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antisHi, occasionally phone calls on FP2 enable the "on hold" mode during a call. Is this an issue to be fixed in the upcoming version? However with SF3 this behaviour has improved a lot and that's great!00:23
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tortoisedoclbt : got another problem (no log however as I triggered a new build) : /tmp partition seemed to be full, is that possible?12:35
lbtthat would be OOM12:35
tortoisedoclbt : oho12:36
lbtwhat package?12:36
tortoisedocsame rust package12:36
tortoisedoci tried a df to see if i could see the size of /tmp but failed :P12:36
tortoisedoc(the build before that has the issue, in case you have access to it)12:36
lbtit's typically tmpfs12:36
tortoisedoclbt : okay, are there hard limits?12:37
lbtyeah - but it's multi-Gb so I'm surprised12:37
lbtI wonder about power workers12:39
tortoisedoclbt : yes me too; it seems however rustc can be quite demanding in terms of AST complexity (sourced from different rust devs); I don't know at this point if its more of a bug12:39
tortoisedocpower workers?12:39
lbtnot sure they're setup any more... I'll have to look12:42
* tortoisedoc lost13:03
tortoisedocwhats the difference between a power worker and a non-power worker?13:03
r0kk3rzmoar powaaa13:03
dcalistejpetrell, pvuorela: I mentioned to chriadam some weeks ago having random issues with lipstick-ui-security. Once in a while, it gets stuck and password windows are not appearing anymore.13:22
dcalisteIt's happening again, and also in gdb, I've got some traceback.13:22
dcalisteAre you aware of this problem, how can we proceed ? Since latest cbeta, it seems more easy to reproduce. Besides, thanks jpetrell for the display to always show the bottom part of the window, it's nice.13:23
pvuoreladcaliste: i'm not aware of much or any on that, but tracebacks can always help :)13:47
dcalistepvuorela: yeh, but I don't install debug symbols and issue seems to be related to wayland and egl…13:48
pvuoreladcaliste: um, right.13:49
dcalistepvuorela: see
dcalisteI've stopped lipstick-ui-security via systemctl13:51
dcalisteThem run one instance in gdb13:51
dcalisteWith gpg2, I request a password.13:51
dcalisteThe window open and I can get my password, but when the window disappears, the crash is reported in gdb.13:52
dcalisteAt another moment, it didn"t crash but stop with the following warning:13:53
dcaliste[W] unknown:0 - The Wayland connection broke. Did the Wayland compositor die?13:53
dcalisteUsing the same procedure as described before.13:53
jpetrelldcaliste: could you file a bug in internal bugzilla, add relevant info. and add denexter as cc14:01
dcalistejpetrell: sorry, no I don't have any access to the internal bugzilla :( I can provide as many info to reproduce or that I gathered in the bitbucket snippet mentioned before though.14:02
jpetrelldcaliste: ah ok. well that works too14:02
dcalistepvuorela, jpetrell, I've updated the snippet with as much information as I have. The crash is not reproductible at will :( If you can ping denexter internally, that would be nice.14:22
tortoisedoc_lbt : here we go the same OOM error :
attahAre there some good play/pause, progress etc qml widgets that one could steal from somewhere?18:57
attahIs it impossible to inline-define an object with multiple properties in a function call?19:46
attahand/or how do i pass my delegated item to the next page?19:47
tortoisedoc_attah : what do you mean with "in a function call"? As a factory?19:51
attahconstructed with just curlys inside a something()19:51
attahit seems comma is the key19:52
attahi was going for semicolon between properties19:52
tortoisedoc_oh heh :)19:53
attahconsistency is overrated apparently :)19:53
attahany ideas on the other question? i have my BackgroundItem{id: delegate}, how would i pass that to the pagestacker?19:54
attahi want a handful of its attributes really..19:55
tortoisedoc_hmhm I might be wrong, but arent qml objects global until their parents disappear19:56
tortoisedoc_coderus : *summons*19:56
attahmayhaps... so how do i *refer* to it19:57
tortoisedoc_actually, refcounts in qml *should* keep them alive19:57
tortoisedoc_okkam's razor : with the id?19:57
attahwell, it's "delegate"... i have the impression that's special19:58
tortoisedoc_ <- this doesnt mention any cross-qml references (tl;dr;)19:59
tortoisedoc_(at least not at first sight)19:59
tortoisedoc_attah : out of curiosity, why would you like to refer the same delegate from different components (pages)?20:00
attahi really wanted to pass all parameters from whatever list item i click down to the next page20:01
attahnot too picky about how... but typing them out feels inconvenient20:01
tortoisedoc_hmm store them in a json object on a js backend store?20:02
tortoisedoc_you now, the usual MVC voodoo :)20:02
attahmeh :P20:02
tortoisedoc_why have it simple, whe you can make it complex20:03
tortoisedoc_but keep in mind, less is more!20:03
attahi'm on a semi-involuntary Android detox20:03
tortoisedoc_ah, a padawan on the way to the bright side of the force, i see!20:03
attahor i should say Alien Dalvik detox20:04
attahi really only need a few apps, and i can write at least 2 of them myself20:04
tortoisedoc_ive always wondered if qml was qt's biggest achievemnt or the biggest disappointment20:05
tortoisedoc_on one way, its a great tech20:05
tortoisedoc_on the other, its fragmentation at it's purest20:05
attahit desperately needs a new programming style20:05
tortoisedoc_Jobs got it better IMO20:05
attahi have never owned an Android phone privately... first smartphone was a N920:06
coderustortoisedoc_: sup?20:06
tortoisedoc_by clearly separating structure and behaviour20:06
attahElm for QML would be neato /methinks20:06
tortoisedoc_coderus : see above attah's question about how to create an object from a function20:06
tortoisedoc_qml is much clearer than the bs xml crap you need to write down in ios20:07
attahremaining question: can i pass my whole delegated list item to the next page?20:07
tortoisedoc_but hear hear, they wanted more so they forged javascript (= control) in the view20:07
coderusif you pageStack.push(page, {prop1: someobject.somevalue}) this value be copied20:07
coderusattah: you cant copy item, it is passed by pointer20:08
coderusas pointer20:08
attahwell, can i point back to it?20:09
coderusattah: well, sure, you can interact with it until it dies :)20:10
coderusif you push, not replace, it should still alive20:10
attahinteresting :) but how to refer to it?20:10
coderusattah: mmh?20:11
coderusproperty var ?20:11
coderusit always works :)20:11
attahand there is nothing special with it being named delegate?20:12
coderusattah: what you talking about?20:12
coderusyou should pass item by id20:12
attahi have a BackgroundItem{id:delegate} in my list20:13
attahif i click that i push a new page, on which i want to handle many of the attributes on said  BackgroundItem20:13
tortoisedoc_is there a reason the is stripped in mer?20:15
attahstill not working as i would have thought20:16
tortoisedoc_this is more of a burden that a good tool really :S20:16
coderusattah: why?20:16
* tortoisedoc_ throws in the trashcan20:16
attahmaybe the properties are not *on the BackgroundItem* but loose somehow20:16
attahthe model makes them20:17
coderusattah: what props you looking for?20:17
coderusif you want model, then pass model20:17
tortoisedoc_coderus : how much do you know of sb2?20:18
coderustortoisedoc_: less than i want to :)20:18
attahbut how do i get *this* list item?20:18
tortoisedoc_mal : do you know if an unstripped version of is available somewhere+20:18
coderusattah: pass both item and model :)20:19
coderusattah: tell me what you want20:19
attahi'm trying!20:19
attahi ahev say, variables title and url accessible (and different) in all list items20:20
coderuspageStack.push(page, {item: delegate, model: model})20:20
attahi want to bulk-pass them on20:20
attahbut the stiff that arrives from what i bound delegate to doesn't work20:20
coderusattah: show me how you calling pagestack push and how you using it on that page20:21
coderuspass model20:23
coderuspageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("PlayPage.qml"), {model: model})20:23
coderustext: model.title20:23
attah Unable to assign [undefined] to QString20:26
coderusattah: you did mexactly?:)20:26
attahmodel: programs.model20:27
attah                               {model: programs.model});20:27
coderusexactly model: model20:27
attahtext: model.title20:27
attah(on the other page)20:27
attah    property var model20:28
attah^defined as so20:28
coderusplease do exactly pageStack.push(Qt.resolvedUrl("PlayPage.qml"), {model: model})20:28
attahwow, that's weird20:29
attah...and it works20:29
attahwho bound that? xD20:29
coderusinside delagete item "model" is a context propery pointing to current item model data20:30
coderusyou can omit it, and delegate is trying to get undefined values from that "model" property20:30
attahthis needs a programming paradigm overhaul20:31
attahbut the core concepts seems to check out nicely... kinda like git's user interface20:31
attahcoderus: thanks btw :)20:38
tortoisedoc_has anyone succeeded in using valgrind in mer sb2?21:04

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