Tuesday, 2018-12-11

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* chriadam heads home, will log in from there to attend the meeting with dcaliste. hopefully I'm not late.07:19
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dcalistechriadam, jpetrell: I'm sorry to be late again today…08:32
chriadamdcaliste: no problem08:35
chriadamdcaliste: I hope you had a good week08:35
dcalisteYes, I'm fine, thank you.08:36
chriadamthat's good :-)08:36
dcalisteSome news about advancings:08:36
dcaliste- I'm testing emission of signed message with S/MIME, it's working with gpgme patch and dirmngr installed.08:36
dcalisteI mean, working for simple text message.08:37
dcalisteI'm not 100% confident though, since receiving it on claws doesn't certify the email at once.08:37
dcalisteWich is strange but may be a bug of claws.08:37
dcalisteReception on device is working.08:38
dcaliste- I'm testing also signature of outgoing emails with attachments.08:38
chriadamwell, I think we should progress with the assumption that it is a bug in claws.  and then we can investigate further later if necessary.08:38
dcalisteIt's working well with POP on reception, but is failing with IMAP.08:38
dcalisteIt's my last bug to correct I would say.08:39
chriadamvery cool, hopefully it doesn't prove too hard to find the cause and fix08:39
dcalisteIt requires the attachment patch we are discussing in QMF though.08:39
chriadamyes.  I was waiting for matt to +2 that, probably thursday08:39
dcalisteYes, I understand!08:39
chriadamonce it's in upstream, I guess we need to pull down into mer qmf08:39
chriadamI had one minor comment on the secrets PR08:40
dcalisteWith the second QMF patch to hide signature data attachment and the automatic saving of data with IMAP in nemo-qml-plugin-email, the UI looks quite clean imho, at least on reception.08:40
dcalistechriadam: what comment in secret ? I think I addressed it (you mean adding an if for chopping)?08:42
chriadamoh, yes did you alreay fix that one?08:42
chriadamsorry I didn't se08:42
chriadamthanks, I will merge and tag that one tomorrow then08:42
dcalisteYep, I've added the if, I agree it's safer and fine.08:42
chriadamjpetrell: did you have a chance to check again the PRs which dcaliste mentioned in his email last week?08:43
dcalistechriadam: I'm still unconfident about lipstick-security-ui though… It's hanging sometimes and it happened to crash also, see https://bitbucket.org/snippets/dcaliste/LeaArX/crashes-with-lipstick-ui-security08:44
dcalisteMay I request access to the code of it, I would like to add some debug messages here and there to see why it's hanging. Running it in gdb and ^C it when haging didn't helped much.08:45
chriadamdcaliste: do you have access to lipstick-jolla-home?  it's a sub-dir of that project08:45
dcalisteIt was peacefully in the event loop waiting for connexion, but secret was not connecting…08:45
chriadamotherwise hopefully jpetrell can get you access08:45
dcalisteNo, I don't have access to it currently.08:46
chriadamI need to ask frajo or denexter about that one08:46
chriadambecause I don't know much about how the hybris egl shim works08:47
dcalisteYeh, me neither, the crash is definitely something I cannot investigate, but I'm wondering if there is another bug when the security-ui is not crashing, but simply hanging.08:48
dcalisteNormally, systemctl should be able to see the crash and restart.08:48
chriadamentirely possible.  there are a variety of possibilities: e.g. upon restart, maybe it can't immediately reconnect to the passwordagent plugin, and then it just spins without connecting to anything08:48
dcaliste(which is not a reason to let it crash though ;ô)08:49
chriadamI think lipstick-security-ui should be a service that the passwordagent connects to, rather than the other way around, personally08:49
dcalisteYes, but let try to fix the hanging and then, we may try to rework the architecture. But, yes, I surely agree.08:50
chriadamyes, I agree.  anyway, aside from the qmf patches and the secrets PR, and investigating that lipstick-security-ui thing, is there anything specifically for me to do to help, or is mostly for jpetrell in email side?  there was an accounts PR too right?  I will check that one tomorrow.08:51
jpetrellI am mostly ok merging the current set of pull requests, but wanted pvuorela to have a look since he knows the email area better. will ping him again08:52
dcalistejpetrell, right thank you.08:52
dcalistechridama: yes there is a PR in accounts also.08:52
dcalistechriadam ^ (sorry)08:53
chriadamI'll check tha tone08:53
dcalistejpetrell, would you agree to grant me access to lipstick-jolla-home to give a look to security-ui thing?08:54
dcalistechriadam: ok, thanks.08:54
jpetrelldcaliste: I guess08:54
jpetrellwill need to check, but why not08:55
dcalistejpetrell, thanks, I let you decide !08:55
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chriadamanything else we need to discuss?  also, we are still meeting next week I guess, but not the week after as that's Christmas ;-)08:57
dcalistechriadam: that's right. It's late for you, I think I'm done with what I wanted to address today. Thank you for attending and sorry for the delay.08:59
chriadamno problem, and thank you again.  sorry that this is taking so long, but not long to go now until we reach the finish line I think :-D09:00
dcalisteGreat ;)09:01
pvuoreladcaliste: i'm late but curious how's calligra doing :)09:27
dcalistepvuorela: I was working in a separate repo. I need to re apply all changes in the original one.09:27
dcalisteThen, I'll create a MR, indeed.09:27
dcalisteThank you for introducing eigen3 in mer by the way.09:28
pvuoreladcaliste: great. yea, didn't realize it was all separate.09:30
dcalisteWell, with a bit of format-patch and git am after updating current upstream to the right commit, it should be fine.09:31
dcalisteI'll try to do it today or tomorrow, then submit the MR in mer.09:31
pvuorelathe old setup with git subtree etc looks something to get rid of, but suppose you know all that stuff.09:32
dcalisteYeh, I'll just remove the old way and create a submodule, then create all the submodules for KF5 required stuff and export my changes from my calligra-bundle repo as patches and reapply them in calligra repo.09:35
dcalisteA bit monkey job but should work without hickups (hopefully).09:36
DuckZhi I'm trying out WireGuard and I love it already22:29
DuckZis it possible to use it with SFOS too?22:29
scientesnexus 5x support?22:30
scientesand is there a call recorder?22:31

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