Saturday, 2018-12-08

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Martiinican I ask for sailfish features anywhere? I'd like to use sailfish it has access to root and different home-screen08:23
kimmolidont ask to ask, just ask08:50
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attahAnd here comes today's dose of stupid qml questions...12:19
attahI'm trying to get a horizontal SilicaListView inside a Column to contain pictures that are 25% of the coulmn/page width12:20
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attahNot actually sure what did it, but dimensions on the delegate item and some food certainly helped13:29
kirvesAxeYour pin code is incorrect.14:05
attahSo i'm trying to deduplicate my code a bit.. so i have a generic SilicaListView i use across a handful of pages, with just differences in model and delegated item18:45
attahI made a .qml for that listview page, and then have my pages be that resouce/object thingy18:46
attahinserting the model works fine , but passing in an item to be delegated to complains of references to the 'model' item or its attributes18:47
attahSeriously; it can't be done without going full .js  Qt.createQmlObject ?19:01
malwithout seeing any code it's difficult to help19:08
attahfirst half is some random page, second half is SPlayListViewPage.qml19:41
malwhat exact errors do ou get20:19
attahReferenceError: publishdateutc is not defined20:21
attahvarious  ReferenceError: model is not defined20:21
attah Unable to assign BackgroundItem_QMLTYPE_16 to QQmlComponent20:22
attahi interpret that as the model does not become available in the BackgroundItem, since it can't be assigned20:23
malattah: should the "model." in the first file be "jmodel."?20:35
malor where does the model variable come from20:35
attahif that's the case the model concept is even weirder than i thought O.o20:36
attahi thought i had learned that it magically appears inside the delegated item and has nothing to do with the model property of the listview20:37
attaha few days ago i tried using the value of that, and that was a no-go20:38
attahno.. those properties are undefined on jmodel20:40
malwell it clearly saying model is not defined20:40
attahyeah, but that's apparently done for you in the delegated item, no?20:41
malnot exactly what you are even trying to do20:41
attahi have the code of the fist page duplicated across like 5 pages (with different model config and delegate), so i wanted to express only the differences and reduce duplication20:42
attahthis is the "same" page in explicit mode
malis the JSONmodel correctly used, in that you have episodes.model i.e. the model property of jsonmodel but in the other code you directly assign jsonmodel to the model20:47
maland not the model property of jsonmodel20:47
attahstill mostly the same errors, model does not exist, jmodel doesn't have theproperties, and background item cannot be assigned to QQmlComponent20:54
attahbut yes, the model should surely be jmodel.model20:54

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