Sunday, 2018-12-02

depscribe "Software updates as long as device is supported" -- in chart comparing trial/paid versions00:38
attahVBoxManage: error: Could not launch a process for the machine 'Sailfish OS Emulator' (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)15:36
attahSheesh, i needed to install the separate gui package for virtualbox15:57
attahSooo, I'm trying to dynamically create a QML object (a page) in js, that seems to work, and push it to the pagesstack, but what do i put as a parent?18:20
attahnvm, solved it18:26
attahHow would i go about including something like this from a .js in a SFOS app?20:52
attahrequire isn't available, and .import doesn't like it20:53
r0kk3rz.import should be it21:17
r0kk3rzsorry, no . just import21:18
attahhmm, okay, lemme check21:34
attah@r0kk3rz: i get syntax error with 'import "doT.js"'21:36
r0kk3rzi think you need to do import "file.js" as thing21:40
attahwell, i could edit the doT.js lightly and have it work... so later problem i guess21:40
attahi think these template shenanigans could go somewhere actually21:41
*** vals_ is now known as tango_23:06

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