Thursday, 2018-11-29

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sledgesPSA: SFOS collab. @ #mer-meeting starting now-ish09:00
kimmolitortoisedoc: your meeting guestion was just skipped...09:15
tortoisedochmhm is there something wrong with obs12:06
tortoisedocthe hosts compiling rust are freakishly slow12:06
tortoisedocbut the load is alot reduced compared to the last days12:07
tortoisedoclbt :
maltortoisedoc: work for me12:59
tortoisedocah back :)12:59
r0kk3rzyou should also talk about mer things in #mer13:06
lbtseems OK now.13:22
lbtIn general I don't mind at all getting pings about things like this from channels that use mer services13:22
lbt#mer is the probably the right place to talk about mer core or changes to mer services though - or to get into discussions :)13:23
tortoisedocgot it13:34
tortoisedocit is quite difficult to discern mer from sfos tho14:19
r0kk3rzpfft, no its not14:21

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