Saturday, 2018-12-01

MalinuxAs Intex don't seem to release more software upgrades of SailfishOS, I decided to use this method: Everything seemse to be as it should, exept jolla store won't start. It looks very much like this issue:15:27
Malinux exept it is about another version and I didn't do the compass thing15:27
fasdfdHey, if I compile SailfishOS myself, does this include Android compatibility layer?19:54
fasdfdIs there some alternative way to do this?20:05
fasdfdIs it possible to compile SailfishOS without Android runtime myself and then only flash on top of that Android support not compiled by myself?20:06
DottiI have no idea. there is Anbox project which at least in theory provides android support to some extent, and there is sailfish port too, but I don't know how well that works20:09
r0kk3rzfasdfd: in general you cant compile sailfishos yourself20:14
fasdfdr0kk3rz, I found a guide on how to compile it for Xperia X20:15
r0kk3rz'compile' is slightly the wrong word though20:16
r0kk3rzyou compile the adaptation specific packages, not the whole os20:16
r0kk3rzmost of the packages are downloaded from jolla repositorys20:16
fasdfdUm, is it true that if I buy SailfishOS I'm warranted to receive updates for one year only?20:23
r0kk3rzthats what it says20:24
depscribeat the rollout of sfos3 they said there would be updates for the life of the device.20:32
r0kk3rzi would pay attention to whatever the actual licence terms are, not something on youtube20:34
r0kk3rzit might have changed though, i remember the first release for the xperia x said one year of support20:34
fasdfdi think it's something like, for the life of the device, but not less than a year22:58
fasdfdthe problem is that the life of the device might be just one year or less though22:59
flav0rok dudes23:06
flav0rhow hard is it to get a browser thats actually any good ?23:06

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