Friday, 2018-11-16

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spiiroinIngvix: it goes something like: when volume keys should be acted on / ignored = in mce; what happens when volume key is pressed = in lipstick for global actions (ringing tone/media volume/screenshot) / application specific handling via MediaKey objects06:38
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rinigusr0kk3rz:  good job with webengine! but to work with that webengine we will neeed qt5.9, so have to wait for that update.09:20
r0kk3rzyes it will09:20
r0kk3rzoh the arm build failed, nice09:21
r0kk3rzrinigus: there was talk in the meeting yesterday about getting the community to work with qtwebengine09:22
r0kk3rzso i thought id at least get it built somewhere public09:23
rinigusr0kk3rz: exactly! looks like we (community) have to make the browser, so having webengine is a step in the right direction :).09:27
EtuaHello, I'll ask my question second time because two days ago I got no response and I'm curious about that: I've just read TOS for Harbour and there is a whole exhibit dedicated to Here Technologies. What kind of relationship is present between Jolla and Here? How are their services used in the OS?17:13
Ljocht1i have problem with alarm on doesn't work. Really doesn't work. Today I couldn't go to work cause I wake at 12...17:23
DylanVanAsscheHere is used in some Jolla devices for assisted GPS. If I'm not wrong, it's now replaced on newer devices by the Mozilla service. Here is also used in Harbour as the provider for maps, but you can find a native version on OpenRepos of a navigation app17:23
DylanVanAsscheEtua: ^^17:23
malLjocht1: which device? you mean alarm from powered off device or when device is on?17:28
EtuaDylanVanAssche: Thank you17:38
EtuaCan I browse the Harbour without Sailfis OS installed. I have a proper Jolla account but that's it basically.17:40
Ljocht1mal: alarm clock doesn't work really. I set the alarm to get signal 10 minutes ago, but it did not work!17:45
DylanVanAsscheEtua: Unfortunately, no, there's no web interface :(17:46
rinigusEtua: you can browse . most of the software should be there as well.18:20
DylanVanAsscherinigus: True!18:26
rinigusI'd like to use Theme.colorScheme to determine if the scheme is "dark" or "light". But its hard to figure out what's what according to and without sfos3 device18:36
Ljocht1Tomorrow I'll go buy an analog alarm clock, if Jolla's doesn't work18:56
malLjocht1: did you reboot the device? you didn't tell which device19:03
Ljocht1Jolla 1, yep I reboot it19:05
malvery odd19:07
rinigus... or, as a follow up, is there a way to get default background (not pressed control). Does Theme.overlayBackgroundColor provide it?19:19
Ljocht1mal you can remember what problems I had before19:20
malLjocht1: you had some update issues? did you end up resetting the device?19:35
corecomicdoes anyone know hot to get rid the welcome screen in sailfish 3 without using the touchscreen, i.e. where the relevant file is on the filesystem?19:39
Ljocht1mal: I have UI update from 1.~ to and of course I reboot all times19:49
malLjocht1: do alarms work if you don't let the device suspend?20:12
Ljocht1mal: It works, when screen on20:12
malso always if screen is off it fails?20:13
Ljocht1yep, but i catch, when alarm doesn't work with screen on20:14
malLjocht1: could you create a such failure and get output of journalctl -a (using devel-su after setting developer mode password)20:15
Ljocht1mal: Now I can't catch it. I can check logs, when alarm clock will not work20:35
HtheBjust a teaser for you guys (:21:29
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coderusOh another qwerty Kickstarter project?21:54
HtheBcoderus: no, not kickstarter21:56
netvorhi guys, I just installed SDK on Fedora and I'm trying to follow the FirstApp guide ... and I get stuck with "No valid kits available"22:07
netvorany ideas?22:07
netvoreven if I click the 'options' link, it gets me to the options I can see there is already one "Desktop" kit..22:09
malnetvor: did you install all of the things in the installer?22:36
netvorwell I did not tamper with the boxes, I vaguely remember they have been all checked22:37
malthere is the maintenance tool in the folder where you installed it22:38
netvor(btw I chose different than default location)22:38
netvorwow, `Segmentation fault (core dumped)`22:39
netvorjust started the ./SDKMaintenanceTool, selected Add or Remove, clicked Next ... segfault22:40
malquite odd22:41
netvoryeah, nothing really special here... Linux (hostname) 4.18.17-200.fc28.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Nov 5 18:04:28 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:42
netvor'Update Components' segfaults as well22:43
maldo you see the targets under the mersdk folder in the installation directory?22:45
netvoryep, 2 dirs, and targets.xml22:46
netvorI might have suspicion ... there are some SSL warnings printed to the console22:47
malwhere did you install it?22:47
malwondering if there could be some permission issues22:47
netvorand when I go to settings (the first page where i select Add/Update/...) and go to repos, select repos and click Test, it segfaults22:47
netvorso maybe touching ssl is what segfaults22:48
netvormal: it's under ~/local/SailfishOS22:49
netvoralso tried to add http:// url as custom repo -- `Test` segfaults as well22:50
malnetvor: not really sure what to try, unless you want try debugging with gdb, other than that I would suggest trying to install it again23:00
malnetvor: wondering what kind of permissions that needs from the partition where home is, like if it has noexec or something23:02
netvorwell wouldn't that prevent even the installer to run23:02
netvorit's really just normal Fedora installation23:03
netvorI'm re-tying the install23:03
netvor...with making sure all is checked23:04
netvormy next attempt would be to instslall to default location23:04
malit would be strange if location would matter that much but can't rule out some bug there23:05
netvorok so everything looks the same23:08
netvorwill try the default loc23:08
netvorOK, so the kits appeared now...23:14
netvorsegfault still there, though23:14
netvoranyway, I don't want to have the SDK in ~/SailfishOS, at least not on this machine23:15
malnetvor: wondering which Qt version your system has?23:40
netvorwell not sure how do i check23:41
maltry running qtdiag23:42

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