Sunday, 2018-11-18

tortoisedocwho was following the calendar stuff?07:59
tortoisedocwas it Chris Adams?08:01
tortoisedocI have an issue as in I can't add my owncloud calendars as the sever I run has a self-signed cert08:02
tortoisedocso it seems to be impossible to add a calendar from a server behind a self-signed cert08:02
tortoisedocif you add only the account, it allows you to enable the option to ignore ssl validation08:02
tortoisedocexcept then you cant add a calendar anymore..08:03
tortoisedoclbt : this is an example of a failed build due to SIGBUS
tortoisedoclbt its just difficult to buid this locally09:18
tortoisedocas so much has to be built :D09:18
tortoisedoclbt : I think this gives a pretty good explanation of what's happening :
feodoranTo use mapbox-gl, do I need to install it in the build vm? If yes, how?10:16
rinigusfeodoran: if you use it as qml plugin, you will need it on device only via openrepos (preferred) or obs (may have some testing versions occasionally). if you want to test in emulator, you will need to install it there10:20
rinigusfeodoran: you may need it in build vm iff you want to link c++ to some of its functions. but we haven't had a use case for that yet.10:22
feodoranrinigus: well the mapbox-gl-qml/app example project seems to need it.10:23
rinigusfeodoran: my bad - I will probably need to remove this example. with QML plugin installed, its way easier by just using MapboxMap QML type. See as an example of use10:26
feodoranrinigus: okay, thanks10:27
rinigusfeodoran: when compared to mapbox-gl-qml/app, you could use demo app qml/main.qml and just add import statement from pure maps. let me know if you run into any troubles10:28
feodoranrinigus: for some reason I get "QQuickItemMapboxGL is not installed"10:33
feodoranjust run it with `qmlscene app/qml/main.qml`? (after installing mapbox-gl from openrepos of course)10:35
rinigusfeodoran: do you  call it from c++10:35
rinigusfeodoran: yes, just qmlscene10:35
feodoranthis is what I get:
feodoranrinigus ^10:37
rinigusfeodoran: with that example, there maybe some code which doesn't run on sfos. that example is for desktop, so you may need to adjust (just a sec, will look into the paste)10:38
feodoranI also tried mapbox-demo-sfos/qml-only, but here I got "[ ERROR ]  "{QSGRenderThread}[Setup]: loading style failed: HTTP status code 401""10:41
rinigusfeodoran: you will need to adjust example for sfos (no qt controls) and add import statement for mapbox (see pure maps). i may add example in 1h to a repo, if you wish10:41
rinigusfeodoran: other demo - please add your personal mapbox key to make it run10:42
rinigusfeodoran: but otherwise sfos example should be the right one10:42
feodoranrinigus: key = MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN ?10:44
feodoranor where does it go?10:44
rinigusfeodoran: yes, thats the one. you'll have to register at mapbox as developer, make your key and add it to qml as a corresponding property value in qml. see api description for mapbox qml10:46
feodoranrinigus: maybe you can add a note about that to the mapbox-demo-sfos readme10:47
rinigusfeodoran: yes, I should10:48
feodoranrinigus: with key the demo works fine, thank you10:55
rinigusfeodoran: you're welcome!10:56
rinigusfeodoran: I updated README for qml plugin and sfos demo repos. thanks for the feedback!11:58
Martiinihow do I install Sailfish on Xperia X ?14:32
Martiiniei se mitään, mä löydän ite14:42
x2sMartiini: get the image, get the flasher, follow the instructions :)14:59
x2sbut that's basically it15:02
x2sthere's nothing hard or fancy about it15:02
Martiinihmm, yes15:04
Martiiniyoutube tutorials also exist15:04
x2swhy do you need a youtube tutoral for this?15:22
x2sThere's a documentation where everything is explained in detail...15:22
caitlinhow the smurf does the xa2 know it's been fed a line cable and not a headphone cable?15:28
Martiinimaybe some headphones identify themselves15:30
caitlin  's weird.... i can only think it's the impedence15:32
caitlinmight find a restistor and bung it on the line cable and see if i can outfox it15:32
Martiiniyes, different resistance maybe15:33
Martiinicaitlin, do u have a girl's name?15:34
Martiinicaitlin, r u some young girl-genius who hacks all the hardware15:35
caitlinI am indeed a woman15:36
caitlinplease do not be shocked, we are just as clever as the man ones15:36
Martiinisome male jacks dont identify themselves properly15:36
caitlinyoung, not so much either :/ a bit early middle aged15:37
caitlinhow can a jack 'identify' itself? it's either TR TRS TRRS or has a detectable load on it... there's no protocol negotiation15:37
caitlinhah, science! I have some headphones which are TRS and have a detachable cable, cable only lineout.. cable plugged into headphones it goes headphone mode15:48
caitlinnot that cool. my car doesn't have bluetooth on the stereo, so i'm stuck listening to that RADIO thing from the 1900s15:51
caitlinshould i raise this as a bug, or shut up because this is pretty alpha software and go and buy an iphone :P15:52
malcaitlin: jusa is the person mostly doing audio, not sure how much lineout support has been tested16:04
Martiinicaitlin,  I bought Bluetooth FM transmitter for car - you can listen to music through that16:10
caitlinyup, there are solutions, but ive got line level stuff all ooooover the place so i am a bit sad16:12
MartiiniI'd actually want a good touchscreen computer in my car16:12
Martiinifuture cars will have everything... Tesla isn't some technological peak16:13
caitlinheh, I built one of those once, out of a mini-itx and whatnot16:13
Martiinisigh,, Elon Musk is sure that humans will go "multi-planetary",, but Im not sure there are many advanced civilizations17:04
olcaitlin (IRC): Your name sounds like Irish. Are you based in Ireland?17:26
caitlinit is of the oirish, however i am not. I''m stashed in another celtish place, SCOTTISHLAND17:28
Martiiniin Scotland they made "Highlander"
tortoisedocIn Scotland they make Caol Ila17:36
tortoisedocprobably something you would drink whilst watching Highlander17:36
tortoisedocor bravehearth, if you are into that type of movies, that is17:37
caitlinor that kind of drug17:38
caitlinit's not actually a theme park, people do live here in amongst all the tourism :P17:38
Martiiniyes, for Americans17:45
caitlinpretty popular with china and japan also17:46
caitlinactual castles though, imagine17:46
depscribehey folks, an issue here: new ambience application brings things to a halt before i can get to login screen. is there a way to SSH in and uninstall it or force a boot to a terminal?17:51
depscribebecause otherwise my xperia x is bricked.18:03
maldepscribe: does it always hang?18:04
depscribemal : yup. word "Xplanet" comes up, which was normal, but then it halts.18:05
depscribeCan get to top menu, but nothing there works. Can't swipr eo login screen.18:06
depscribeswipr eo = swipe to18:06
Martiiniyes, chinese
maldepscribe: is that a new installation or updated? did you have any patches enabled if it was an update?18:10
MartiiniAndroid is still best to flash18:11
depscribemal : no patches. it was an upgrade of xplanet-desktop from openrepos. seemed to go uneventfully. no warnings re. problems. but it's not fully loading18:12
depscribeand things grind to a halt until it does. can't ssh in. i know how to fix it if i can get in.18:13
depscribethis on
tmynttindepscribe: Did you try recovery mode:
maldepscribe: what is xplanet-desktop?18:23
depscribemal : this
malso before installing that it worked?18:26
depscribetmynttin : hoped not to have to go that far.18:26
depscribemal : yes. and worked fine with previous version of xplanet-background. which, it turns out, uses different config files and image locations than previous version.18:27
malwell if you can access the sailfish rootfs from recovery you can disable that systemd service?18:27
depscribemal : i'd guess. was really, really hoping for something that won't take the rest of the day, but oh, well. we really need a magic way of booting to a terminal!18:30
maldepscribe: I didn't mean using recovery the usual way18:31
maldepscribe: I mean if there is terminal connection there or something18:32
depscribeif i could SSH in, i could fix it, but best i can tell, i can't. if i connect a cable i get "unlock device first"18:33
tmynttindepscribe: afaik you can use shell in recovery mode18:34
malis there a hybris-recovery.img in the installation zip?18:35
malfastboot boot hybris-recovery.img should give some debugging possibilities18:35
depscribeyup, it's there -- problem is, that's 2.2.18 -- i did TOA.18:36
malshouldn't matter, that recovery image stops at early boot, should allow telnet to port 2318:37
malor something like tat18:39
depscribeam trying. stuck at <waiting for device>18:42
maldepscribe: did you boot it to fastboot mode first?18:46
depscribegood news: i'm in to the shell. bad news, i have no idea what to do now!18:48
depscribewhat tools are available when ssh'ed in in recovery mode? none of the commands i normally use seem to be available, and the docs are to restore to factory state.18:53
maldepscribe: so are in rootfs now?18:55
depscribefor instance, there's no pkcon, or del, or, well, any command i recognize18:55
depscribemal : yup.18:56
depscribels seems to work, though.18:57
maldepscribe: the service files you are looking for are in /usr/lib/systemd/user/18:57
mallook for xplanet files there18:57
malthe ugly way is to just delete the xplanet services and hope it help18:57
depscribe-sh: cd: can't cd to /usr/lib/systemd/user/18:58
depscribels: /usr/lib/systemd/user/: No such file or directory18:59
malare you sure you are in rootfs18:59
depscriberecovery:/ #18:59
malcheck mount18:59
malthat might not be the sailfish rootfs18:59
depscribeit lists "/dev/sailfish/root on /rootfs type ext4"19:00
depscribeit keeps claiming that there is no /usr/lib/systemd/user/19:07
maldepscribe: so go to /rootfs ?19:08
malwhat does it show?19:08
depscribei was able to dig my way down, one subdir at a time. have deleted things xplanet. i suppose i'm ready to try a reboot.19:09
depscribewhich i did: and nothing is changed. need to nuke xplanet-background itself, because it seems the services are restored on boot.19:12
depscribeno idea how to do that from telnet.19:13
depscribeor else get in and move around the old files, which ought to allow the new version to work. but couldn't find ~/nemo19:15
maldepscribe: open the rpm from openrepos using some compressed file manager or something and check what files it contains19:18
maland remove all of those19:18
depscribebefore that, i might be able to fix it if i can get into /nemo. but i see no /home.19:19
depscribeif i can remove the config files and create a particular empty directory in /nemo, it should boot okay19:20
maldepscribe: did you see home in recovery?19:23
maldid it mount it19:23
depscribei'm back in recovery and in /home, but no nemo19:24
malcheck mount, it might be mounted in another place19:31
depscribeno, it's not mounted anyplace else.19:37
malmaybe then remove all signs of xplanet?19:39
depscribetrying. wish we had normal utilities like "locate"!19:40
malnot sure how removing the service files didn't fix it19:40
pketoif you chroot to the rootfs, you should be able to use rpm -e to uninstall it19:41
depscriberpm: invalid option -- 'e'19:41
depscribedon't kbnow where recovery brings me, but it's not where i have access to anything useful.19:44
malpketo: are there different recoveries, in addition to hybris-recovery.img19:46
pketoI don't know19:47
pketodepscribe: did you do 'chroot /rootfs' in the recovery shell?19:49
pketoseems that the busybox has some kind of rpm command, but that's not the one to use19:50
depscribeyup. am now deleting files that came in in the rpm.19:54
depscribe i do not frigging believe it. i have deleted every file in xplanet and xplanet-background and still, it boots to the same thing. so this mess is either in ~/nemo or in the ambiences engine20:05
depscribeso what do you do if sfos tries to boot into a nonexistent ambience?20:06
depscribebecause i'm just about ready to frisbee this thing!20:07
maldepscribe: was the original issue incorrect config for xplanet?20:09
depscribemal : i can't know for sure. except that xplanet worked fine until update, then the situation we have now. i'd guess if i could force a different ambience, it would work bit i can't20:14
depscribenor can i get into /nemo at all, chroot or not20:14
pketothe home partition is not mounted by default in the recovery shell20:15
depscribehow might i mount it?20:16
depscribei know the mount command, but i don't know the home partition20:16
pketojust a moment, I'll check20:16
pketomkdir /homefs; mount /dev/sailfish/home /homefs20:18
depscribespecial device /dev/sailfish/home does not exist.20:19
pketohow about /dev/mapper/sailfish-home?20:20
depscribecouldn't do uit from chroot, but from recovery i can. yippee!20:22
pketoI have no idea what that xplanet does so can't help more with that... apparently it does some weird stuff if it breaks the UI20:24
depscribei think the ambience engine is waiting for something it's not getting. trick is for now to force ambience to something else.20:25
depscribeor so i suspect.20:25
maldepscribe: did you have old configs? there was a note that could break it20:27
depscribei did, but the note (which i admit i only read later) didn't say they'd freeze the device, and said they could be fixed later.20:30
depscribei'm looking in ~/nemo/.config/systemd/user and finding things i may or may noot want to delete20:31
tortoisedochello howdihow20:32
depscribenope -- nothing there.20:32
tortoisedocdoes someone have some knowledge on sb2 internals?20:32
tortoisedocim wondering especially about the behaviour of realpath20:33
tortoisedocis it supposed to be mapped to /partenroot or not?20:33
maldepscribe: maybe add back the planetx files and fix the configs?20:35
tortoisedocping martyone (noticed you from the commits on sb2)20:35
depscribeat this point, trying to figure out where/how to tell it to use a different ambience, from shell in ~/nemo20:40
depscribealternately, to find the top menu configuration file20:42
maldepscribe: based on the scripts in xplanet rpm it uses dbus to set the ambience, so one option is to make a systemd service that would use something similar to change the ambience20:55
depscribethat's far above anything i know how to do. i think i've deleted all of the xplanet stuff, so it pretty much has to be the ambience engine looking for xplanet.21:11
depscribeany idea how to reset that?21:11
mallike I said, dbus, which is not available in recovery21:13
maldepscribe: look at the files in xplanet rpm, you can see one script with dbus commands, just change the ambience name in that and hopefully that could help21:13
malyou just need to find out a name for another ambience to use21:14
depscribeproblem is i've nuked all those files and have no way to bring 'em back.21:14
depscribeif i had any actual tools while shelled in, maybe, but i cannot even get an editor to work here. just a very few file manipulation commands.21:17
depscribeoh, for mc -- which i have installed, but it won't run here, as it would through a normal ssh21:17
depscribeat this point, if i could get to 2.2.18 stock i'd be happy.21:24
malso sdcard is not an option for you?21:28
maldepscribe: one possible option is to copy some existing ambience as the xplanet ambience so it would be used21:29
depscribewhere do ambiences live? i wondered if that might work, but i have no clue as to the mysteries of ambiences21:30
maldepscribe: /usr/share/ambience21:31
maldepscribe: check the rpm again for the exact file names to use21:33
Martiiniis there youtube for sailfish os21:39
depscribemal : did the rename, and it worked!21:41
Martiiniobvi, I can watch youtube in a browser21:41
depscribethanks very much for spending much of your sunday sorting this out. i owe you a *keg* of beer!21:41
Martiinidepscribe, what was your prob21:42
Martiiniyou couldnt install it?21:42
depscribexplanet-background upgrade caused system to halt before login screen could be accessed, so couldn't even ssh in. via recovery mode and much trial and error was able21:44
depscribehours later to get in.21:44
Martiiniah, yes, it was, sorry21:44
Martiiniit seems to be Finnish developed21:45
depscribethanks to mal's suggestion21:45
maldepscribe: good to hear it worked21:45
depscribeme, too!21:45
MartiiniI'm guessing, some Tampere University hackers develop Sailfish os21:45
tortoisedochm interesting21:51
tortoisedocrealpath is not supported by the mer sdk shell21:51
Martiiniall software should be uploaded to GIT21:52
Martiiniby LAW! :)21:52
maldepscribe: are you sure you had the latest version of xplanet installed? just wondering why it failed21:59
Martiinibtw, do u know what sailfish is based on? it has rpm packs?22:01
tortoisedocMartiini : so the LAW is M$?22:02
tortoisedocyou know M$ bought gitlab some time ago, right?22:02
tortoisedocs/gitlab/github :OP22:02
* tortoisedoc time to go to sleep22:02
Martiinimoney makes the world go round22:04
MartiiniMicrosoft and USA can buy out anything22:04
tortoisedocMartiini : damn right22:04
MartiiniI like usa though, nicest girls on planet22:04
malMartiini: sailfish built on top of Mer which is based on meego22:05
MartiiniSymbian was also good,, and Nokia phones.. Dont know what happened to Symbian22:05
MartiiniSUSE developers are also nice22:11

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