Saturday, 2018-11-17

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KabouikHas anyone managed to do that (dual boot on Xperia X)?
KabouikThere are links in Russian at the bottom of the page, and apparently people succeeded but I can't find any instructions.10:33
tortoisedocif one'd need in more stack space on OBS instances10:48
tortoisedochow to achieve that?10:49
tortoisedocuname -s xxx on the rpm script might not do the job..10:49
tortoisedoc(or at least I have tried)10:49
EtuaHello, Is Sailfish OS capable of using dual front camera in XA2 Ultra?11:15
tortoisedocI think the camera app might not be equipped for that11:19
tortoisedocbut i might be wrong :)11:19
r0kk3rzthat would be lower than the camera app layer11:20
r0kk3rzwe've recently been looking into better camera support, so maybe11:21
tortoisedocit'd be interesting to see if android apps might work11:21
tortoisedoc(apps for that purpose I mean=11:21
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : do you know if theres a way to get the stack size tuned on obs instances?11:22
r0kk3rzask lbt?11:22
tortoisedoclbt : ping ^11:22
tortoisedoculimit -s is enough to set it in the chroot11:23
tortoisedocbut the thing is, it doesnt seem to be effective, so it has to be set on the host as well11:23
lbttortoisedoc: specifically what's the problem?11:49
tortoisedoclbt : compiling rust 1.27 results in EBUS error12:04
tortoisedocseems to be related to stack being "only" 8 MB12:04
tortoisedocupping it to 16 MB seems to fix it (so far been running fine)12:05
tortoisedoc(on both my system as well as chroot)12:05
tortoisedoc(on obs, only doing it in chroot via spec file does not suffice)12:05
EtuaHas been XA2 Plus so popular that is was sold out or not actually not many phones were manufactured? I can see a lot of XA2 and XA2 Ultra on the market but barely Plus version.12:29
EtuaDoes Sailfish OS support Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology?12:40
r0kk3rzit probably doesnt have to12:46
pketo_xa2 plus is quite new, launched in september or something like that, so that might be one reason why it's not widely available yet12:57
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Etuar0kk3rz: I stumbled upon this graphic and it made me ask the question about how much is Jolla contributing to FOSS software compared to they using it. Desire for openess and freedom is as I can see quite spread in this community but isn't it that the open parts of the OS is what they have taken and probably adapted to their needs and the rest - written by J13:01
EtuaSome parts like Exchange support maybe have to be closed but basic system apps like notes or calculator? Come on...13:04
rinigusEtua: Indeed! calculator maybe patented as well for a good measure! now, skipping irony: it's a soar spot you hit and has been discussed over and over. don't expect it to change in foreseeable future13:31
Etuarinigus: Is there some discussion on or anywhere else I could refer to?13:33
rinigusEtua: probably, but I don't have a link for specific threads. there are also mermeetings that are on irc, logged on the same server as this channel. but I don't remember when it was discussed actively last time13:35
rinigus... you may need a date to find the log. although, log of mer meetings is probably more informative13:36
Etuarinigus: I'll try to find it myself. Thank you for telling me about the issue.13:36
rinigusEtua: there is an open source initiative - nemo - but I cannot tell you how far they are.13:39
Etuarinigus: I'll check that out, thanks.13:43
Leif_Eri_Hello, my Sailfish SDK shows a new warning, that I should use QtQuick1 code model instead of QtQuick2 code model. Is this a bug? The import of QtQuick 2.0 was part of the default app template.16:29
Leif_Eri_Should I ignore this warning?16:29
EtuaDo you see a reason for buying used Xperia X today with SFOS in mind? For me OPO and Galaxy S5 performance was fine but I am worried about possible EOL date for software updates.17:07
Leif_Eri_It's also strange, that QtCreator complains the property width for TextArea. This property is described in the documentation.17:07
Leif_Eri_Etua: Usually Jolla supports a device many years. Look at Jolla 1. It's still supported.17:08
EtuaLeif_Eri_: It's their flagship device after all.17:09
tortoisedoclbt : I know it seems unusual as a request; but given the version im trying to compile is actually a release, I'd suspect this really "just" to be a stack size issue18:54
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