Friday, 2018-12-07

dcalisteThank you lbt for accepting Maintainer changes for dirmngr. How should we proceed now to add a new dirmngr repo in mer-core?10:51
tortoisedocid need x11lib & co to compile servo11:16
tortoisedocI noticed these packages are in mer-devel11:16
tortoisedocare they also awaylable (and potentially buildable) from somewhere else)11:17
lbtdcaliste: remind me of the repo and I'll move it12:58
dcalistelbt: it's
lbtmoved it :)12:59
dcalistelbt: great, thank you very much.13:00
lbtnp - thank you for the work13:03
attahTIL: Having visibility as a conditional on an external attribute for the Item in a PushUpMenu is buggy, hiding the entire menu works fine18:43
tortoisedoc_was there a way to add mer:core repository to zypper references?21:06
tortoisedoc_found it on the wiki :D21:07
tortoisedoc_i think it's the first time :D21:07
tortoisedoc_emotional rollecoaster21:10
tortoisedoc_the way is lit \O/21:10
tortoisedoc_but the door is closed at the end..21:10
tortoisedoc_the commands listed don't work :(21:10
maltortoisedoc_: where do you want to add it?21:13
tortoisedoc_mal : sb2 target21:17
tortoisedoc_but all gives is : dbus unavailable, fallback to libssu21:17
tortoisedoc_and no repo21:17
tortoisedoc_(ssu er mer-core I mean)21:17
malmaybe add it manually21:20
tortoisedoc_sudo ar adds it to the list21:21
tortoisedoc_but it cant resolve stuff21:21
maltortoisedoc_: which url21:21
tortoisedoc_mal : ''21:22
tortoisedoc_(yes the target is old)21:22
malwhat do you need from the repo?21:22
tortoisedoc_(and pardon the quotes)21:22
tortoisedoc_libX11 to be precise21:23
malwhich instructions did you use?21:23
tortoisedoc_mer wiki (iirc)21:23
maltortoisedoc_: worked fine for me, I used of that url21:25
malsb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu ar mer-core
maltortoisedoc_: the ssu fallback message is normal and not an error21:27
tortoisedoc_mal : guess its time to up my target then21:27
tortoisedoc_well illl be damned21:28
tortoisedoc_3.0.0.8 doesnt work either for me21:28
maltortoisedoc_: also worked for me21:28
tortoisedoc_mal : do you need "special" creds to mer-core?21:28
malso wondering what is wrong in your setup21:28
tortoisedoc_been running quite many sessions lately21:29
tortoisedoc_lets try a reboot21:29
malbut maybe you should update the target and also sdk21:30
*** tortoisedoc__ is now known as tortoisedoc_21:34
tortoisedoc_mal : when I go to releases in the browser, the url resolves to dvvwui2qyedk6.cloudfront.net21:38
malyep, those are probably hosted somewhere21:40
tortoisedoc_mal : but even the browser gives me 404 on
tortoisedoc_and not "forbidden"21:42
tortoisedoc_i guess there's an ip range21:43
tortoisedoc_well crap, ill have to recompile the xlib :[21:43
maltortoisedoc_: browsing those is always prevented21:45
maltortoisedoc_: what error do you get with zypper ref?21:46
tortoisedoc_mal : yes, but as I said, the non-mer urls return "forbidden", whereas the mer one returns "not found"21:46
tortoisedoc_so there is no such url (for me at least)21:46
tortoisedoc_i doubt this being a client issue21:46
tortoisedoc_mal : this is the output of zypper ref -f21:48
tortoisedoc_could be lbt has some insights?21:50
maltortoisedoc_: is there a good reason for building using such an old target?21:52
tortoisedoc_not really21:53
tortoisedoc_but even the new one gives the same error21:53
tortoisedoc_(in the browser I mean)21:54
tortoisedoc_i wonder if I have some dns poisoning..21:54
mallike I said, those are not supposed to work in browser21:54
malforget browser21:54
tortoisedoc_mal : so the "forbidden" i get above are not the right reply?21:55
malin zypper21:56
tortoisedoc_no in the browser :)21:56
malforget browser!!!!!!!21:56
tortoisedoc_:D ok21:56
tortoisedoc_lets see is there a verbose mode21:56
tortoisedoc_for zypper21:56
tortoisedoc_does it use curl?21:56
tortoisedoc_(internally I mean)21:57
malI don't know how that sb2 terminal works, I always use the full commands like I gave before21:57
tortoisedoc_hmm ok21:59
tortoisedoc_let me try that21:59
malalso updating the target is probably a good idea at some point22:00
tortoisedoc_mal : the command above adds the repo, did you try the zypper ref -f?22:03
maltortoisedoc_: yes, without -f, so just replace the end of the command with the zypper command22:16
tortoisedoc_mal : no luck here22:19
tortoisedoc_it seems it can access it tho22:19
tortoisedoc_File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''22:19
maltortoisedoc_: how can it work for me22:45
attahNo 3.x sources?
tortoisedoc_attah : neither it seems22:47
tortoisedoc_but then again, theres :)22:47
tortoisedoc_mal : solar flares22:47
tortoisedoc_it must be22:48
maltortoisedoc_: try updating the target and sdk22:48
tortoisedoc_thats yet another workload :(22:49
malthe issue just doesn't make any sense22:50
maltortoisedoc_: unless there is some ssl issue22:50
malbut that would probably give some other error22:51
tortoisedoc_i could try ssl client on the url22:51
malI'm just guessing22:51
tortoisedoc_well its a valid guess22:51
tortoisedoc_but wouldnt zypper log the crappy certififcate resolution?22:51
tortoisedoc_so the --verbose mode should show it22:52
tortoisedoc_but lets see22:52
tortoisedoc_so the redirect22:54
tortoisedoc_(with curl)22:54
tortoisedoc_as in, accessing redirects to cloudfront22:54
tortoisedoc_but then the cloudfront location returns 40422:55
tortoisedoc_ssl seems to be ok as well22:57

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