Tuesday, 2018-11-27

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flav0rhey peopel setting up MMS is bamboozling me !02:57
_svenhow can i set location for screenshots?06:04
_svenscreenshots are stored to $home/Pictures/Screenshots but Gallery doesn't show me Screenshots. Is there a config file for Gallery app?06:06
_svenor gsettings command?06:07
tortoisedocol: agreed the solution would be to have not only separate packages, but separate  *projects*, one per version.06:45
tortoisedoccause the solution at the moment is to name the packages differently in the same project (which is also a forced approach)06:45
tortoisedocol: I can agree to the obs dependency reasoning, but it doesn't explain why an obs-specific attribute like a package name has to be teleported in the rpm's universe (namely mentioned in the dependencies of the spec file).06:47
tortoisedocThis unnecessarily ties the rpm to obs imo06:47
tortoisedocas an obs newbie, it took quite some time to figure out :)06:48
tortoisedocol : also what is meant by understand as reproducible builds? it doesnt seem builds like rust-1.24.0 are reproduceable (unless there's no newer dependencies)07:10
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tortoisedocs/meant by understand as reproducible builds/meant by reproducible builds07:26
flav0rhey anyone savvy with MMS settings ??? im trying to setup a phone with the provider in USA called Mint Mobile (a mvno for tmobile)08:24
flav0rthey have settings that vary for iphone and android so im just messing between those08:24
flav0rbut it seems to not work !08:24
flav0rany insight about all that and how it translates to sailfish settings08:26
flav0rive been pretty much trial and error08:26
flav0rstill no go !08:26
r0kk3rzthe settings should be os independent, its just the screens look different08:46
caitlinhmm, that's fun. can't actually end calls, ended up murdering the xa2 with the power button10:11
leszekcaitlin: the proximity sensor driver has bugs. If you install mce-tools you can disable it completely though then the display will stay on and react on touches when you hold the phone to your ear10:15
leszekI hope the next update will fix it. Switching to hwcomposer2 should fix a lot of issues maybe also the proximity sensor misbehavior10:16
r0kk3rzhope the other end hangs up ;)10:17
leszekthere should be a cheat code like double pressing the camera button to end a call or even take it10:20
r0kk3rztriple tap power should do it i think...10:29
sledgessneak peek into 3.0.1 https://together.jolla.com/question/194678/official-announcement-l10n-strings-for-301/11:14
tadziknice :)11:19
tadzikI see nfc, calendar invitations, encrypted USB11:20
caitlinleszek, also it works if i take the sticky film off the front and feel foolish about shouting about it on the internet11:37
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oltortoisedoc (IRC): Separate projects won't help: you still can't use a package with the same name as build dependency, no matter whether it's in the same or in the different project.18:43
olI don't quite get what you mean by "teleported". OBS uses rpm dependencies to install packages necessary for build. There is no other dependency system available when building rpm packages.18:46

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