Wednesday, 2018-11-28

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flav0rhey any insight as to any problems sending MMS while connected to wifi ??08:04
elros1X-Nemo-Single-Instance=no doesn't have any effect on Anybody used it before?14:04
r0kk3rzi have14:04
r0kk3rzbut i normally just remove the whole line14:05
r0kk3rzoh, i did set it to no14:05
r0kk3rzand it certainly used to work14:05
elros1lca-tool --triggerdesktop behaves correctly but lipstick always activate window14:09
coderuselros1: lipstick always activate window since 2.0 iirc14:19
coderusthis was working as you expected in 1.x14:19
elros1coderus: do you know if this is intentional or just bug?14:25
coderuselros1: seems designed to run applications from drawer, not random stuff :)14:26
r0kk3rzfrom drawer is not the only sensible places apps are called from14:29
r0kk3rzxdg-open was my use case14:29
elros1just wanted to shortcut to fingerterm14:30
elros1ok so X-Nemo-Single-Instance is completly ignored in launcher, it always search for window first. Need to patch it15:29
taixzointeresting. If I plug in my desktop headphones with an aux cable, music works, audio in android apps works, but there's no system audio (clicks from pulley menus) and neither podqast or gpodder work. (All work fine via earbuds, or the aux port in my car.)16:09
r0kk3rzthis is on xa2?16:09
taixzoon xperia x16:14
kimmolitry adjusting ring volume?16:15
taixzoring volume is up16:21
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