Wednesday, 2018-12-12

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flav0rwhen will a good web browser arrive ? :)04:09
kimmoliwhen you write one?07:27
martinst1Hi, quick dev-question: How can I know in QML when I'm popping a page from the pagestack? What I currently do is  onStatusChanged: { if (status == PageStatus.Deactivating   &&_navigation == PageNavigation.Back) { model.reset() } } But _navigation is supposed to be internal and apparently does not work on older Jollaphones. Does anybody know how to do this?09:09
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King_DuckZhi, anyone knows if I can setup a wireguard VPN on sfos?12:03
SmarKing_DuckZ: you could try; it requires fairly recent kernel12:09
r0kk3rzthats probably a no then12:11
r0kk3rztheres no recent kernels with sailfish12:12
Smarwhich one xa2 version has?12:14
King_DuckZheh that sucks :(12:15
King_DuckZah hold on, kernel requirement is >= 3.10, from the official website12:17
King_DuckZwut jolla phone is on 3.412:18
r0kk3rzsounds more recent than i thought12:19
x2sThe kernel thing is a pita, thanks to all the huge phone companies that just don't care about getting their drivers into the mainline kernel12:20
x2sFor some camera chipsets you can find at least five different implementations12:21
x2sall do roughly the same12:21
x2sit's a shame how much potential is wasted there12:21
r0kk3rzthey would never in a million years get accepted into mainline12:21
x2strue. The code quality is baaaaaaad12:22
r0kk3rzthat, and the blobs12:22
x2sand yes in your head should be a goat now and say "baaaaaad" :D12:22
x2sdepends on the camera chipsets12:22
r0kk3rztheres a lot more than just camera stuff12:23
x2ssome just have huge undocumented sections for the i2c stuff12:23
x2swhich is bad in its own way12:23
x2s.oO( funny part: For almost all the chips you can find the manuals on the web... there's no such thing as hiding that stuff )12:24
r0kk3rzthis wireguard thing looks useful, might have to package it for sfos12:25
Smarit’s zillion times nicer to use than openvpn12:27
Smarso a sfos package would be really nice so I don’t have to do one... :-)12:28
tadzikoh, something that's less of a pita to set up than openvpn would sure be nice12:28
Smarit’s much easier to handle *and* faster (especially on connect, which makes it really resistant to any connection hiccups)12:30
King_DuckZI set it up yesterday on my server for the first time and it's working perfectly on all my devices, including raspberry-pi 112:33
King_DuckZbut not jolla phone :p12:33
King_DuckZbut yeah it's really amazing, some like even have commercial offers already12:33
olThere is userspace implementation of WireGuard, I think.17:05
olBut it's written in Go: :-(17:10
tadzikis that bad?17:11
olUsually Go is very unfriendly to packaging.17:12
tadzikah, I see17:12
olAlso, I'm not sure whether there is Go compiler for Mer / Sailfish.17:12
r0kk3rzjust download an arm binary and it will probably work fine17:39
r0kk3rzive run go things on sailfish before17:39
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