Or do I need to contact jolla directly?19:12
r0kk3rzanything with jolla in the name is19:35
r0kk3rzprobably closed19:35
halftuxyeah you are right found an old list with packages from and it says that jolla-settings-system is proprietary19:40
r0kk3rzgeneral rule is jolla = closed, sailfish/nemo = open19:42
halftuxso I would say there is a bug maybe it is a feature, when enabling gps permissions the gps chip powers on, but when disableing the gps permissions the gps chip is still powered determined on the basis of dbus19:45
aalmiany help here I'm trying to install Sailfish3 to my XA219:58
aalmifor some reason fastboot fails19:58
halftuxis there an api documentation about this jolla.settings.system module or other modules? The developer section on the homepage was not helpful in this matter.19:59
malaalmi: which errors?20:00
halftuxaalmi: be more specific what fastboot command and which error message.20:00
aalmiFAILED (remote: Command did not succeed)20:00
malwhich command? more log please20:01
aalmiit approved xa2's imei2 code and gaved that error20:01
aalmifastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xunlockcode20:01
aalmifastboot devices shows XA2 fine and device should be as ready for unlock as ever20:02
aalmiconfused what can I try next no help from instructions20:03
malso the sony website gave you the code successfully?20:03
aalmiyes for both imei's imei1 did give different error code than imei220:04
halftuxfastboot version from sony?20:04
aalmifastboot 8.0.0_r17 on my linux20:05
aalmiinstalled from repo20:06
malwhat error did the other code give, usually only one code should be enough20:07
aalmiclearly fastboot works because it sees XA220:07
aalmiimei1 FAILED (remote: Incorrect format for unlock data)20:07
aalmiimei2 FAILED (remote: Command did not succeed)20:08
aalmiboth unlockcodes are from sony page20:08
aalmiafter giving either imei20:08
aalmisyntax is: fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xcode20:10
aalmirunned as root20:10
malaalmi: maybe try again a few times, rewrite the command to be sure it has no incorrect characters20:11
aalmifastboot decices shows same device as dmesg shows as XA2 serial20:12
aalmiI've tried multiple times no typos20:12
halftuxNote platform tools 26.0.2 or older are required; don't know if newer will hurt20:12
halftuxtry with older once20:12
aalmisony site said that those are not needed on linux20:12
aalmibecause driver exists already20:12
malI have used fastboot 7.0.0 r33 successfully20:13
aalmihmm sorry actually sony site says no usb driver is needed on linux but platform is sec I'll install it20:14
halftuxyeah linux can skip this step :-)20:14
malaalmi: doesn't some place in android show if the device is unlockable, although I would assume sony website would also say if it's not20:15
halftuxin dialer to access the service menu20:17
aalmiyeah my xa2 is unlockable yes20:19
aalmihmm that sony platform-tools brings the same fastboot as I already have from repo20:19
malcheck what "sudo fastboot getvar all" says20:22
malabout lock status20:22
aalmihmm strange (bootloader) unlocked:no20:24
aalmiphone showed after code: Bootloader unlock allowed: yes20:25
aalmiany ideas?20:25
halftuxyou need older tools fastboot could be sometimes a pain20:25
*** torotisedoc is now known as tortisedoc_20:28
aalmithat sony platform-tools does not even have -i = vendor id option20:29
tortisedoc_hmhm anoyoe with experience on sb2 internas?20:29
aalmifastboot on I mean20:29
r0kk3rzsb2 is made of magic and voodoo20:29
malaalmi: so then leave it out?20:29
tortisedoc_r0kk3rz : its not rocket science20:30
tortisedoc_but there are some "dark" corners yes20:30
malaalmi: are you completely sure the first code is correct?20:30
r0kk3rztortisedoc_: nah rocket science has texts books about it20:30
tortisedoc_like the fact that readlink is not mapped the same way as any other file accessing primitive20:30
maland you added 0x to the beginning, and made sure it wasn't in the code already20:31
tortisedoc_r0kk3rz : sb2 has the code ;)20:31
tortisedoc_but the code can only get you that far20:31
halftuxaalmi: get fastboot 26.0.220:31
r0kk3rzcode tells you what it does, not why it does20:32
tortisedoc_r0kk3rz : exactly20:32
r0kk3rztortisedoc_: still rusting then?20:34
tortisedoc_r0kk3rz : yep20:34
tortisedoc_slowly crawling up the rusty turd mountain20:34
aalmimal: yahoo20:39
aalmiOKAY [  1.469s] finished. total time: 1.469s20:39
aalmi26.0.0.2 fastboot did the trick20:40
aalmiimei1 code worked fine20:40
malok, very odd why version affects so much20:42
malI had older version than you and it has worked fine20:42
aalmimal now flashing device fingers crossed20:45
halftuxI would guess that the old version is needed only for unlocking, for flashing newer version should/could work20:47
halftux*with newer20:48
aalmimal/halftux: success flashing complete. My first sailfish boots20:51
halftuxbtw you don't need -i = vendor id option when it is not supported but you should make sure that only one phone is connected to your pc20:54
aalmiso it was20:56
halftuxrelated to sony new platform tools...20:57
halftuxyou did a good job :-)20:57
tortisedoc_ping lbt21:19
lbttortisedoc_: pong21:20
tortisedoc_lbt : about that stack size issue with rustc compilation21:22
tortisedoc_is there any chance for increasing the default stack size (say double it) on system level, so that local ulimit could increase the stack size?21:23
tortisedoc_lbt : I dont even know if you are the right person to talk to about this btw :)21:24
lbtI am21:24
tortisedoc_ok great21:25
aalmibtw I need to configure to sailfish ipsec vpn using x.509 psk auth any suggestions what works21:34
tortisedoc_lbt : thanks21:39
lbttortisedoc_: can I trigger a rebuild on that log ?21:40
tortisedoc_feel frei21:40
*** tortisedoc_ is now known as tortoisedoc_21:40
antisHi, have just seen SF3 is finally available for FP2. Awesome work, @mal!21:40
tortoisedoc_time to go to sleep21:40
lbttortoisedoc_: OK21:40
lbtsee the log now21:40
lbtlines around 6s21:40
lbtulimit -s21:41
tortoisedoc_line 61: ulimit: stack size: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted21:41
tortoisedoc_that one? :P21:42
malantis: yes, it has been available for a few days21:42
tortoisedoc_cant modify the spec file21:42
lbttortoisedoc_: OK so the build runs as a user and you're exceeding the hard ulimit21:42
tortoisedoc_(from the web interface)21:43
lbtlogged in?21:43
tortoisedoc_no :D21:43
lbtdone it for you :)21:43
lbtstack size              (kbytes, -s) 1638421:44
tortoisedoc_its crazy that they get this rustc turd to overflow an 8 MB stack21:44
lbtso it did double it (which is what you asked for and is safer than giving an open hard limit)21:44
antismal: cool really! i don't have much time - working hard in car industry you know…21:44
tortoisedoc_thanks again21:44
tortoisedoc_yes at least locally doubling it seems to do the trick21:44
lbtlooks like it's building now21:44
lbtlets see in the morning21:44
tortoisedoc_of course in the future it might need more21:45
tortoisedoc_but hopefully not21:45
tortoisedoc_yea thanks21:45
lbtthis is a nasty hack to the core build script so maybe we need a way to do this properly and upstream that21:45
antismal: is there anything special before upgrading from 2.2.018?21:45
malantis: no, it should work fine, the usual update method as described in wiki21:46
tortoisedoc_lbt : I guess there's no way to "parametrize" this safely21:47
tortoisedoc_(i mean through build job config)21:47
antismal, ok. then procedure as usual. creating backup just in case…21:47
lbtwe're due an upgrade to OBS21:47
lbtthis is the 2014 release at the minute :)21:48
lbtso there's a lot of changes afoor21:48
lbtso when 2.9 drops next january-ish we'll see21:48
lbtif there's not then it's probably a sane thing to push upstream21:49
tortoisedoc_also this glibc is pushing the boundaries of entropy evolution :D21:51
tortoisedoc_lbt : rc/build/i686-unknown-linux-gnu/stage1-std/release/deps -Clink-arg=-Wl,-z,relro,-z,now` (signal: 7, SIGBUS: access to undefined memory)22:07
tortoisedoc_what's the system ulimit -s?22:07
tortoisedoc_(ie. not the chroot, the system one)22:07
lbtthis is running in a kvm vm22:11
lbtthe script you see is running as 'init'22:11
lbtso it's pretty much the kvm system limit22:11
lbtand it has a lot of RAM22:12
lbtthis isn't an area I'm really familiar with either22:13
lbtsetting this via ulimit -s as root in a script that parents all subsequent activity should work22:13
lbtlimits.conf isn't really relevant because we've dropped into a kvm22:14
lbtadditionally I don't think ulimit -all would lie22:14
lbtstack size              (kbytes, -s) 1638422:14
lbtI can up it again just to see...22:15
lbtthere we are : 3276822:15
tortoisedoc_lbt : im not sure, but the kvm overrides the host's limit?22:16
lbtit runs it's own kernel22:17
lbtso yes22:17
lbtstack size              (kbytes, -s) 3276822:18
tortoisedoc_so its different in that from the "normal" sb2 kit that ships with the mer sdk22:18
ollbt (IRC): What do you mean by "when 2.9 drops next january-ish"? OBS 2.9 was released long ago. It's 2.9.5 already.22:19
lbtthis isn't an sb2 build is it ?22:19
lbtol: I mean in Mer :)22:19
lbtalso "hi" :)22:19
tortoisedoc_lbt : you mean the one on obs?22:19
lbtol: and thanks for the fwd porting work you've done over the years22:20
lbtI'm going to try and push the sb2 stuff upstream this time22:20
lbttortoisedoc_: yes22:20
ollbt (IRC): Mer 2.9? Or Mer OBS 2.9? :-)22:20
tortoisedoc_ah a sb2 forwarding? that'd be nice :) however I wonder what will break..22:20
lbtol: build.m.o will upgrade to 2.9.5+mer patches22:21
ollbt (IRC): The most difficult part is porting changed to build. OBS itself is quite trivial, I presume.22:21
lbtol: correct22:21
lbtol: I have the build changes working now22:21
lbtso it's ported to the sha1 dropped with 2.9.522:22
olI already have ported all changes to build 20180212, but never tested.22:22
* tortoisedoc_ dropped sha1 grumble grumble22:22
olOh, they work? Cool!22:22
lbtyep ... I have a running instance of 2.9.5 building against sfos or whatever it was pre 3.022:23
lbtsome minor glitches in build to resolve but nothing big22:23
lbtand then some functionality we need internally to copy projects without rebuilding them22:23
lbtthat might hurt !!!22:23
lbtbut it's all looking good22:24
lbtI've also refactored the patches to feature sets22:24
lbtso they're not all messy22:24
olThere are still issues with sb2-specific patches to build: corruption of build target when building locally with "osc build", you have to remove build root directory to make build re-create it. But as build root is creatd from scratch in OBS, this problem does not affect OBS builds.22:25
lbtoh I've not checked that22:26
olBut I didn't test your refactored patches. I was just keeping porting original patches over and over again.22:26
lbtthe refactor is more a re-order & squash which gave an empyt git diff - then I ported that22:28
lbtit's still a WIP though - should be a bit tidier next week22:29
olBut you did it against 2014.08.01, right?22:29
olWhy not newer version?22:30
lbtinitially against that version to make sure the squashing and re-ordering and jiggling of the patches gave an empty diff22:35
lbtthen once I had a clean set of patches I applied them to 2018011122:35

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