Sunday, 2018-12-09

*** feodoran_ is now known as feodoran03:50
attahLockscreen controls in Harbour-approved apps, is that a thing?12:11
attahAlso, can i make a string that is too long for a page scroll from side to side?12:27
attahscrolling solved :)13:56
attahIt has a few rough edges, but it does most things i need/want18:02
malwhat things does it support?18:10
attahLive broadcasts, browsing past broadcasts by category, viewing latest news, latest "app programs", and favouriting things18:12
attahoh, and episode search18:12
attahIt has cover actions, but i can't find how to connect lockscreen controls18:13
malis that an audio-only service?18:21
malI'm making similar app using video service API provided by the finnish national broadcasting company18:21
attahYes, only "radio"18:22
attahcool, i'd like one for svt too18:22
attahwonder if they are at all similar18:22
attahHappy days, there is a javascript lib for philips hue with a suitably ancient version to use in qml18:41

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