Thursday, 2018-12-06

dcalistechriadam, jpetrell: I'm currently checking and ironing remaining bugs when signing an outgoing email with an S/MIME key. Some time ago, I mentioned that dirmngr package is required (it's part of GnuPG also, but at the versin we have, it was not included yet). Who should I ping to have it included in Mer ?08:45
chriadamdcaliste: hi08:45
dcalisteI've created RPM packaging for it in
chriadamlbt: is probably the right person08:46
dcalisteHello chriadam, I hope you're fine.08:46
chriadamdcaliste: not too bad.  sorry I wasn't at the meeting on Tuesday, I had to leave the office early08:46
chriadamdcaliste: I hope you're well also?08:46
lbtchriadam: I can do the actual setup but in general packages need to be approved by a maintainer08:47
lbtchriadam: so if this goes into your section of the Maintainers file then I need a nod from you :)08:48
chriadamlbt: at least gnupg2 is part of Base Packages, which you're the master for :-P  I'm a developer for that one.08:48
chriadamnot sure if dirmgr should go to the same package group or not, I assume so?08:49
lbtthe general question for me is who's going to a) care about and b) be impacted by .... upstream releases and CVEs08:49
chriadamI can't put up my hand to be maintainer in that sense, my plate is already too full as it is :-/08:50
lbtif b) is multiple areas then it goes into the base section08:51
chriadamas to what effect would a CVE in dirmgr have - dcaliste this doesn't affect e.g. root CA or similar, it only affects signatures on emails, right?08:51
dcalisteThank you lbt and chriadam, dirmngr is now part of GnuPG package itself, but since we're stucked at version 2.0.4 because of licensing, dirmngr was at that time a separated tar.gz.08:51
lbtchriadam: that's my point - I would tend to put it in the same group as email stuff for that reason08:51
dcalisteI think dirmngr is only used by gpgsm (which is GnuPG implementation of S/MIME protocol).08:51
chriadamlbt: that makes sense.  I wonder if we should move gnupg2 to email section also08:52
lbtI suspect so08:52
lbtquestion b) ....08:52
lbtwho else is impacted by it ... if no-one then yes08:52
dcalisteabout moving gnupg to email section, I'm not sure, depends if some other parts will use gpg to sign packaging or repo for instance.08:53
dcalisteLike what abranson is discussing at the moment in ssu.08:53
chriadamah, good point... urgh. abranson do you know if rpm / ssu using signed stuff is using gnupg for signatures?08:53
lbt*nod* ... so I'm kinda using this as an example of the thinking behind where it goes in Maintainers08:54
chriadammakes sense08:54
lbtOnce that is answered then I have no issue in putting it into base08:54
lbtI mean mer-core08:54
abransonhmm no I don't sorry. i guess openssl though?08:54
dcalisteAbout maintenance of dirmngr, the real issue IMHO is that dirmngr as a separate package from gnupg is not supported anymore, it even have no repo anymore. I only found an old tar.gz on the gnupg ftp server.08:55
chriadamlbt: so, dirmngr is only used for the s/mime plugin of gnupg, which is strictly email related.  but gnupg itself may be used for other purposes.  do we want to keep them together for maintenance reasons?  or separate for impact reasons?08:56
dcalisteIf gnupg is used only for email at the moment, that's a good opportunity when adding dirmngr to email to move gnupg to email also. Otherwise, it's fine to have them separated.08:57
dcalisteClearly, dirmngr will be used in the forseeable future only for S/MIME email signatures.08:57
chriadamif abranson isn't aware of any other usages of gnupg2 in sfos currently, I'd vote for it to be moved to email also08:58
lbtchriadam: good question - but I'd go with dirmngr in email for now; especially since it'll vanish 'soon' (if I understand correctly)08:58
dcalisteWell, soon means when GPLv3 will be allowed, which may not be that soon…08:58
lbtvolume_key-libs and then gpgme -> libzypp08:59
chriadamvolume_key-libs?  eh?09:01
lbtblock crypto09:01
dcalisteI was thinking music volume too, not logical volume ;)09:01
lbtjust rpm --test -e on the device :)09:01
chriadamah! LVM09:01
chriadamsorry it's late my brain isn't working09:01
lbtnp :)09:02
chriadamrainemak do we use that for luks etc?09:02
lbtso I expected gpg to be used a bit more widely tbh09:02
chriadamok, so no moving gnupg2 to email.09:02
chriadambut dirmngr belongs there09:02
lbtand I think it makes sense for gpg to stay in base and dirmngr to go to email09:02
chriadam+1 from me09:03
lbtand it'll be clear there's a BR09:03
lbtso I need an MR for Maintainers file to add it to a group please09:03
* lbt looks at dcaliste :)09:03
dcalisteSorry, was discussing with my boss, so I'm adding dirmngr to the email category ?09:09
chriadamno problem, and yes :-)09:10
chriadamshould probably add yourself as a developer to email and to secrets/crypto category also09:10
dcalisteI can't find any email category by itself… QMF is in contact and communication middleware and nemo-qml-plugin-email is in QML middleware (which sound reasonable).09:11
dcalistesecret and crypto neither since it's in Github, not in mer.09:13
chriadamof course09:13
dcalisteI'm looking where I can put it safely though…09:13
chriadamalthough, that's curious09:13
* chriadam has to head off, late night shopping tonight and need to buy a present for my nephew09:15
dcalistelbt, chriadam: well I would be willing to create an email package-group, like there is one for calendar and move there messagingframework and dirmngr.09:15
dcalistechriadam, sure good night.09:15
chriadamif there's antyhing you need me to do, email me the instructions and I'll do it tomorrow asap09:15
lbtI think comms middleware sounds reasonable. chriadam is master there too09:17
dcalistelbt: yes you're right, and messagingframework is depending on libaccounts and other things there. So I'm adding dirmngr there also.09:18
tortoisedoc_if in obs I have repositories configured but no build targets11:18
tortoisedoc_what does it mean?11:18
tortoisedoc_it means the default repo which is added to the created package automatically doesnt exist :P11:20
tortoisedoc_readding a repo fixes that11:20
tortoisedoc_lbt : how comes i get this
tortoisedoc_when I try to branch a mer-devel pkg?11:33
lbtand because mer-core is deprecated11:34
lbtuse mer:core11:34
lbtI have tried to clean up in the past but it's a laborious manual task11:36
lbtand I've not done it for a while11:36
r0kk3rzyeah theres a lot of stuff that needs nuking12:02
malquite many obsolete projects there12:04
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attahSomewhat stupid questions... how do i connect the cover actions to my mediaplayer, and where do i keep the object if i want playback across several pages?20:09
attahI saw someone putting a shitload of loose signal definitions in the ApplicationWindow, but i forget where20:10
kimmolijust put them in there. qtcreator just fails to autocomplete them20:12
kimmoliin applicationwindow20:12
attahwell, i'm still at the where part20:16
attahsailfish docs says nada about signals in the cover example20:18
malattah: here is an example
kimmoli sample of somewhat dynamic coveractions20:23
attahmal: thanks again... too easy!20:26

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