Thursday, 2018-11-22

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dcalisteHello chriadam, just a word to say that I remember why I've prefered the etag modification for the CalDAV fix ;) Please hold the merge, the detached-by-sync tag version has a bug. I'm going to add yet another test (on up-sync this time) and correct it while not going back to etag mangling.07:52
chriadamdcaliste: hi :-)07:52
chriadamsure, I haven't had a chance to review the latest change anyway, I was planning to do that tomorrow07:53
chriadamthanks very much for looking into that one, by the way.  sorry I took so long to respond.07:53
dcalisteThe problem is for UI detached exception (thus local addition) that are always up-sync now, because the detached-by-sync tag or equivalent is not added when upsyncing, while with the etag mangling it was done automatically ;)07:53
dcalisteNo problem, you was quick, don't worry, I'm not waiting for reply within hours, days are fine!07:54
dcalistes/you was/you were/ ouch :(07:54
dcalisteThis issue of up-syncing can be solved easily by reverting the suppression of the search in additions list, but since we have this tagging, there should be a nice way to remove this SQL query and this search in the addition list for every synced events.07:56
chriadamwhat do you mean by "the detached-by-sync tag .. is not added when upsyncing" ?  I had assumed that was added when we downsynced it07:56
chriadamand just checked before we attempted to upsync07:57
dcalisteYes, this tag is added when down-syncing and indeed checked in delta calculation.07:57
dcalisteBut I've removed the search in addition list.07:57
dcalisteBecause it was not necessary with the etag mangling.07:58
dcalisteAnd it saved one SQL query and a for loop.07:58
chriadamah right I see07:59
chriadamyes, it is a shame that linear search through memory is required for the addition suppression :-(07:59
chriadambut, probably not too big a problem imo07:59
dcalisteI'm sure that with tagging we can avoid that. I don't like the tagging solution but I cannot see any other way (based on time stamps???) to differentiate local addition from down-sync additions.08:00
dcalisteThus, since we have tagging for good I'm sure we can remove this SQL query and search in addition list.08:00
chriadamI don't see any other way either.  if you can avoid the overhead, great :-)08:01
dcalisteYes and as a bonus, it make the delta easier to read in my opinion. Well, I'm going to add a test for up-sync like the one I've added for down-sync and modify a bit the tagging mechanism to work in both cases.08:02
dcalisteOtherwise, I've seen work again on C API for secrets, nice. With GObject, even better ;) I'll try to find time to help for review.08:04
chriadamdcaliste: that would be appreciated, I have no idea with glib ;-)08:08
dcalisteI'm using GLib / GObject at work so no problem. Particularly, with introspection, you have JS and Python for free with the exact same API without doing anything more. It's really powerful.08:10
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x2smonich: still interested in the Xperia looses mobile network thing? I think the Update 2018.11.22 part of this could be of interest for you:
monichx2s: that's quite a reading, thanks!15:47
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