Friday, 2018-11-23

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freyr69`version --dup` fails with `cannot install both pattern:jolla-configuration-sbj-VER and pattern:jolla-configuration-sbj-VER` (VER are identical). How to fix that?07:19
chriadamwhat does `ssu status` and `ssu flavour` return?07:21
chriadam(I'm wondering if one of those patterns is a `release` pattern but the other is a `devel` pattern, or something)07:23
freyr69ssu status07:25
freyr69It happened after I've installed an update from testing07:26
freyr69so probably repos or packages are messed up somehow07:26
freyr69Now I can't install anything from neither openrepos nor store07:26
chriadampketo: are you able to help with this?  my knowledge here is sorely lacking07:26
chriadammy expectation is that you need to reset your ssu to sales domain properly, as it might be half stuck in testing flavour, but not 100% sure07:27
chriadamwhat does `ssu lr` show?07:27
freyr69Device flavour is release07:27
freyr69chriadam: repos07:32
freyr69May adaptation0 and adaptation1 conflict?07:33
pketofreyr69: what do you mean by "installed an update from testing"?07:33
freyr69Set `get dev updates` in my jolla profile07:34
freyr69and installed 3.x.x.x when it was not released yet07:34
chriadamfreyr69: interesting that your adaptation0 and adaptation1 are not different.  my SbJ battery is dead so I can't check that, but on my xperia:07:35
chriadam - adaptation0    ...
chriadam - adaptation1    ...
chriadamthey are different07:35
pketothe adaptation repos should not be under user repos07:36
freyr69Well, I didn't edit any repo configs manually07:36
freyr69So the possible fix is?07:37
freyr69Remove adaptation repos from user list?07:39
pketotry 'ssu rr adaptation1'07:39
freyr69Well, it has been removed from user repos07:40
pketook, then do the same for adaptation0, aliendalvik, apps, customer-jolla, hotfixes, jolla, store, and xt907:44
pketoah, not for store07:45
pketoand pastebin the ssu lr output after that07:47
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freyr69Well, I've removed these successfully07:53
freyr69I'll try pkcon refresh and version --dup now07:57
freyr69It seems it works. Thanks alot, guys)08:07
chriadamgreat!  thanks pketo08:08
pketono problem... I just wonder what messed up the repo config...08:11
freyr69Maybe the openrepos client, I dunno08:14
freyr69or the update itself08:14
Mister_Magisterpketo: hi08:27
pketoMister_Magister: hello08:28
coderuschriadam: sbj doesnt have dhd adaptation repo :)09:20
r0kk3rzthis looks interesting09:36
r0kk3rzneed to splice it into tIDE09:37
coderusr0kk3rz: mega wtf10:17
HalftuxI am thinking to buy sony xperia xz1 to run in the future sf on it, is somebody working to get sailfish running on xz1 or is it a bad idea to buy it?12:33
leszekdon't buy it12:35
leszekHalftux: there is no official support for it and it is not planned12:42
Halftuxok thanks for the information, that is really sad12:44
Halftuxleszek: do you know if there is maybe support planned for the xz2 or xz3?12:48
leszekafaik there is nothing planned for new devices yet. Jolla needs to first get shit done with the X and XA2. X support is still lacking some features and XA2 is unusable atm I would say12:49
DennisRoczekyeah, I will instal some android the weekend. xa2 with sfos3 is not really working good. the sound quality when doing "classic" phone calls is too flacky to use it in productive. :-(12:52
DennisRoczekeven if not using whatsapp and any other web browser (without JS no real page is working useful)12:53
leszekI fight wifi currently as it is set to the wrong country code which means no 2.4 Ghz Wifi for me12:53
r0kk3rzslush is up soon, maybe they tease something12:55
r0kk3rzor at mwc next year12:55
leszekr0kk3rz: I would be happy if they got a manufacturer to ship SFOS ootb in Europe. Maybe that would help raising the quality of the OS. As SFOS 3 on XA2 is a beta version again :P12:58
r0kk3rzit would be nice13:00
r0kk3rzits a shame the only country taking sfos seriously seems to be the russians13:00
r0kk3rzsome EU support for home grown EU things seems like a nobrainer13:01
leszekr0kk3rz: any clue on how to set the correct wifi country. Somehow XA2 sets it to US and that creates problems13:02
r0kk3rzhmm, does it have the correct thing in android?13:03
leszekit at least showed the 2.4 Ghz network which SailfishOS is not13:04
r0kk3rzi wonder if you've got the wrong firmware file...13:07
leszekI used the link that jolla provides13:07
leszekas someone else who followed my guide also has the issue might be something wrong with the link or so13:07
r0kk3rzyeah yeah, but the wireless adapter has a firmware file that it loads at runtime13:08
leszekr0kk3rz: how can I check that or replace the firmware file maybe?13:08
r0kk3rzit'd be better to poke the jolla / porter guys about it13:11
r0kk3rzleszek: apparently theres some WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini file, maybe that has something useful in it13:14
r0kk3rzyeah theres a lot of stuff in there13:16
r0kk3rztheres a BandCapability option in there, no idea what its possible values are13:17
leszekhmm... the country code is wrong. But I don't see a way to change it there13:22
tortoisedochmm I wonder15:26
tortoisedocwould it be possible to have a LIVE version of sfos15:26
tortoisedockind of like debian live15:26
r0kk3rzfor what purpose?15:28
fledermaussomewhat harder problem to solve15:51
fledermaussince most of the target hw won't boot off external media15:51
leszekanyone knows a workaround to control volume even when librespot hutspot is running and the display is turned off? It does not allow me to change the volume for some reason. I guess it has to do wit the pulseaudio rule for librespot16:50
haasnHmm, with Sailfish OS 3, I have "No sound" selected for the message tone but I still heard the configured tone when receiving a message18:32
haasnMy configured ambiance also has no sound selection18:33
fledermausI had that with calendar events18:33
haasnKnown bug?18:33
fledermauswent off while I was at the movies, despite being in silent ambience18:33
fledermausluckily during the trailers only.18:33
* fledermaus makes a note to check if that is reproducible 18:34
louisdkI enabled double tap on Xperia X but suffer some random backouts where a has to force reboot the phone. Now I'm loooking for some commands to turn it off completely/revert to default settings of mce. I've used these commands to enable it back in the day:
louisdkSolution found:
* spiiroin wonders how come *those 4 lines* are what everybody manages to find and use ... 2 are the same thing, 1 does nothing and the remaining one is the one that *will* cause problems on xperia x20:22
louisdkspiiroin: I wanted to revert double tap. I managed to do so by stopping mce, deleting /var/lib/mce/builtin-gconf.values and starting mce again.20:47
spiiroinlouisdk: "mcetool --reset-settings" does the same, without needing the restart / root privs20:48
spiiroin... does not really matter though as long as you got it done ;-)20:49
louisdkspiiroin: but thanks. Will remember that for another time :)20:50
spiiroinlouisdk: more interesting use for that file is to check "what have I changed from defaults" & retain some of it via "stop mce ; edit the conf ; start mce" cycle20:50
louisdkspiiroin: I see.20:51
louisdkspiiroin: Thx for your input :)20:55

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