Saturday, 2018-11-24

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tadzikis carddav contact syncing supposed to work now?10:39
r0kk3rzsupposed to yeah, for like a long time now10:40
x2ssync works, yes10:41
tadzikit doesn't seem to work for me10:41
x2sAnd I hope with 3.0 there is an option to show which contacts or on carddav and which ones stored on the phone10:41
tadzikcaldav seems to be fine, yes, but not carddav10:41
tadzikalso, "cool" that you can't even look at the DAV paths after the account is set up10:42
tadzikwhich sqlite or whatever does it live in?10:42
r0kk3rzx2s: id expect that at some point, its a good businessy feature to have10:43
x2salso I'd like to have my phonebook synced with what gets send via bluetooth10:57
x2sit's annoying when I enter a new contact, it's in the phonebook, but it doesn't show up in my car.10:58
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DylanVanAsscheAnyone already used GCOV with the Application SDK? I would like to run some coverage tests on my project using GCOV. I configured GCOV already to generate the necessary files using the `--coverage` flag. However, if I run the project the Mer SDK can't create a subdirectory apparently. I pasted the output in this PasteBin:
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